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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
abanasinia.zip Abanasinia maps from Dragonlance. Download Now! 26,972
AllHLC.zip Everything, classes, magic, spells, ect.. From High Level Campaigns. Download Now! 152,069
aztraps.zip Traps Download Now! 7,889
bbkeep.zip Blitzenburg Keep maps Download Now! 419,378
birthright.zip Birthright bundle by Nesrie Download Now! 13,000
blackmarkessa.zip The Black Markessa from Slavers. Download Now! 4,278
book-of-regency.zip magic items, kit and equipment for royals Download Now! 28,509
casthal.zip Casthal Download Now! 140,875
cottage.zip A Small Cottage. Download Now! 248,889
covetown.zip Covetown Download Now! 37,521
CRclassicdit.zip CR2 Edit program. Edit CR2 files. Download Now! 2,136,819
dales-trilogy.zip various items, monsters and spells from the Sword of the Dales Trilogy Download Now! 8,126
ddale.zip Dwarven Dale maps Download Now! 351,392
DSDKPA.zip Dark Sun Dragon Kings Psionics Download Now! 14,295
dwarrow.zip Dwarrow Delve maps Download Now! 56,976
ElementalDungeon.zip The Elemental Dungeon Download Now! 9,951
fastplay.zip D&D Fastplay Rules Download Now! 10,680
fewmaps.zip A few maps Download Now! 152,599
gerese.zip Trading Cartel (Spelljammer) by Tilaurin Download Now! 30,444
goldenserpent.zip Golden Serpent Inn maps Download Now! 298,071
goldmarkessa.zip The Gold Markessa from Slavers. Download Now! 4,158
greenheight.zip Town of Greenheight maps Download Now! 155,827
Greenmarkessa.zip The Green Markessa from Slavers. Download Now! 4,272
greyhawk.zip Greyhawk maps and font Download Now! 801,162
havens.zip items, monsters, equipment, spells & class from Havens of the Great Bay Download Now! 8,847
jg-bundle1.zip NWP's and some extra's by John Grigsby (Part 1) Download Now! 35,755
jgbundle2.zip NWP's and some extra's by John Grigsby (Part 2) Download Now! 22,910
jgbundle3.zip">Download Now!Traits and Disadvantages by John Grigsby Download Now! 10,174
kalin.zip Kalin Island map Download Now! 341,335
keep10.zip Castellian Keep - Military Fortification, many detailled maps Download Now! 458,396
kestrill.zip The Elven tree city of Kestrill Download Now! 157,185
leemaps.zip maps Download Now! 58,447
magnum.zip Maps of the Magnum area, they include the town, the inn and a tower. Download Now! 673,982
maps.zip Various maps Download Now! 63,016
markessa.zip The True Markessa from Slavers. Download Now! 6,010
Misc-findings.zip Misc. stuff by Arthur Download Now! 156,193
nazarat.zip The Nazarat - a desert world map Download Now! 49,549
planepsionics.zip Psionics powers from the outer planes Download Now! 21,435
Players secret.zip magic item and monster Download Now! 3,896
rary.zip magic items and other stuff from Rary the Traitor Download Now! 79,713
rask.zip Rask - a city in SÓrayn Download Now! 93,677
realms-of-evil.zip Realms of Evil bosed set Download Now! 11,968
red-markessa.zip The Red Markessa from Slavers. Download Now! 4,370
shipnsea.zip Of Ships & Sea Download Now! 15,299
sword-roele.zip items, magic, spells and monsters from the sword of roele Download Now! 16,855
swordcoast.zip Sword Coast items Download Now! 423,609
tbol01.zip Book of Lairs, the Armorer Download Now! 23,122
variousnetavatars.zip Various Net Avatars Download Now! 77,389
vikinglanguages.zip Viking Languages Download Now! 5,513
wastes.zip items, monsters, equipment, spells from Tribes of the Heartless Wastes Download Now! 8,705
wyrmskullscepters.zip Scepters from Wyrmskull Throne Download Now! 7,750
wyrmskullthrone.zip Various items from Wyrmskull Throne Download Now! 6,778
wyrmskullthrone2.zip Various items from Wyrmskull Throne Download Now! 7,654
Wyrmskullthrone69.zip Bundle with items, spells and monsters from the Wyrmskull Throne by Otis W. Slusher IV Download Now! 52,627

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