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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
13th_warrior.zip wendel monster from the 13th warrior Download Now! 3,877
abraxas.zip A unique devil Download Now! 4,930
abyssalcritters.zip Monsters from the abyss Download Now! 20,136
aqcreatures.zip Al Qadim creatures Download Now! 227,877
archomentals.zip Archomentals by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 19,333
arka-tua.zip A new race based upon the Drow Download Now! 3,267
arka-tua-creature.zip A new race based upon the Drow Download Now! 11,457
azazel.zip A unique devil Download Now! 17,218
baatezu.zip Devils Download Now! 422,164
baatezu-lords.zip Devil Lords Download Now! 24,915
BariaurMonsters.zip Monsters from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 5,563
blackroot.ZIP Mobile trees Download Now! 38,026
cambions.zip Half-demons Download Now! 39,706
cat-people.zip Cat People Download Now! 5,424
chameleon-dragon.zip The chameleon dragon Download Now! 5,390
chaosfest-monsters.zip chaosfest monsters Download Now! 11,814
citadel-raven.zip gotolith tanar'ri from citadel of the raven Download Now! 3,518
codexdominorum1.zip monsters from various websites Download Now! 13,110
cool-net-monsters.zip Monsters from the Netbook of the Damned Download Now! 11,054
cooshee.zip The Elven Dog Download Now! 43,325
creatures RToH.zip Monsters from Return to the Tomb of Horrors Download Now! 12,267
cybion.zip a Borg like monster Download Now! 26,736
DamnedNetbookMonsters2.zip Monsters from the Netbook of the Damned Download Now! 67,657
darksunmonster.zip Dark Sun monsters Download Now! 2,029,272
demons.zip Demons from Role-Aids Demons. Download Now! 18,942
diablo-overlords.zip Diablo Overlords Download Now! 7,982
disench.zip Disenchanter Download Now! 4,237
dphoenix.zip Dark Pheonix Download Now! 5,164
draconian.zip Draconians Monsters & Race from Dragonlance by Dan Download Now! 40,691
dragonlance-creatures.zip Dragonlance monsters Download Now! 1,751,244
drolem.zip The drolem Download Now! 5,603
earthdragon.zip Earth Dragons Download Now! 8,549
elven-horse.zip Elven Horse Download Now! 4,005
evildead.zip Monsters from the Evil Dead movies Download Now! 12,487
faerie-dragon.zip the Faerie Dragon Download Now! 5,296
fiend-folio.zip Monsters from the Fied Folio MCA Download Now! 339,848
frcreatures.zip Forgoton Realms monsters Download Now! 1,232,137
FR_monsters.zip Forgoton Realms monsters Download Now! 86,678
ghazneth.zip Creatures from The Dragon Magazine Annual #4. Download Now! 12,941
giant-eagle.zip Gian Eagle Download Now! 4,501
goblin-hybrid.zip Hybrid Goblins Download Now! 2,523
goblinorcavatars.zip Goblin and Orc avatars in monster format Download Now! 39,105
guardian.zip Guardian Gargoyles from Dragon 223 Download Now! 6,154
hemonst.zip Half Eld netbook monsters Download Now! 4,362
hlcreatures.zip Hordeland creatures by Gish Makai Download Now! 183,965
houndarchon.zip Hound Archons Download Now! 3,202
houndkyuss.ZIP the Hound of Kyuss Download Now! 37,377
Illithiad.zip Mind Flayer monsters Download Now! 21,744
karaturmon.zip Kara tur monsters Download Now! 2,205,944
kercpa.zip Kercpa from Dragon 214 Download Now! 8,384
lavadragon.zip Lava Dragon Download Now! 4,162
legion.zip A new Archon creature Download Now! 6,538
maztica.zip Maztica monsters Download Now! 530,458
mca1.zip Monsterous Compendium Annual 1 Download Now! 3,400,471
mca2.zip Monsterous Compendium Annual 2 Download Now! 2,150,686
mca3.zip Monsterous Compendium Annual 3 Download Now! 3,126,411
mca4.zip Monsterous Compendium Annual 4 Download Now! 1,966,102
mca5.zip Monsterous Compendium Annual 5 Download Now! 1,312,895
mca9.zip Monsterous Compendium Annual 9 Download Now! 107,634
merlif.zip Merlif (Spelljammer) by Tilaurin Download Now! 23,972
monsters.zip Monsters Download Now! 52,691
monsters1120.zip Monsters Download Now! 179,788
monsters-various planersetc.zip Various monsters from planar settings by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 74,140
mordicant.zip The Mordicant is a creature used by evil necromancers to correct a wrong done to them by some other group or person Download Now! 45,597
MoreMonsters.zip Monsters Download Now! 72,126
mugumba.zip A humanoid beaver type creature with an intelligence. Download Now! 53,610
mystara_creatures.zip Monsters from Mystara Download Now! 626,927
net-demons.zip Netbook of Demons Download Now! 282,371
netmonsters1.zip Monsters from various netbooks Download Now! 41,328
netmonsters2.zip Monsters from various netbooks Download Now! 81,654
netmonsters3.zip Monsters from various netbooks Download Now! 52,544
netmonsters4.zip Monsters from various netbooks Download Now! 20,368
nightbel.zip Monsters from the Night Below Download Now! 136,404
nosferatu.zip the Nosferatu vampire Download Now! 8,621
nuckalavee.zip Nuckalavee from mystara MM by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 4,853
oculant.zip Custom Cyclops by Vendarius Download Now! 2,951
oldtaverntales1.zip Assorted monsters Download Now! 21,155
or-ratha.zip A new skeletal creature Download Now! 2,482
Outer Planes Appendix.zip Outer Planes Appendix Download Now! 6,789
planers.zip Ruins of Zhentil Keep Monsters Download Now! 713,723
planescape_net_creatures.zip planescape net creatures Download Now! 1,893,386
planescape-appendix-1.zip planescape appendix 1 Download Now! 1,382,103
planes-of-law.zip Monsters from Planes of Law Download Now! 716,975
planewalker2.zip Planewalker Monsters Download Now! 101,932
planewalker3.zip Planewalker Monsters Download Now! 255,277
planewalker.zip Planewalker Monsters Download Now! 782,095
ps3pt1.zip Planescape Annual 3 Download Now! 63,894
ps3pt2.zip Planescape Annual 4 Download Now! 79,822
quasielementaldragons.zip Quasi Elemental Dragons by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 19,442
quesarsasterar.zip Quesar from planescape planes of conflict and Asterar by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 6,953
rainbow dragonet rainbow-dragonet.zip Download Now! 13,320
ravenloftannual1.zip Ravenloft monsters and NPCs Download Now! 296,089
ravenloft-annual-1-pics.zip Ravenloft monsters and NPCs Download Now! 1,638,097
ravenloftannual2.zip Ravenloft monsters and NPCs Download Now! 186,051
ravenloftannual3.zip Ravenloft monsters and NPCs Download Now! 570,431
ravenloft-appendix-2-pics.zip Ravenloft monsters and NPCs Download Now! 1,071,995
ravenloftmon.zip Ravenloft monsters and NPCs Download Now! 1,050,291
return-horror monsters.zip Return to the Tomb of Horrors monsters Download Now! 639,244
scmonster.zip Savage coast monsters by Gish Makai Download Now! 4,134,488
SEADEV.ZIP Sea Devils Download Now! 6,593
shiftpet.zip Shiftpet from Spell Jammer Download Now! 15,912
spelljammercreature.zip Creatures from Spell Jammer Download Now! 99,852
steam dragon.zip Storm Dragons Download Now! 5,860
SWitch.ZIP Skeleton Witch Download Now! 24,211
tanarukka.zip Tanarukka demon Download Now! 3,730
translator.zip Translator from Planescape Download Now! 20,666
undeadgiants.zip Undead giants Download Now! 11,418
underground.zip Monsters from the underground Download Now! 7,394
warlock of the stonecrows.zip Monsters from Warlock of the Stone Crows Download Now! 127,331
WODbrujah.zip Brujah from Vampire the Masqurade Download Now! 9,988
wot.zip 3 new creatures from the Wheel of Time book series converted to D&D format. Along with spells for creating them Download Now! 149,860
wyrmskullmonsters.zip wyrmskull monsters Download Now! 6,762
zhent.zip Ruins of Zhentil Keep Monsters Download Now! 327,052

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