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D&D Downloads - PlanetADnD.com

All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
aasimar.zip aasimar from planescape Download Now! 5,496
alu-fiend.zip Alu Fiend Race Download Now! 14,164
arka-tua.zip A new race based upon the Drow Download Now! 3,267
athasrace.zip Dark Sun races Download Now! 21,683
automoton-race.zip Automotons Download Now! 5,337
Avariel.zip Avariel Download Now! 8,868
avariel elf.zip Avariel Download Now! 21,586
BariaurRace.zip Bariaur Download Now! 12,061
BariaurPayira.zip Bariaur Download Now! 4,382
BariaurSpiritmed.zip Bariaur Download Now! 2,973
beholder-race.zip Beholder as a race Download Now! 2,883
bralani.zip Bralani Eladrin race Download Now! 16,919
busiral_race.zip Busiral Download Now! 3,415
cambionrace.zip Cambions Download Now! 40,786
cbhurace.zip Complete Book of Humanoids Download Now! 15,284
celts.zip Celtic races Download Now! 5,016
chads-warren-race.zip Warren custom race Download Now! 3,222
coures.zip Eladrin race Download Now! 44,157
deepgnom.zip The Deep Gnome Download Now! 4,546
delibraum.zip delibraum race Download Now! 3,370
drowrace.zip Drow Download Now! 4,719
dwarf-stuff.zip Dwarf racial stuff Download Now! 9,290
dwarves.zip Dwarves Download Now! 15,140
elves.zip Elves Download Now! 15,948
erinyes.zip Erinyes as a race Download Now! 3,787
firres.zip Firres Eladrin race Download Now! 26,054
forest-gnome.zip The Forest Gnome Download Now! 6,901
gargoyle.zip Gargoyles as a race Download Now! 53,085
ghost.zip Ghosts as a race and class. Download Now! 14,530
ghund-armodillians.zip ghund-armodillians race Download Now! 4,062
halfbaatezu.zip Half-Devils Download Now! 3,499
halfdrag.zip Half-Dragons Download Now! 4,667
halfdrow.zip Half-Drow Download Now! 4,350
halfsats.zip Half Saytrs and Half Dryads Download Now! 3,075
half_vistani.zip Half-Vistani from Ravenloft Download Now! 9,668
hengeyokai_race.zip Hengeyokai from Oriental Adventures Download Now! 6,837
hobbit.zip Hobbit race for halflings Download Now! 3,130
illithid.zip Mind Flayers as a race Download Now! 62,696
immortals.zip Highlander style Immortals Download Now! 186,033
irda.zip High Ogres from Dragonlance Download Now! 3,790
iron-elf.zip The Iron Elf Download Now! 4,629
kaledian-race.zip Kaledian Download Now! 7,604
kender.zip Kender from Dragonlance Download Now! 29,297
kenderinfo.zip Kender info Download Now! 6,622
kenderpack.zip Kender racial items Download Now! 116,023
lythari-race.zip Lythari, elven lycanthropes Download Now! 4,446
lzrdmen.zip Lizardmen Download Now! 18,269
manscorpion-race.zip Manscorpions Download Now! 3,571
mino.zip Minotaur Download Now! 5,064
Minotaur.zip Minotaur Download Now! 7,979
Minotaur-Krynn.zip Krynnish Minotaur Download Now! 5,064
mummy.zip Mummy as a race and class Download Now! 17,226
mycanoid.zip Fungus men as a race Download Now! 4,297
nosferatu.zip the Nosferatu vampire Download Now! 8,621
orsularrace.zip Another Race created by Even Itzhak. These are a bear like race. Very strong. Download Now! 3,841
outerpla.zip Outerplanes races Download Now! 8,183
phaser.zip Phaser Race by Evermore Download Now! 14,682
pixie.zip Pixies as a race Download Now! 2,263
planes2.zip Rogue Modron and Genasi (with elemental sub-races) by Feadel Download Now! 10,556
planes2a.zip Disadvantages for Genasi by Feadel Download Now! 2,703
planescape.zip Planescape Races Download Now! 52,475
pscape.zip Planescape Races Download Now! 1,282,093
psraces.zip Planescape Races Download Now! 8,418
racabitoz.zip Racial abilities i to z Download Now! 34,341
races.zip Various Races Download Now! 113,407
racabatoh.zip Racial abilities a to h Download Now! 42,440
rhinotaur-race.zip Custom Rhinotaur race Download Now! 3,448
saurrian.zip Saurrian by Kistle Download Now! 6,942
SeaElf.zip Sea Elf Download Now! 4,774
shadow-elf.zip Shadow elf Download Now! 3,506
skel.zip Skeletons as a race and class Download Now! 13,397
succubus.zip Succubi as a race Download Now! 11,989
tiefling.zip Tieflings from Planescape Download Now! 5,253
trollborn.zip Trollborn from Norse races Download Now! 3,278
trolls.zip Trolls as a race Download Now! 44,114
updateddrow.zip Updated Drow race Download Now! 5,850
vampires.zip Vampires as arace and class Download Now! 14,337
wilddwarf.zip The Wild Dwarf Download Now! 44,724
wog-elves.zip World of Greyhawk Elves. Valley elves and grugach Download Now! 11,561
zombie.zip Zombies as a race and class Download Now! 6,169

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* Coat of Arms 1.2a
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