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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
ancients.zip Items for ancient civilations Download Now! 6,883
artwork.zip Various pieces of artwork Download Now! 15,347
aurora.zip Aurora's Whole Realms- Ranger/Thief stuff Download Now! 18,054
awrc1.zip Aurora's World Catalog, part 1 Download Now! 10,840
awrc2.zip Aurora's World Catalog, part 2 Download Now! 11,391
Bards Instruments.zip Bards Instruments. Download Now! 10,169
BariaurKtona.zip Various Bariaur items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 2,919
BariaurKton.zip Various Bariaur items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 7,478
Bariaurrings.zip Various Bariaur items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 46,387
BariaurSogmakton.zip Various Bariaur items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 6,815
BariaurArmor.zip Various Bariaur items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 14,609
BariaurGear.zip Various Bariaur items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 53,562
BeltMPouch.zip Belt of many pouches Download Now! 2,205
blade-of-thunder.zip The sword of thunder Download Now! 2,898
bundles.zip bundles of common gear Download Now! 4,295
candle.zip candles, mundane and magical Download Now! 25,507
ceramic pieces ceramic-pieces.zip Download Now! 2,292
damned-weapons.zip Weapons from the Netbook of the Damned Download Now! 34,570
droweqip.zip Drow equipment Download Now! 5,007
drowfortressweapons.zip Drow weapons Download Now! 60,189
Equipment.zip Various pieces of equipment Download Now! 12,072
frgems.zip Gems from the Realms Download Now! 10,758
FR_Weapons.zip Weapons from the Realms Download Now! 49,276
g&a.zip Gems and Art Download Now! 11,298
garotte.zip the garotte weapon Download Now! 2,801
gear.zip equipment too adventurer should leave home without, some custom items Download Now! 21,009
great-hammer.zip The great hammer Download Now! 2,285
herbs.zip various herbs Download Now! 7,736
Illithiad weapons.zip Mind Flayer weapons Download Now! 4,474
king-of-the-giantdowns.zip equipment from King of the Giant Downs Download Now! 3,448
lochbar-axe.zip Special axe Download Now! 2,610
miscequip.zip More equipment Download Now! 3,113
miscnetstuff.zip assorted equipment Download Now! 156,434
miscweaps.zip assorted weapons Download Now! 5,525
money.zip money Download Now! 5,652
more-realms-currency.zip more money Download Now! 3,892
more-weapons.zip more weapons Download Now! 4,664
mythweap.zip Myth Drannor weapons from The Guide to Myth Drannor Download Now! 18,594
necromundaweapons.zip Necomancer weapons Download Now! 13,788
newweap.ZIP New weapons Download Now! 3,694
ninjaeq.zip Equipment for ninja's Download Now! 7,871
ninjanetbook.zip Equipment from the ninja netbook Download Now! 9,544
oddwpn.zip Double long sword John Grigsby Download Now! 4,318
OgreMage_weapons.zip Weapons for the Japanese Ogre Download Now! 2,759
oriental-adventures-equipment.zip Weapons from the east Download Now! 16,864
pixie_weapon.zip Small weapons for pixies Download Now! 2,853
spellcomponents1.zip A list of most spell components Download Now! 61,806
strength-bow.ZIP A bow built for strength Download Now! 3,017
sword-crown.zip Equipment from the Sword and Crown Download Now! 4,716
thiefequip.zip Thief tools and equipment Download Now! 841,597
traps.zip Various traps Download Now! 7,983
weap207.zip weapons from Dragon 207 Download Now! 3,616
weap214.zip weapons from Dragon 214 Download Now! 4,224
weps.zip even more weapons, mostly from Dragon Mag. Download Now! 5,258
WPNSARMR.ZIP weapons and armor Download Now! 8,487
xbow.zip Cross bows Download Now! 3,437
Xena_Chakram.zip Xena's Chakram, aei-i-i-i-i-i-i-i! Download Now! 2,550

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