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[Jason Seeley]
Nine adventure ideas; some are quite elaborate and well-written, but a few are very short. AdvSketches_HTML.zip
AltSpellUses A few, very imaginative descriptions of how one can use ordinary spells to great effects. Quite funny. AltSpellUses_ASCII.zip
[Irving Galvez]
The author here speculates a bit about the mysteries of the ancient land of Blackmoor from the Old D&D game, and how things are today. Blackmoor11_W60.zip
[Cris Kincade]
Somewhat of a campaign sourcebook, this file of close to ninety pages contains a lot of information about the world of Arrea and its inhabitants. Within are also detailed descriptions of Arrea's races, monsters, and deities, as well as new weapons, kits, spells, magical items, optional rules, and some notes on NPCs some of their adventure journals. The information here is tailored for the world of Arrea, but is easily adapted to other worlds and campaign settings. BookOfArrea_PDF.zip
CastleTerms Confused by architectural concepts in fantasy literature? Well, here's a comprehensive guide to medieval architecture, castles in special, with each term explained. Can't remember where I found it, though. CastleTerms_ASCII.zip
CombStoryFree Detailing the three campaign types (railroad, open ended, and matrix), these notes explain these terms and provide information about how they work for the creative DM. CombStoryFree_ASCII.zip
Designing Cool PCs
and Forming a Gaming
[Rich Staats]
Using clever acronym methods, Rich Staats here gives advice on how to create interesting player characters, as well as on how to assemble a party of adventurers. Whether you're an inexperienced or seasoned player or game master, this article can help breathe some new life into your campaign. Three pages of very valuable material. CPCGGroup_PDF.zip
Curse Curse Curse Them All A short little thing with some ideas for curses. (Time for the DM to have some fun, too, heh.) CurseThemAll_PDF.zip
DAGE -- Dark Ages Campaign World
[Eric Dobbs]
A richly detailed and well-written campaign world. Includes a map. DAGE_HTMLGIF.zip
Ways to Make the Dice Roll High Numbers [Unknown Source] Mathematical nerds would have you believe in the laws of probability. Equal probability, bell curves, and averages are supposedly how the dice work. Of course, they are all fools. DiceRollHigh_PDF.zip
Flower Powers
[Jon Winter]
Another of those wonderful works that helps flesh out the atmosphere and reality of role-playing games, as opposed to most works that are usually crammed with new rules and stats. This is an eight-page really nice work detailing exciting parts of the Planescape flora, but although this is intended for Planescape campaigns, I see no problem spicing up one's conventional gaming world with whatever is found within this ingenious piece of work. Combine this with Desmond Reid's AD&D Guide to Trees and you've pumped some real life into your campaign, literally. FlowerPowers_PDF.zip
GenericTraps Eleven new traps to trouble your characters. Diagrams accompany some of them. Imaginative and surely fun to play. GenericTraps_ASCII.zip
GM Principles [Rich Staats] A short little thingy detailing a set of five principles and axioms that are essential to good game mastering. There are many different ways one can game master a campaign or an adventure, and while possible to have fun using almost any method, I firmly believe that the principles given here are essential to good game mastering. These have also appeared in print and in seminars several times, but as the saying goes, "good things can't be said too often" (or something like that). And this is definitely the case here. Compulsory reading for game masters, seasoned as well as inexperienced ones. GMPrinciples_PDF.zip
How to Have a Great AD&D Campaign
[Jason Kuznicki]
62 rules and recommendations on how to make your campaign work better. GreatADnD
Guide to Trees [Desmond Reid] A nice little thingy detailing twelve different varieties of trees found in the Forgotten Realms. Although intended to be world-specific, it is perfectly usable as an alternative source of inspiration to any campaign. I wish you people would write more of these sweet little works. There are other aspects to a good campaign setting than loads upon loads of dangerous monsters, fantastic spells, evil cults, and magic items, you know. Nice to read something about real life, real nature, for a change. GuideTrees_PDF.zip
Jim's Weather Generator [Jim Heath] A tiny work that nevertheless seems quite sufficient to handle enough weather for any adventure or campaign. Simple, but adequate, unless detailed weather is essential to the campaign. JimsWeather
Kengir [Kurt A. Johnson] Kengir, The Land of Rivers, is a new campaign setting loosely based on the historical land of Sumer about four thousand years ago. It includes every bit of information you need to start a campaign in this very alternative and exciting era of human history. Very well written, this work has been designed using a large amount of reference material and historical notes, and is without doubt one of the most exciting works of this kind I have ever seen. A real gem, and a must-see. Kengir_W20.zip
Liber Ivonis - The Paths of Darkness
[John Cunningham]
"The Paths of Darkness" is an excellent work detailing the various dark cults and Quabals thriving in the Gothic Earth (Ravenloft). Well written and with a very good design, this work provides the information you need to run those cults, with all their background information, their granted powers, their roles in society, and the individuals belonging to those groups. A good reference source, with a dark and evil touch. LiberIvonis_PDF.zip
Making an Adventure [Mark Green] A valuable aid for new and experienced DMs alike who want to create their own adventures. Includes hints and tips, as well as addressing issues such as open and closed system adventures. MakingAdv_ASCII.zip
Memorable NPCs [Rich Staats] Along the lines of Designing Cool PCs and Forming a Gaming Group, Rich Staats here utilizes the same acronym method for creating non-player characters. While the value of non-player characters is often underestimated, campaigns and scenarios never fully reach their potential without interesting characters for the PCs to interact with, so this work could also (along with GM Principles) be considered compulsory reading for game masters. MemorableNPCs_PDF.zip
MyCastleDesign An interesting angle on the construction of your own castle, this work tells the story as it really happened in someone's campaign. It covers both construction in general, and how the castle's defenders would best react to special forms of attack (i.e. magic). I can't remember where I found it, though, or who really made this. MyCastleDesign_ASCII.zip
The Mythos of Polynesia Revisited
[John Storch]
A nice, interesting article about Polynesian mythology and how it can easily fit into the AD&D game. Included are notes on many gods and their avatars, as well as several new magic items. An alternative and interesting read, this is a fitting diversion from the "standard" medieval gods and mythos almost all of the typical AD&D campaigns revolve around. MythosPolynesia_PDF.zip
Net Traps Book
[Jason Seeley]
An extensive collection of traps, this compilation has enough trouble for your characters to keep them occupied for a long time (if they still live, that is). NetTraps_HTML.zip
[Ross W. Gould]
Another of those sweet little works that has nothing to do with new spells, monsters, or magic. This one-page little gem is a presentation by Alymer, Master Alchemist, of himself and his repertoire of cosmetic products for wealthy women. A humorous read, and definitely worth the download. NightBudoir_PDF.zip
Teaching an Old Mage New Tricks
[Jim Schofield]
Along the lines of "Alternative Spell Uses" (see above), this little thingy provides some very imaginative and creative new ways to use old spells. OldMageNewTricks_PDF.zip
Pantheon of the Empire, 5th Edition
[Robert Hall]
In short: A magnificent fantasy pantheon. Long version, according to the author: "This document contains a detailed, integrated pantheon for a prosperous human empire, suitable for use in any heroic fantasy setting. The Pantheon of the Empire contains a universal creation myth, along with the individual deities' holy symbols, portfolio, areas of interest, allies, foes, holy days, temples, worship, philosophy, personality, manifestations, undead effects, priestly benefits and limitations, specialty priests, and unique spells. A CC2 library of the holy symbols is also included. Contributions, enhancements, and corrections to this NetBook are welcomed." That pretty much sums it all up, eh? As always, Robert Hall delivers a very nice work. Highly recommended. This 5th Edition update is pretty significant, so be sure to get this one. PantheonEmpire5_PDF.zip
[Phil Scadden & Aaron Sher]
Plots and twists -- Many ideas for new adventures and encounters. Plots1_HTML.zip
Plots and Adventure Ideas
[Benjamin Jud Quinton]
Twenty-five plots and adventure ideas, spanning a wide variety of topics. Some "standard-type" plots are here, but there are also many quite original ideas that could easily be expanded into full-fledged adventures. PlotsAdvIdeas_ASCII.zip
NetBook of Riddles
[Mark Manning]
A nice collection of riddles to puzzle your players. Riddles_ASCII.zip
Table Chaos An obscure artifact (or magical item, whatever) that has fifty different effects to bestow upon anyone who touches it. Not a "great" work per se, but more than good enough for anyone wanting to use an item similar to the Deck of Many Things. (As you may have guessed, IMHO is randomness one of the most fun aspects of role-playing games.) TableChaos_PDF.zip
Trap Collection
[Jason Seeley]
An extensive collection of traps, this compilation has enough trouble for your characters to keep them occupied for a long time (if they still live, that is). TrapCollection_HTML.zip
[Jason Seeley]
Almost 50 imaginative tricks (and traps) to challenge your players. TricksTraps_HTML.zip
Whimsy Cards
[Lion Rampant]
Some time during the 1980s, there existed a gaming accessory consisting of a deck of cards with small plot devices on them. Nice enough, but the geniality is that each player gets one at the start of the game, and is allowed to play the card at any time to make the game more interesting. Needless to say, this clever little trick will undoubtedly provide some very nice twists and more fun to your games. Originally published by Lion Rampant, transcription by Brandon Blackmoor. WhimsyCards_PDF.zip
Guidelines for World Design
[Rich Staats & Juha juuso Vesanto]
A detailed and well-organized work describing how to make the most of world design. Good procedures helping you to design realistic worlds -- This is a must for the creative DM. WorldCreation_HTML.zip

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