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A Christian Mythos [Matthew Shelton (Xeno)] Focusing on the fundamental aspects and not on the specifics of various religions, this work provides a rather intriguing view of the hierarchy upon which religions are built. It provides a classification of life itself, the Five Orders of Life, to which every entity belong, and to how beings from these different Orders relate to each other and interact. With this classification, this mythos is adaptable to any campaign setting or world, and can easily be extended. Highly enjoyable, though quite far-reaching and complex at times. ASCII / 10 kb / 06.08.1997
A Magic Rationale [Marc Carlson] In this highly informative and thorough essay on magic, Marc Carlson here attempts to "codify the rationale and rationalizations behind Magic and related things," providing a complete "examination of how the universe could work if magic worked the way it's supposed to, based on the teachings of occultists throughout history." It is a very interesting piece, touching subjects such as the Unified Field Theory, Metapsychic Functions, and the role of the Planes of Existence. ASCII / 16 kb / 22.12.1996
Alignment Listings [Brian Leybourne] Ever felt confused about what the nine different alignments really mean? Look no further. This little thingy effectively clears things up by giving a list of similar situations/philosophies for each alignment, so that it is easy to compare them and see what they really mean. Short, concise, and well done. ASCII / 3 kb / 22.10.1997
Applied Magical System Rationale [Marc Carlson] Based on the earlier work A Magic Rationale (see above), this piece extends the former work, giving thorough details on game use; many topics, ranging from Will Points, spellcasters and training, magical items, spell components, a comprehensive list of the magical properties of many different materials, to a nice overview of magic types and performers of magic in both real-world and fantasy religions and cultures. Greatly recommended. ASCII / 20 kb / 01.02.1997
Familiars [Woodelf] Woodelf thinks about how to handle familiars in a campaign, even familiars for priests. ASCII / 2 kb / 01.01.1997
Ghosts [Marc Carlson] Again Marc Carlson writes a comprehensive document, this time detailing ghosts. Many aspects of the "life" of the various types of ghosts are discussed, and there is also detailed statistics for each type. Everything you want to know about these ghastly creatures are detailed here. ASCII / 8 kb / 13.03.1997
Guide to Better DMing [Joseph DuBois] New to the art of DMing? Confused about what to do? Well, maybe this little Guide will get you going. An organized collection of hints equally suited for both new and experienced DMs. ASCII / 5 kb / 20.10.1997
How Much Does a Coin Weigh? [Unknown Source] According to the rules, coins in D&D and AD&D are over-sized, clunky pieces of metal, their sizes and weights being far from the coins we have now, or were common even hundreds of years ago. Well, this little thingy clarifies these aspects a little, telling how big coins really were, and should be in the rules. ASCII / 2 kb / 01.01.1997
Immortals vs. Liches [Matthew Shelton (Xeno)] A short little discussion about Immortals in the sense of the Highlander movies, and their adaption to the AD&D game. ASCII / 3 kb / 14.02.1997
Love in the Dungeon [Rich Staats] In this article, we will examine some ways to spice up a Campaign using love as a motivation and some guidelines for love's introduction to avoid potentially embarassing situations and maximize both the players' and the gamemaster's enjoyment of the game. Informative, thorough, well worth the read. ASCII / 4 kb / 05.01.1998
Miracles in a Campaign [Thomas Weigel] Some ideas to enhance priests in a campaign, how to make them a bit more distinct from each other, and also to give the Game Master a bit more control over the campaign world. ASCII / 3 kb / 22.12.1996
My Diatribes on Roleplaying and the Earning of Experience [Woodelf] Woodelf again enlightens the gaming world with his thinking, this time on how experience should be porperly handled. ASCII / 3 kb / 01.01.1997
Philosophy of Magic [The Electric Monk] A very good discussion about the ins and outs of the AD&D magic system, this work contains the complete set (as far as I know) of the Electric Monk's Philosophy of Magic (Parts One, Two, and Three). Nothing revolutionary in game terms here, but it nevertheless contains some improvements to and clarifications of the original magic system. ASCII / 9 kb / 09.05.1997
Some Notes on DM-ing Adventures v1.0 [Jørn Losnegård & Ole A. Ringdal (Olik)] A concoction from our own gaming group, these notes detail some of the thoughts one of our DMs has on the various aspects of administering adventures. Primarily intended as an introductory text to beginning DMs, discussing how to avoid the many traps a fresh DM may fall into during his/her first adventures, but also has a lot of tips and tricks for the seasoned DM as well. Originally written by Jørn Losnegård, with translation from Norwegian and some additions by me (Olik). Please note that this is the very first version, and that there is no organization whatsoever. ASCII / 4 kb / 03.03.1997

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