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Name Description Download
Elf's Gamebook Some new spells and magic items. elfsgamebook_ascii.zip (5.65kb)
The Complete Nik Nak Handbook Lots of new magic items and spells. I recommended this. niknak.zip (48.2kb)
Teaching an Old Mage New Tricks Some nice things to do with some old spells. oldmage_pdf.zip (3.96kb)
oldmage_w97.zip (4.04kb)
Alternative Spell Uses Some other things to use common spells for. altspelluses_ascii.zip (0.98kb)
The Ultimate Guide Around the Stoneskin Spell This is all about stoneskin, it has ways to get around it, and alternate rules for its use and casting.
"This guide was created to help out all those frustrated DMs that have problems with the 4th level spell "Stoneskin" as it is given..."
stonebk.zip (7.09kb)

Name Format
The Ancient Tomb of Dark Magic
June 2, 2001
Spell Library of the Archmage
June 2, 2001
The Great Net Spellbook On-line, DOC
The Great Net Prayerbook On-line, DOC
Bjorn's Tome of the Blaze ASCII
Blackadder's Codex HTML
Blackthorn's Orizon HTML
Brizbane's Bountiful Book Word 6.0
Empowered Familiars ASCII
Evermore's Black Spells ASCII
Katrine's Spells ASCII
Net Tome of Magick ASCII
Black Tome of Pilpin ASCII
The Great Net Prayerbook ASCII

Name Format
Holy Slayer of Servants
June 2, 2001
The Mightiest Relics
June 2, 2001
Codex Of Arcane, Magical, and Mystical Items On-line
Leto's Tome of Bizarre, Arcane, and Weird Stuff PDF
Gallery of Magically Blades DOC
Cendril's Treasure Trove ASCII
Dwarven Magic Items ASCII

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