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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
1stedclassesetc.zip 1st Edition Characters by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 98,098
1stEdMonk.zip 1st Edition Monk as a 2nd Ed. Class Download Now! 12,058
agronomist_class.zip The Agronomist Class Download Now! 5,199
Angharradh (Circlesingers and totem sisters).zip Specialty Priests of Angharrad Download Now! 33,365
aq-kits.zip Al' Qadim kits Download Now! 53,349
aquatic_druid_class.zip The Aquatic Druid class Download Now! 5,170
arcanist.zip Arcanist kit Download Now! 3,727
archer.ZIP Archer kit Download Now! 6,511
ArcherRanger.zip Archer/Ranger class by Andrew Ellem Download Now! 6,579
archmage.zip Archamage class Download Now! 10,064
aristocrat.zip The aristocrat kit Download Now! 3,838
athasclass.zip Dak sun classes Download Now! 62,160
avenger.zip The Avenger, an anti-paladin like kit Download Now! 4,572
bahgtru.zip Specialty Priests of Bahgtru Download Now! 4,078
barbarian.zip 2nd Edition version of the 1st Edition Barbarian class Download Now! 6,257
bard.zip Kits for bards Download Now! 4,079
bardhnbk.zip Kits from the Complete Bard's Handbook Download Now! 10,666
bargrivyek.zip Specialty Priests of Bargrivyek Download Now! 4,294
bastion.zip bastion Download Now! 48,428
battlelords-of-baphomet.zip battlelords of baphomet Download Now! 14,571
berserker.zip Berserker kit Download Now! 7,290
blademaster.zip Blademaster kit Download Now! 3,578
bladsing.zip Bladesinger Kit from the CBoElves Download Now! 4,278
bone_shaper_shaman_class.zip Lizardman shaman class Download Now! 4,621
Bounty Hunter Class.zip Bounty Hunter class by Steve Hadden Download Now! 7,714
branchdruids.zip the branch druidic orders from the Complete Druid's Handbook by Ian Mitchell Download Now! 9,664
bugbear-pantheon.zip Shamen of the bugbear pantheon Download Now! 56,943
cave_painter_shaman_class.zip cave painter shaman class Download Now! 4,781
champmist.zip Several misc. items and kits from Campions of the Mist book Download Now! 18,451
chaosfest-kits.zip Various kits from the Chaosfest '98 email program Download Now! 6,239
chaosfest-order-spear.zip Various kits from the Chaosfest '98 email program Download Now! 8,340
ClassesHLC.zip classes from High Level campaings by chris bodley Download Now! 67,324
ClassNRaceHLC.zip modified classes from High Level campaings Download Now! 72,816
cormyrkits.zip Two Coryrian warrior kits from Warriors & Priests of the Realms by Dale Jones Download Now! 5,722
cr2-april-goodie.zip Skylene Download Now! 30,491
crusader.zip Crusader Kit from Kistlerr69 Download Now! 5,272
crusaders.zip Crusaders (as presented in PO:S&M) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 6,862
cryptrgr.zip Crypt Ranger from Dragon 234 Download Now! 4,808
cr_dodclasses.zip Domains of Dread Classes and kits. Download Now! 21,736
cthulhu cultists.zip Cultists that worship Cthulhu and Co. /with spells and monsters by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 15,031
dalewarriors.zip Dale Warriors from Warriors & Priests of the Realms by Dale Jones Download Now! 9,290
dark-god.zip Specialty Priest of The Dark God Download Now! 3,818
dd-abbathor.zip Abbathor (Aetharnor & Noraghor) - Dwarven Pantheon; Great Master of Greed. Download Now! 8,655
dd-aerdrie-faenya.zip Aerdrie Faenya - (Halcyon) Elven Pantheon; The Winged Mother. Download Now! 15,577
dd-alaghar.zip Clangeddin Silverbeard (Alaghar) by Tom Dale Download Now! 7,015
dd-aquarian.zip Deep Sashalas - (Aquarian) Elven Pantheon; Lord of the Undersea. Download Now! 9,049
dd-arachne.zip Drow Priests of Lolth (Arachne) Download Now! 10,626
dd-arvoreen.zip Arvoreen - (Truesword) Halfling Pantheon; The Defender. Download Now! 6,759
dd-barakor.zip Gorm Gulthyn - (Barakor) Dwarven Pantheon; Fire Eyes Download Now! 7,855
dd-bloodstalker.zip Urdlen -(Bloodstalker) Gnome Pantheon; Thw Crawler Below Download Now! 6,579
dd-chronologian.zip Labelas Enoreth - (Chronologian) Elven Pantheon; The Lifegiver. Download Now! 6,866
dd-cyrrollalee.zip Cyrrollalee - (Homesteader) Halfling Pantheon; The Hand of Fellowship. Download Now! 6,080
dd-delvesonn.zip Dumathoin - (Delvesonn) Dwarven Pantheon; Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain. Download Now! 7,628
dd-dhaeraowathila.zip (Dhaeraowathila) from DHD by Roland Kenp Download Now! 5,899
dd-duerra.zip Deep Duerra (Norothor) - Dwarven Pantheon; Queen of the Invisible Art Download Now! 6,412
dd-earthblood.zip Callarduran Smoothhands (Earthblood) by Tom Dale Download Now! 6,743
dd-earthfriend.zip Segojan Earthcaller - (Earthfriend) Gnome Pantheon; Earthfriend. Download Now! 5,878
dd-erevan.zip Erevan Ilesere - (Mischiefmaker) Elven Pantheon; The Trickster Download Now! 12,397
dd-faernor.zip Berronar Truesilver (Faernor) - Dwarven Pantheon; The Revered Mother. Download Now! 6,538
dd-fastpaw.zip Baervan Wildwanderer - (Fastpaw) Gnome Pantheon; The Masked Leaf. Download Now! 6,269
dd-feywarden.zip Corellon Larethian (Feywarden) Chris Perry Download Now! 4,390
dd-ghaunadaur.zip Drow Priests of Ghaunadaur (Amorphite) Download Now! 8,116
dd-glitterbright.zip Garl Glittergold - (Glitterbright) Gnome Pantheon; The Joker. Download Now! 7,092
dd-goldheart.zip Hanali Celanil - (Goldheart) Elven Pantheon; The Heart of Gold. Download Now! 6,081
dd-hoodwinker.zip Baravar Cloakshadow (Hoodwinker) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 7,171
dd-kiaransalee.zip Drow Priests of Kiaransalee (Yathrinshee) Download Now! 7,377
dd-laduguer.zip Laduguer (Thuldor) - Dwarven Pantheon; The Exile. Download Now! 6,057
dd-lonewolf.zip Fenmarel Mestarine - (Lone Wolf) Elven Pantheon; The Lone Wolf. Download Now! 5,737
dd-luckmaiden.zip Haela Brightaxe - (Luckmaiden) Dwarven Pantheon; Lady of the Fray Download Now! 7,237
Dd-misadventurer.zip Brandobaris (Misadventurer) Chris Perry Download Now! 6,310
dd-pyrosmith.zip Flandal Steelskin - (Pyrosmith) Gnome Pantheon; Master of Metal. Download Now! 5,466
dd-rillifane.zip Elf priests of the Leaflord Download Now! 11,633
dd-selvertarm.zip Drow Priests of Selvatarm (Spidersword) Download Now! 6,054
dd-sheela.zip Sheela Peryroyl - (Greenfoster) Halfling Pantheon; Green Sister. Download Now! 7,341
dd-starsinger.zip Sehanine Moonbow - (Starsinger) Elven Pantheon; Daughter of the Night Skies. Download Now! 8,816
dd-sternshield.zip Gaerdal Ironhand - (Sternshield) Gnome Pantheon; The Stern. Download Now! 5,450
Dd-sworddancer.zip Eilistraee (Sworddancer) Download Now! 8,590
DD-THARD.ZIP Thard Harr (Vuddor) - Dwarven Pantheon; Lord of the Jungle Deeps. Download Now! 7,208
dd-thalonor.zip Sharindlar - (Thalonor) Dwarven Pantheon; Lady of Life Download Now! 5,792
dd-trailblazer.zip Marthammor Duin - (Trailblazer) Dwarven Pantheon; Finder-of-Trails. Download Now! 5,905
dd-urogalan.zip Urogalan - (Grimwarden) Halfling Pantheon; He Who Must Be. Download Now! 5,975
dd-vergadain.zip Vergadain (Hurndor) - Dwarven Pantheon; God of Wealth and Luck. Download Now! 7,406
dd-vhaeraun.zip Drow Priests of Vhaeraun (Darkmask) Download Now! 6,997
dd-xothor.zip Dugmaren Brightmantle - (Xothor) Dwarven Pantheon; The Gleam in the Eye. Download Now! 6,249
dd-yondalla.zip Halfling Priests of Yondalla (Horn Guard) Download Now! 7,414
dd-zandilar.zip Zandilar - (Sensates) Elven Pantheon. Download Now! 7,620
deathlords.zip A generic Specialty Priest class for any god dealing with death. Download Now! 5,938
demonologist.zip Wizard that learns spells from demons Download Now! 21,014
diablo2-kits.zip Kits from Diablo 2 Download Now! 6,123
dilettante.zip the dilettante kit Download Now! 3,410
DODCHAR.ZIP Domains of dread Ravenloft Classes Download Now! 17,755
drowgods.zip Pantheon of the Drow Download Now! 7,479
drowsppriests.zip Drow Specialty Priests by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 69,095
drslay.zip Dragon Slayer class from the Council of Wyrms by Karl Erick Bjork Download Now! 5,013
DS templar.zip Dark Sun Templar Download Now! 7,628
Duelist Class.zip Duelist from Dragon #73 by Steve Hadden Download Now! 10,426
dwarven-spelunker-kit.zip Dwarven Spelunker Download Now! 3,197
ecomancer.zip Wizard kit Download Now! 9,536
egyptian.zip Speciality priests of the Egyptian pantheon Download Now! 13,045
elder-god.zip Priests of the Elder God Download Now! 4,688
elfcourtwarrior.zip Elvencourt warriors from Warriors & Priests of the Realms by Dale Jones Download Now! 4,672
elven-paladin.zip Elven Paladin Download Now! 6,714
elvencourtwar.zip Another Elvencourt warrior from Warriors & Priests of the Realms by Dale Jones Download Now! 4,672
Elven Druid.zip Elven Druids by Yaemasayo Tatsuki Download Now! 13,143
Elven DeathBringer.zip The Elves (who belief all Elves should be one race) by Czarkon Download Now! 6,278
evermeet.zip Evermeet Kits for Elves part 1 by John Sheridan Download Now! 5,517
evermeet2.zip Evermeet Kits for Elves part 2 by John Sheridan Download Now! 7,668
F&ASPS.zip Faith and Avatar's Specialty priests Download Now! 131,044
faction1.zip Planescape Factions Download Now! 5,640
faiths-and-avatars.zip Kits and Speciality priests from Faiths and Avatars Download Now! 527,971
fiendslayer.zip Fiend Slayer from Dragon 229 Download Now! 4,348
fna-airwalker.zip Akadi (Airwalker) by Patera Download Now! 12,431
fna-authlim.zip Iyachtu Xvim (Authlim) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 6,494
fna-battleguard.zip Tempus - (Battleguard) Lord of Battles. Download Now! 10,923
fna-chauntea.zip Chantea - (Druid)The Great Mother. Download Now! 10,152
fna-crusader.zip Faith and Avatar's Crusader Download Now! 4,915
Fna-dabringer.zip Moander - (Darkbringer) The Darkbringer. Download Now! 14,223
fna-darkwalker.zip Ibrandul - (Darkwalker) Lord of the Dry Depths. Download Now! 8,866
fna-deathstalker.zip Bhaal - (Deathstalker) Lord of Murder. Download Now! 6,578
fna-demarch.zip Mask (Demarch) by Nate Download Now! 10,589
fna-doomguide.zip Kelemvor (Doomguide) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 7,145
fna-doommaster.zip Beshaba - (Doommaster) The Maid of Misfortune. Download Now! 9,385
fna-dreadmaster.zip Bane - (Dreadmaster) The Black Lord. Download Now! 15,796
fna-dweomerkeeper.zip Mystra (Dweomerkeeper) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 7,220
fna-earthwalker.zip Grumbar - (Earthwalker) Boss of Earth. Download Now! 6,183
fna-firewalker.zip Kossoth - (Firewalker) The Lord of Flames. Download Now! 5,436
fna-glyphscribe.zip Deneir - (Glyphscribe) Lord of All Glyphs and Images. Download Now! 7,509
fna-gods.zip All F&A gods in one file Download Now! 227,837
fna-goldeye.zip Waukeen - (Goldeye) Merchant's Friend. Download Now! 16,099
fna-gondsmen.zip Gond - (Gondsman) Wonderbringer. Download Now! 10,709
fna-gray-one.zip Myrkul - (Gray One) Lord of Bones. Download Now! 12,871
fna-heartwarder.zip Sune (Heartwarder) by Tom Dale Download Now! 6,679
fna-holychampion.zip Torm (Holy Champion) by Mark Stratton Download Now! 14,514
fna-holyjustice.zip Tyr (Holy Justice) by Mark Stratton Download Now! 12,213
fna-icepriest.zip Auril - (Icepriest) Frostmaiden. Download Now! 6,265
fna-joydancer.zip Lliira - (Joydancer) Our Lady of Joy. Download Now! 10,003
fna-luckbringer.zip Tymora (Luckbringer) by Mark Stratton Download Now! 9,308
fna-magistrati.zip Azuth (Magistrati) by Tom Dale Download Now! 5,747
fna-malagent.zip Talona - (Malagent) Lady of Poison Download Now! 10,642
fna-mielikki.zip Mieliiki - (Needle, Forestarm, & Shadoweir) Our Lady of the forest. Download Now! 13,266
fna-mistcaller.zip Leira - (Mistcaller) Lady of the Mists. Download Now! 9,869
fna-morninglord.zip Lathander - (Morninglord) Morninglord. Download Now! 4,513
fna-morninglord-spells.zip Spells for the clerics of the morninglord Download Now! 4,529
fna-mystic.zip The Mystic from F&A Download Now! 11,090
fna-nightcloak.zip Shar - (Nightcloak) Mistress of the Night. Download Now! 8,923
fna-oghma.zip Oghma - (Lorekeeper & Wise One) the Lord of Knowledge. Download Now! 10,729
fna-painbearer.zip Ilmater - (Painbearers) The Crying God. Download Now! 9,084
fna-pains.zip Loviatar - (Pain) Maiden of Pain. Download Now! 8,836
fna-peaceman.zip Eldath (Peaceman) by Tom Dale Download Now! 13,126
fna-silvanus.zip Silvanus - (Druid of Silvanus) Oak Father. Download Now! 14,940
fna-silverstar.zip Selūne (Silverstar) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 8,193
fna-stormlord.zip Talos - (Stormlord) The Destroyer. Download Now! 9,005
fna-strifeleader.zip Cyric (Strifeleader) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 6,347
fna-sunlord.zip Amaunator - (Sunlord) The Yellow God. Download Now! 10,377
fna-talon.zip Malar - (Talon) The Beastlord. Download Now! 11,468
fna-tuneservant.zip Milil - (Tuneservant) Lord of Song. Download Now! 11,639
fna-watcher.zip Helm (Watcher) by Blaise Download Now! 15,891
fna-waterwalker.zip Istishia - (Waterwalker) The Water Lord. Download Now! 9,736
fna-waveservant.zip Umberlee - (Waveservant) The Bitch Queen. Download Now! 13,582
fna-windwalker.zip Shaundakul - (Windwalker) The Rider of the Winds. Download Now! 9,676
fnaupdated.zip xpx file for CRE - containing updated files for Holy Champions, Holy Justices, and Luckbringers. These three are updated to make use of the new spell points support in the recent patch. Download Now! 35,260
FR_Class&Race.zip Forgotten Realms Classes & Races by Strifeleader Download Now! 802,390
gaknulak.zip Specialty Priest of Gaknulak (Kobold). Download Now! 4,085
goblin-pantheon.zip Priests of the goblin pantheon Download Now! 25,067
grankhul.zip Specialty Priests of Grankhul (Bugbear). Download Now! 4,029
great-mother.zip Beholder priests Download Now! 4,859
gruumsh.zip Shamam of gruumsh Download Now! 4,579
guildmage.zip The guildmage Download Now! 3,392
healing.zip Healing clerics Download Now! 3,518
healing-priest.zip A healing priest class from CPH. Download Now! 4,689
herbalst.zip Herbalist from the CBoElves Download Now! 3,989
hruggek.zip Shaman of Hruggek Download Now! 3,946
idiot.zip Village Idiot Kit with custom NWP's Download Now! 5,410
ilneval.zip Shaman of Ilneval - Orcish Pantheon Download Now! 4,116
istari.zip The Istari War Mage by Andrew Ellem Download Now! 4,818
janissary.zip Janissary netclass Download Now! 3,915
jubilex.zip Shaman of jubilex Download Now! 4,133
kensai20.zip Kensai from Oriental Adventures Download Now! 109,323
khurgorbaeyag.zip Specialty Priest of Khurgorbaeyag (Goblin). Download Now! 4,105
kits.zip Monks, Crusaders & Wild Mages Download Now! 9,198
kitsweap.zip Various Kits from the CBos Dwarves, Fighters and Priests Download Now! 21,101
knights_of_the_sigil-class.zip Knights of the Sigil class Download Now! 7,546
kobold-pantheon.zip Shamans of the kobold pantheon Download Now! 40,032
kuraulyek.zip Shaman of kuraulyek Download Now! 4,165
kurtulmak.zip Specialty Priest of Kurtulmak (Kobold). Download Now! 4,496
laduguer.zip Specialty Priests of Laduguer (Duergar). Download Now! 6,708
lots of Kits.zip Collection of kits Download Now! 211,095
luthic.zip Luthic - Orcish Pantheon Download Now! 3,992
maanzecorian.zip Specialty Priest of Maanzecorian (Illithiad). Download Now! 5,651
maglubiyet.zip Shaman of maglubiyet Download Now! 4,231
mechanist.zip The Mechanist is a kit for Sorcerers and Elemental Mages Download Now! 4,519
meriadar.zip Specialty Priest of Meriadar (Mongrelman) Download Now! 4,837
misc-races-and-classes.zip Various classes and races Download Now! 11,976
monk.zip Monk Kit from Kistlerr69 Download Now! 4,616
monk TaleBariaur.zip Bariaur monks Download Now! 3,381
mystic-kit.zip The Mystic Kit Download Now! 4,926
mystic_class.zip The Mystic Class Download Now! 8,171
necromancers-kits.zip Necromancer kits from the Complete Book of Necromancers Download Now! 21,292
necrophant.zip Necrophant by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 4,881
needle.zip Mielikki (Rangers Needle) by Thomas Hunt Download Now! 7,810
netpsionics.zip The psionist from the Net Psionics Handbook Download Now! 47,853
nimbral-mage.zip The nimbral mage class Download Now! 14,183
ninja.zip Ninja Class based on Oriental Adventures by Glenn Plummer Download Now! 3,687
ninja-handbook.zip Ninja from Ninja Handbook Download Now! 33,719
nomog-geaya.zip Specialty Priest of Nomog-Geaya (Goblin). Download Now! 4,138
non-adventurer.zip Non-adventuring class by Yaemasayo Tatsuki Download Now! 8,208
norse.zip Norse Specialty priests Download Now! 14,138
oa_monk_class.zip Oriental Adventures Monk Download Now! 10,741
orcish-pantheon.zip Shamen of the orcish pantheon Download Now! 43,918
oriental_adventure_classes.zip Oriental Adventures Classes Download Now! 48,008
orison_shaman.zip The orison shaman Download Now! 88,938
other-gobliniod-pantheon.zip Shamen of other gobliniod pantheons Download Now! 43,162
p-and-p.zip Paladins and Priests Download Now! 15,889
pakari-rhythist-kit.zip Pakari-rythist kit. Created by Even Itzhak. Download Now! 3,698
pakari-rhythmic-class.zip The Pakari Rythmic Warrior. Different from the kit. Also created by Even Itzhak. Download Now! 5,090
paladins.zip Paladins & Anti-Paladins from Dragon 239 by Jim Husband Download Now! 24,511
paladins-and-priests-birthright.zip Paladins and Priests from birthright Download Now! 13,434
planekit.zip Kits from Planescape Download Now! 13,659
PlanescapeClass.zip Planescape PO classes of Tiefling and Aasimar by Feadel Download Now! 6,789
pnp-garagos.zip Paladins and Priests - garagos Download Now! 8,540
pnp-gargauth.zip Paladins and Priests - gargauth Download Now! 7,965
pnp-hoar.zip Paladins and Priests - hoar Download Now! 7,059
pnp-necrophant.zip Paladins and Priests - necrophant Download Now! 4,881
pnp-nobanion.zip Paladins and Priests - nobanion Download Now! 7,813
pnp-redknight.zip Paladins and Priests - redknight Download Now! 6,057
pnp-savras.zip Paladins and Priests - savras Download Now! 6,505
pnp-sharess.zip Paladins and Priests - sharess Download Now! 7,549
pnp-shiallia.zip Paladins and Priests - shiallia Download Now! 8,839
pnp-siamorphe.zip Paladins and Priests - siamorphe Download Now! 8,932
pnp-sseth.zip Paladins and Priests - sseth Download Now! 10,831
pnp-wyrmkeeper.zip Paladins and Priests - wyrmkeeper Download Now! 8,100
pnpfindergargos.zip Paladins and Priests - garagos, another version Download Now! 15,889
pnpjergal.zip Paladins and Priests - jergal, another version Download Now! 46,249
pnpsavras.zip Paladins and Priests - savras, another version Download Now! 18,759
prestidigitator.zip Prestidigitator class Download Now! 3,917
prevaricator-syrul.zip Syrul - (Prevaricator) Oathbreaker Download Now! 5,215
PriestsHLC.zip The 5 general priests from the Player's Handbook and Spells & Magic Download Now! 16,697
Priest-oriental-cleric.zip Oriental clerics (Sohei) Download Now! 22,931
Priest-mask.zip Priest of Mask Download Now! 15,771
Priest-silvanus.zip Priests of Silvanus Download Now! 28,522
psionicscr.zip Psionist Download Now! 60,858
pyrosmith.zip Pyrosmith from the Gladiators handbook Download Now! 5,466
ranger.zip Ranger kits Download Now! 17,783
rangers-of -solonor.zip The Rangers of Solonor Thelandira - (Ranger) Elven Pantheon; Keen-Eye Download Now! 5,528
ravager.zip The ravager kit Download Now! 5,197
reaver.zip Reaver (Lawful Evil Paladin) by Mark Swafford Download Now! 4,526
redeemer.zip Redeemer kit Download Now! 3,682
rescuer.zip Rescuer kit Download Now! 2,475
runecaster kit runecaster.zip Download Now! 4,167
runic-knight.zip Runic Knight by George Christie Download Now! 6,483
sage.zip General Sage Download Now! 10,083
scout.zip scout kit Download Now! 3,757
scrollwiz.zip The Scroll Wizard Download Now! 5,186
sea-guard-kit.zip sea-guard kit Download Now! 3,124
Sembiawar.zip Sembian merchant kit from Warriors & Priests of the Realms by Dale Jones Download Now! 5,625
serpent-mage-kit.zip The Sepent Mage Download Now! 3,635
sh-gorellik.zip shaman of gorellik Download Now! 3,738
shadowblade.zip shadowblade kit Download Now! 3,687
shairs.zip Shairs from Al'-Qadim Download Now! 14,898
shamanclass.zip Shaman as a Class Download Now! 3,501
shargaas.zip Shaman of shargaas Download Now! 4,204
silvanus.zip silvanus from Prayers of the Faithful Download Now! 28,522
sniper.zip Archer/sniper kit Download Now! 4,938
snp_cleric.zip S&P Cleric (with the abilities from Player's Option:Spells&Magic) Bischop Sinclair Download Now! 8,729
snp_mage.zip S&P Mage (with the abilities from Player's Option:Spells&Magic) by Bischop Sinclair Download Now! 12,192
sonnlinor-(moradin).zip Moradin (Sonnlinor) Download Now! 9,103
sp-annam.zip Shaman of annam Download Now! 8,929
sp-blibdoolpoolp.zip Shaman of blibdoolpoolp Download Now! 6,622
sp-demogorgon.zip Shaman of demogorgon Download Now! 5,684
sp-eadro.zip Shaman of eadro Download Now! 9,486
sp-grolantor.zip Shaman of grolantor Download Now! 6,664
sp-hiatea.zip Shaman of hiatea Download Now! 7,062
sp-iallanis.zip Shaman of iallanis Download Now! 10,365
Sp-karontor.zip Shaman of karontor Download Now! 6,143
sp-laogzed.zip Shaman of laogzed Download Now! 4,908
sp-memnor.zip Shaman of memnor Download Now! 6,018
sp-merrshaulk.zip Shaman of merrshaulk Download Now! 5,560
sp-panzuriel.zip Shaman of panzuriel Download Now! 8,430
sp-persana.zip Shaman of persana Download Now! 5,392
sp-quorlinn.zip Shaman of quorlinn Download Now! 6,090
sp-ramenos.zip Shaman of ramenos Download Now! 3,702
sp-sashelas.zip Shaman of sashelas Download Now! 5,788
sp-sekolah.zip Shaman of sekolah Download Now! 5,699
sp-semuanya.zip Shaman of semuanya Download Now! 3,880
sp-sessinnek.zip Shaman of sessinnek Download Now! 3,796
sp-skerrit.zip Shaman of skerrit Download Now! 5,492
sp-squerrik.zip Shaman of squerrik Download Now! 5,844
sp-stonebones.zip Shaman of stonebones Download Now! 5,195
sp-stronmaus.zip Shaman of stronmaus Download Now! 9,896
sp-surminare.zip Shaman of surminare Download Now! 7,229
Sp-syranita.zip Shaman of syranita Download Now! 5,392
sp-trishina.zip Shaman of trishina Download Now! 4,591
sp-vaprak.zip Shaman of vaprak Download Now! 4,058
sp-yeenoghu.zip Shaman of yeenoghu Download Now! 5,301
Spacefarer.zip Spelljammer Spacefarer Download Now! 20,930
spellarcher.zip Spell Archer kit Download Now! 3,737
spellfire-weilder.zip Spellfire weilder, simple version Download Now! 9,679
spellfire-wielder-(volos).zip Spellfire weilder,"Volos" version Download Now! 30,822
stalker.zip Stalker custom class Download Now! 8,202
street-fighter.zip Street Fighter kit Download Now! 8,582
terraformer-kit.zip Dwarven Terraformer Download Now! 3,086
the-archmage.zip the-archmage specialist from S&P Download Now! 237,573
the_apothecary.zip the apothecary specialist from S&P Download Now! 14,274
the_appraiser.zip the appraiser specialist from S&P Download Now! 9,567
the_blacksmith.zip the blacksmith specialist from S&P Download Now! 9,395
the_cartographer.zip the cartographer specialist from S&P Download Now! 7,592
the_edge.zip the edge specialist from S&P Download Now! 2,961
the_engineer.zip the engineer specialist from S&P Download Now! 7,902
the_guide.zip the guide specialist from S&P Download Now! 11,825
the_healer.zip the healer specialist from S&P Download Now! 9,203
the_historian.zip the historian specialist from S&P Download Now! 11,116
the_scribe.zip the scribe specialist from S&P Download Now! 9,851
the_seer.zip the seer specialist from S&P Download Now! 10,399
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