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Name Character Levels Download
Banco Cartella de Colombie Internationale
June 2,2001
An eigth level, 2nd edition dungeons and dragons bank for the Party to rob. By Wellard A Obbit. In html format. bcci.zip (138kb)
Curse of Glantri
June 2,2001
A really nice adventure for original D&D, for up to 6 characters levels 4-6. In full pdf format. curse_of_glantri.zip (1276kb)
Beyond the Grave
June 2,2001
An attempt to write a murder mystery for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, for first level characters. Set in a working castle. beyondgrave.zip (211kb)
June 2,2001
A third level D+D adventure for large or well armed parties of careful players. gublin.zip (248kb)
June 2,2001
An AD and D adventure suitable for a suicidal thief of about fourth level. An absurdly action packed romp across the tiles. This block of housing and businesses accommodation lies at the corner of thirteenth street, and Main. robnight.zip (197kb)
Law vs. Chaos A unique dungeon for one or two competing parties of adventurers, levels 5 to 12. lawvschaos.zip (61.6kb)
Garak's End (unknown) a group of 3-5 of 1st-5th level? garaks_end.zip (17.2kb)
Family Secrets 4-6 characters of 2nd-4th level family_secrets.zip (24.2kb)
The Beginning 4-6 Characters of Level 1 thebegining.zip (6.83kb)
Paladin of Ethdale 6 characters of levels 2-4 paladin.zip (62.6kb)
The Chillwater Treaty characters level 6-9 chill.zip (468kb)
Temple of an Elder God 4-6 Characters of Levels 4-5 eldergod.zip (535kb)
The Search for the Dysfinia (unknown) levels 6 to 10 maybe? journeyf.zip (6.70kb)
The Eldritch Path (unknown) levels 8 to 12 maybe? eldrich.zip (46.8kb)
The Demon's Return characters level 6-10 demon.zip (63.6kb)
What a City! (unknown) city.zip (2.55kb)
The Temple of the Chained Demon 1-3 4th-8th level characters, 1 a wizard (an NPC mage will do) chained.zip (21.3kb)
The Black Pyramid of the Ancient Cloakers (unknown) bl_pir.zip (22.7kb)
The Haunted Tower of Ashaf Any ashaf.zip (4.97kb)
Air Temple of the Elder Elemental God 4-8 characters of 9-12th level airtempl.zip (791kb)
A Kiss of Death 2-8 players, levels 4-10 kiss_of_death.zip (8.27kb)
Dragon Kill For a party of about 9th level dragon.zip (117kb)
Facade (unknown) facade.zip (43.5kb)
Harvest of Souls characters level 4-8 harvest.zip (9.69kb)
The Tower of Lizards suggested levels 3-5 lizard.zip (15.6kb)
Night of the Tanarii 4-6 characters about 10th level nitetanr.zip (51.1kb)
The Lost Pyramid of Desert King characters level 7-9 pyramid.zip (55.1kb)
Rake's Hold suggested level: 7-9 rakehold.zip (20.5kb)
Dagon's Quest 4-8 characters of 5th-8th level dagon.zip (117kb)
Final Journey 6 players of levels 6 to 9 finalj.zip (19.1kb)
The Jolly Greenhag's Giants characters level 5-8 jolly.zip (8.44kb)
The Mace of Infirmity characters level 7-9 mace.zip (83.8kb)
Belthar's Bane 4-8 1st level characters belthar.zip (7.24kb)
Bloodbane Keep 7-9 level bloodk.zip (26.2kb)
The Black Pyramid of Ancient Cloakers 4-6 8th level characters cloakers.zip (28.9kb)
Fire and Ice 4-6 characters 7-9th level fireice.zip (24.7kb)
No Rest of the Undead 1-2 level norest.zip (26kb)
Robbers of the Sea variable level robbers.zip (11.5kb)
Bend Sinister variable level bendsinister.zip (7.57kb)
Dhowin's Rest 1-2 level dhowinsrest.zip (35.5k)
Ruins of Castle Grimstead 1st level grim.zip (180kb)
The Legacy of Carenlyn variable level legacy.zip (13.1kb)
The Ruined Temple 2-4 1st-2nd level players, 1 should be a priest rtemple.zip (13.7kb)

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