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What D&D Class Would You Be?
D&D Character Class Quiz

Ever wonder what class you would be in the world of D&D? Well, wonder no more! Just take this simple quiz and all the mysteries shall be revealed! Keep in mind that we have put more than just your average answers of "fighter, mage, cleric, rouge" here in this quiz, and if you are unfamiliar with 3rd edition and various prestige classes, you may have no idea what we are talking about…that in mind, on with the show!

(Check your answer for each question, then click on the "Submit My Answers" button below)

1) When you wake up in the morning, which of the following are you most likely to do?

Drink some coffee and catch up on local news and gossip
Check your pockets
Read an interesting book or news article


2) In a heated situation, what are others most likely to yell at you?


"Get behind me!"
"I didn't know it was possible to do that in alphabetical order!"
"Where's your god now?"
"Now is NOT a good time!"
"You can bend the spoon later, we have work to do!"
"Where the hell did she/he go?"


3) In a heated situation, what are you most likely to yell at others?


"Allah/ Buddha/ Jesus/Shiva may love you, but I don't give a damn!"
"You guys sort this out, I'll be over there."
Absolutely nothing.
"Slow down, I'll need to remember this!"
"Get outta my way!"
"Violence has always been the road taken by a lesser mind."


4) Within your group, you are known for:


Your skills and generally intense personality.
Your studious nature.
Your ability to relate real life situations into theoretical questions.
Contemplating the mysteries of the universe (and, on occasion, your navel.)
Your ability to walk through a desert and leave no shadow, after all, if a shadow falls in the desert, does anyone hear it?
Your love of a good story and ease in social situations


5) To you, some of the most important things is life are:


Challenge, mastery and wealth
Art, beauty and pleasure
Patience, focus and contemplation
Servitude, faith and spirit
Knowledge, discipline and mystery
Artistry, perfection and rivalry


6) In your dealings with others, you are often:


Complementary and curious, you never know when someone might say something really interesting.
Intrigued and sophisticated, you enjoy teaching and learning from others.
True to yourself, the opinions of others do not really matter.
Unpredictable, you like to keep others on their toes.
Clear and concise, no need to beat around the bush.
Quiet and contemplative, for you generally see things in a very different light.


7) To you, the greatest thrill is:


Mastering a new skill.
The acquisition of a much-desired thing.
A moment when the world is seemingly focused on you.
Victory over a worthy opponent.
Showing others the wisdom of your ways.
Attaining inner peace and focus.


8) When you are not busy with your regular group, you are:


Honing your skills.
Re-prioritizing your life.
Thinking (and maybe even contemplating your navel!)
Out and about catching up on the latest news and trends.
Comparing notes and war stories with others of like mind.
Studying something.


9) In a bar, you are likely to be the one:


Sizing up everyone and making note of the exits.
Carefully listening to anything that might be interesting.
Enjoying your good fortune, even if it is only temporary.
Does it really matter?
Entertaining others.
Drinking, but making note of everyone's obvious strengths and weaknesses.


10) Others might describe your "style" as:


Flashy and fun.
Practical and deliberate
Sleek and efficient
What style?
Thoughtful and serious
Mysterious and arcane


11) If you were an animal, you might be:


A St. Bernard
A shark
A parrot
A ferret
A dolphin
A cat


12) If people checked your pockets, they might find:


A pencil, pen or palm pilot.
Stuff that isn't yours.
A butterfly knife.
A pamphlet.
It might take weeks to sort through all the stuff you carry!


13) Your ideal home would have:


Lots of open spaces and high ceilings.
Very high (and possibly lethal) security.
A gym.
It would be modest, that's all.
Who cares, as long as it is set up for great parties!
A fantastic library.


14) On a relaxing day, you are most likely to find yourself:


Discussing matters of philosophy with like-minded folks.
Spending some quiet time alone.
In a popular hot spot.
Checking out all the latest gear.
Inspecting the local flora and fauna.
Up to no good.


15) Your perfect idea of a date is:


Partying at a good nightspot with a stunning partner.
Touring a famous haunted house with a curious person.
A long walk on the beach with a good conversationalist.
Several good games of chess followed by wine and cheese with someone with a quick mind.
Sneaking into a members / invite only event with a capable sidekick.
An invigorating hike followed by a simple sunset picnic with someone who can keep up with you.


16) You've just saved the day! Your reaction to the thanks of those whom you've just helped might be:


Smile, nod, and walk away.
"You should learn to defend yourself, or find someone who can."
"Tell me the WHOLE story, it'll make a great book!"
"Oh yes, you're welcome, but really, I had no idea THAT would happen."
"All in a days work."
"You can give me cash now, I don't accept credit or IOU's."


17) Retirement is upon you, what is the ideal way to live out the rest of your days?

The proud owner of a small, well-defended and wealthy island nation.
Curator of a famous museum or library.
Wandering the earth (and maybe even contemplating your navel!)
Teaching others the skills and philosophies that have served you so well.
The head of a highly regarded security company.
As a pop-culture legend.

by Kyle Kubanek and Jeff Bazinet

* Coat of Arms 1.2a
* Promisance
* World of Phaos 0.9.2
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Yes indeed
No, never!
In 1E yes, in 2E no
Only for encumbrance
Of course it is
Not in my world
* And-Mag.com

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