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Fort Black Sword
July 10,2001
A D&D adventure for Characters level 2-3. By Dave Dr Skull Nelson. Fort Blacksword is an abandoned fort on the border of the Old Woods. It was built by a former Duke of the Marches as a stronghold for border patrols, but abandoned after it was sacked by the forces of Gormak during a war 30 years ago. Currently it has been occupied by a band of brigands who are attempting to cut off trade and communication from the country of Storm Eagle and the rest of the Marches. . blacksword.zip (217 kb)
Dreams are Better
July 10,2001
A dnd adventure designed for two-four 1st - 2nd level characters. By Hal Greeberg. DOC format. dreamsarebetter.zip (18.7 kb)
Land of the Northmen
July 10,2001
This game is a great introduction to a new land in Ravenloft. It was written for 1st to 3rd level Pcs of any class, but can be changed to accommodate a higher-level party. Note - this game can be altered to be used in any campaign world. By Henry Raab. DOC format. landofthenorthmen.zip (339 kb)
July 10,2001
Trouble Times Two is a short adventure for a group of 4-6 1st to 2nd level characters. It is intended for use with Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd edition rules, and was created under the Open Game License. By Eric Downton . DOC and PDF formats. trouble.zip (79.6 kb)
trouble_pdf.zip (72.6 kb)

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