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Name Generators
Korean Names

Male Names   Female Names
Ahn Kyong-Zoo Song Jeaki Chung Choon-Yei Chol Ok-Sun
Jo Chang-Sun Baik Jung-Mo Jo Mi-Sook Chung Young-Ja
Yang Hyong-Kim Paek Ho-Bong Ryom Kum-Ja Yun Byung-Soon
Park Joon-Sup Moon Weon-Kee Jong Hwa-Soon Choi Soon-Ei
Yoon Gab-Do Hwang Ho-Jun Hwang Hyoi-Soon An Chun-Ja
Youn Hyang-Soon Moon Bong-Choi Sung Hyang-Soon Desc Hyang-Soon
Gu Eui-Tae Pronunc Yong-Chui Desc Hyang-Soon Baik Mi-Na
Jeon Gab-Do Yu Jung-Oh Pronunc Jung-Hye Ha Soo-Kyung
Kang Eui-Tae Seo Kyong-Zoo Bang Jin-Ho Li Zung-Bok
Jong Soo-Ann Yun Ho-Jun Chang Heesok Paek Hyung-Sook
An Se-Hong Desc In-Tak Jong Kyung-Hwa Jung Chun-Ok
Lee Shin-Cho Gwang Hae-Sup Lee Hwa-Soo Bang Kyung-Ja
Jung Han-Gyong Jo Kyong-Zoo Son Myong-Suk Yang Yeun-Ja
Oh Eunkyhung Gu Eunkyhung Desc Ok-Sun Sung Choon-Yei
Gwang Han-Gyong Li Shin-Cho Ha Young-Nae Ri Kyung-Hee
Jeon Jong-Kyu Hwang Eui-Tae Kim Ok-Sun Li Kum-Ja
San Joon-Sup Chang Chang-Sun Moon Yeun-Ja Chol Myung-Hee
Yun Ho-Bong Song Yong-Jo Cho Zung-Bok Oh Jung-Hye
Si Jung-Oh Baik Eunkyhung Kim Su-Dae Jeong Myung-Sun
Lee Eui-Tae Seo Chang-Sun Ho Soon-Bok Shin Hyung-Sook

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In 1E yes, in 2E no
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