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Guide to Undead
Jan 1, 2001
[Lenard Lakofka] An amazingly well written work, Guide to Undead gives you a whole new perspective on undead and many of their different aspects. Devising a new classification of undead based on how they come into being, L.L. provides deep insight on everything from how and why they are created, their senses and how they live their "lives", to thorough notes on gaming use. A very good work, a piece everyone who uses undead in their scenarios should not be without. guideundead_pdf.zip (75.7kb)
The Complete Netbook of Demons and their Relatives.
Jan 21, 2001
Everything you ever wanted to know about demons. This also includes many new demons. demonsnb.zip (226kb)
Netbook of Ghosts
Jan 1, 2001
Detailed work about ghosts and how they come into being and everything else you ever wanted to know. ghostnb.zip (9.95kb)
Vampire Netbook
Jan 1, 2001
This is very interesting. Everything about vampires, their abilities, lifestyles, types, and much more. This is highly recommended. vampire_doc.zip (28.2kb)
vampires_ascii.zip (21.1kb)

Name Description Download
Mazaron's Monstrous Manual
Jan 21, 2001
Forty highly original new creatures and monsters to populate your campaign, made with inspiration from a variety of sources. An excellent compendium to the game, this little thingy is a good read. Completely reformatted and made available in three differnt formats by Olik. MazaronMM_HTML.zip (869kb)
MazaronMM_PDF.zip (869kb)
MazaronMM_W2K.zip (869kb)
Planescape Monstrous Compedium
Jan 6, 2001
A large collection of new monsters for the Planescape setting, many with pictures! planescape_monstrous.zip (869kb)
Magnificent Monstrous Database 5th Edition
Jan 21, 2001
[Roger D. Mast] With several years in the making, the MMDB is a professionally designed, essential reference no serious DM should be without. This 5th edition (Aug 98), released 7 months after the 4th edition (Dec 97), incorporates more than 400 new monsters into the database, bringing the total to exceed a staggering 2.500 entries. This site has by the author (Roger D. Mast) been chosen as the main distribution site for new editions of the MMDB, so stay tuned for later editions. MMDB5_ascii.zip (395kb)
MMDB5_A20.zip (630kb)
MMDB5_A70.zip (637kb)
Net Monstrous Compendium v2.0
Jan 21, 2001
[Robert Christian] It has been more than half a decade (1994) since the NMC has been updated, but nevertheless it is still one of the best of the old net works of AD&D. This magnificent creation has more than 170 original monsters, which range from the deadly to the puny, from the serious to the comical, from adaptions to unique creations. Many of them DMs don't even have to struggle with to incorporate into adventures; just by studying them, one can easily develop whole scenarios around these creatures. It is a pleasure to read (even more now, I hope, with these touched-up formats by yours truly), and is sure to assist any DM in throwing new challenges at the PCs. A real classic in the true sense of the word. NetMonsterousComp20_ASCII.zip (186kb)
NetMonsterousComp20_PDF.zip (933kb)
NetMonsterousComp20_W2K.zip (234kb)
Mengol's Monsters
Jan 1, 2001
Thirty-three new and original monsters; most are golems and undead. Link to the author's site
Lamest AD&D Monsters Ever v0.9
Jan 1, 2001
[Matthew Frederick (Freddo)] A small, hilarious collection of some very unusual monsters. These little critters are not very dangerous, but what they lack in that respect, they have in abundance when it comes to humor and variety. Not actually candidates for frequent encounters, but I'm sure the players will have a great laugh if encountering one of these once. lame.zip (8.84kb)
Ravenloft Monsters
Jan 1, 2001
Four new monsters for the Ravenloft campaign setting. ravmonsters_ascii.zip (7.38kb)

Name Description Download
NetBook of Golems and Gargoyles v1.2
Jan 21, 2001
[Benoit Devost] Everything you would ever want to know about these fascinating creatures. A definitive reference giving a detailed description on what they really are, making and enchanting them, as well as about two dozen new versions of these creatures. NBGolemsGargoyles12_PDF.zip (2kb)
NBGolemsGargoyles12_W2K.zip (2kb)
Desert Monsters
Jan 21, 2001
Three "nice" monsters to visit your players when traveling the windy sand dunes. Good enough with regard to game statistics, but they all could use some more fleshed out descriptions. Nevertheless, all right enough for brief encounters, I guess. desertmonsters_ascii.zip (2kb)
Black Lizardman
Jan 21, 2001
Two nice documents detailing black lizardmen (a new race). One provides details about black lizardman life, the other one giving rules on how to play them as PCs. blacklizardman_w60.zip (9kb)
Jan 1, 2001
"Warou appear to be a crossbreed between humans and wolves. They are built like humans, but with sharp fangs and claws, amber eyes and usually long, silvery white hair." warou_doc.zip (7.29kb)
Bone Sphere
Jan 1, 2001
This is a very cool and original creature. "Wild bone spheres wonder the land killing and adding bones to replace old or rotting bones." bone_sphere.gif (77.2kb)
Jan 1, 2001
"Based on The Shrike appearing in the hyperion novels by Dan Simmons." shrike.zip (1.91kb)
The Tarrasquelich
Jan 1, 2001
"THE IMPOSSIBLE ... THE INVINCIBLE ... THE TARRASQUELICH!" As if Tarrasque wasn't powerful enough already. This includes the stats and even how to make it. tarrasquelich.zip (3.20kb)

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