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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
alqadimspells.zip Spells from Al' Qadim Download Now! 96,200
BaHWS.zip Bard's Handbook Wizard Spells Download Now! 6,014
bariaurspells.zip Bariaur Spells Download Now! 18,313
cantrips.zip Cantrips from first Ed. UA done as 1st level spells by TerrorDW Download Now! 20,079
carnalspells.zip Spells from the Guide to Carnal Knowledge Download Now! 6,247
chendl-school-of-magic-annual-spell-review.zip Various spells from Chendl's School of Magic Annual Spell Review. Download Now! 10,474
chispa-libram-spectacularum.zip Libram Spectacularum Spellbook Download Now! 9,997
Chronomancy.zip Chronmancy spells Download Now! 36,316
CHWS.zip The Code of the Harpers Wizard Spells Download Now! 4,312
cod.zip Cult of the Dragon Download Now! 17,741
CollegeofWizardyspells.zip College of Wizardry Spells Download Now! 13,782
cwh1to8.zip Complete Wizard's Handbook, 1 to 8 level Download Now! 16,246
cwspells.zip More Complete Wizard's spells Download Now! 13,782
damnednetbookpg2.zip Wizard Spells from Tome of the Damned Download Now! 39,656
demonology.zip Demon related spells Download Now! 21,786
diablo2-spells-g-h.zip Diablo 2 Spells Download Now! 5,571
diablo2-spells-i-l.zip Diablo 2 Spells Download Now! 6,318
diablo2-wizard-a-b.zip Diablo 2 Spells Download Now! 4,503
diablo2-wizard-c-d.zip Diablo 2 Spells Download Now! 4,265
diablo2-wizard-e-f.zip Diablo 2 Spells Download Now! 5,230
dotu1to9.zip The Drow of the Underdark Wizard Spells Download Now! 9,276
draconomicon-spells.zip Spells from the Draconomicon Download Now! 7,422
DSWS.zip Dark Sun spells Download Now! 7,599
ElemantalNetbookWizardSpells.zip Elemantal Netbook Wizard Spells Download Now! 146,832
elemental-netbook-wizard-spells.zip Elemantal Netbook Wizard Spells Download Now! 53,288
elven-spell-abilities.zip Eleven Spell abilities Download Now! 2,449
empowered-familiars.ZIP Spells to empower familiars Download Now! 19,945
EsmarylWilddogSpells.zip Wild Magic Spells by Esmaryl Wilddog Download Now! 3,843
fillipo-wizard spells.zip Various spells created by Fillipo Download Now! 5,957
FMDWS.zip The Fall of Myth Drannor Wizard Spells Download Now! 15,442
fra1to9.zip Forgotten Realms Adventures Wizard Spells Download Now! 43,649
FR_Incantation.zip Forgotten Realms Incantations by Strifeleader Download Now! 13,554
FR_Wizard Spells.zip Forgotten Realms Wizard Spells by Strifeleader Download Now! 210,856
garden of knowledge.zip The Garden of Knowledge spells Download Now! 54,360
gnsb.zip Great Net Spell Book spells Download Now! 777,090
greyspls.zip Greyhawk Spells Download Now! 32,426
Hellbound.zip Two extra Hellbound spells Download Now! 3,238
henetbook-spells.zip">Download Now!Half-Elf Netbook Spells by Lawrence Cabrera Download Now! 6,002
hlb1to9.zip Heroes' Lorebook Wizard Spells Download Now! 15,234
HLWS.zip Hero's Lorebook Wizard Spells Download Now! 14,633
ice.zip Ice Spells from Dragon Annual I by Dan Download Now! 8,563
ice-spells.zip Ice Spells Download Now! 7,758
illusion.zip">Download Now!Unearthed Illusionist spells not in CR by TerrorDW Download Now! 6,234
infernal-spells.zip Spells from The Guide to Hell Download Now! 18,957
jazara_spells.zip Jazara's Spells by Rob Hanssen Download Now! 3,543
magecraft.zip Magecraft Download Now! 34,335
magelight.ZIP Mage Light spell Download Now! 2,520
minor_repulsion.zip Jana's Minor Repulsion by Rob Hanssen Download Now! 2,730
necromancers-arc.zip ecromancers-arc a custom spell for low level wizards by Matthew Schuster (old) Download Now! 2,993
NH.zip Necromancer's Handbook Wizard Spells Download Now! 23,562
ninjaspells.zip spells from the ninja book Download Now! 8,382
oriental-wizard.zip Custom oriental wizards spells by Gish Makai Download Now! 28,506
otisspells.zip A few colorful original spells from Osmacs Download Now! 7,538
PlHWS.zip Planewalker's Handbook Wizard Spells Download Now! 21,292
psmagespells2.zip Planescape spells Download Now! 14,451
PSWS.zip Pirates of the Fallen Stars Wizard Spells Download Now! 8,278
return-horror spells.zip Return to the Tomb of Horrors Spells Download Now! 8,580
romd spells.zip Spells & Magic Items from Ruins of Myth Drannor Download Now! 22,728
schools.zip New schools for some spells Download Now! 14,535
secrets-magister.zip Spells from Secrets of the Magister Download Now! 16,105
shadow.zip Shadowbolt & Shadowblast by Don Peterson Download Now! 4,099
shadow2.zip realm of shadows spells Download Now! 27,885
shadowstorm.zip Shadow Storm spell Download Now! 2,750
shelspel.zip Spells from wild mage Estalan Durgul; and Shellarian Stormwind and the Electricity Elemental School by Feadel Download Now! 8,431
ShSeWS.zip Of Ship and Sea spells Download Now! 5,997
sigspells.zip Signature Spells Download Now! 4,023
spells-magic-mage-skills.zip More spells Download Now! 18,756
tisspells.zip more wizard spells Download Now! 4,721
TrueDweomers.zip True Dweomers from HLC Download Now! 10,353
volo.zip Blacklance Spell, a spell missed by TSR Download Now! 2,513
WHWS.zip Wizard's Handbook Wizard Spells Download Now! 16,069
wildmagespells.zip Bariaur Wild Magic Spells Download Now! 14,835
wildmagespells_ps.zip Wild Magic spells for Planescape Download Now! 14,835
WildMagic31jl99.zip All Wild Magic Spells, the School & the Kit Download Now! 44,137
wizard-spells-terra.zip A few wizard spells from the homemade world of Terra Download Now! 27,469
Wizard-oriental-wizard.zip Oriental Wizard spells Download Now! 28,506
Wizard-OldEmpires.zip Spells from the Old Empires Download Now! 13,672
wsc.zip Wizard's Spell Compendium Download Now! 1,230,795
wsc-IV_Z.zip Wizard's Spell Compendium IV Download Now! 7,286
wsc1.zip Wizard's Spell Compendium 1 Download Now! 41,042
wsc1b.zip Wizard's Spell Compendium 1b Download Now! 51,355
Xahnar_spell.zip Xahnar Spells Download Now! 3,859
Xahnar_Spells2.zip Xahnar Spells Download Now! 5,034

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