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DS AD&D Dice
Aug 26, 2001
This little dice program allows anyone to roll from 1-6 dice of all the standard sizes. It automatically adds up all totals for quick and easy gameplay. By: MWMDRAGON ds_adnd_dice.zip (1.42megs)
DS AD&D Battle Tracker
Aug 26, 2001
This program allows the DM to track up to 10 enemies/monsters and up to 6 players within a hexagonal map grid. All character markers can be actively rearranged each round as the battle continues. By: MWMDRAGON ds_adnd_battle_tracker.zip (1.56megs)
DS AD&D Dungeon1
Aug 26, 2001
The editable dungeon allows the DM to interact with the dungeon on the fly. Adding monsters, player markers, notes and more, all within on easy to view dungeon grid. By: MWMDRAGON ds_adnd_dungeon1.zip (1.59megs)
Auto Realm
June 26, 2001
This program allows anyone the ability to generate large scale maps. Excellent for maping out continents or entire globes. Simply the best one we have ever found. Vangarthia's continental map is a prime example. AutoRealm111.zip (2.45megs)
Birthplace of Heros
June 2, 2001
This program generates random hero backgrounds with full details. Very handy, but not always perfect. Some modification will be required. birthplaceofheros.zip (1052kb)
Combat Database
June 2, 2001
A complete combat database for dungeons and dragons. combatdatabase.zip (94kb)
Time Travel (beta 0.9)
June 2, 2001
The Program calculates the Time/Distance a party can travel based on the Movement Rate. It can either calculate the distance per time, or the time needed to march a certain distance. Calculation can be done in feet, yard, meters, kilometres or miles. timetravel_beta.zip (1428kb)
World Generator This is a small DOS program that generates worlds. Just mess with the values and experiment your self. worldgen.zip (77.7kb)
Interactive Dungeon This is a very interesting program. You make a dungeon map and then it has it so your player can go through it. It has secret doors, random encounters, even a light radios of how much of the map they can see. interactive_dun.zip (4.89mb)
Digital Enchantments Use this to quickly roll random magic items or a magic item of a certain group. digen-v100.zip (1.41mb)
GameName v1.3 This is a very fun name generator that really does make some good and sometimes really funny names. gamename.zip (30.6kb)
3E generator demo A powerful 3rd edition character generator from WotC and I very much recomend you see this! This is only a demo, but gives you full access to most abilites, classes, races etc. You can purchase the full version from tsr.com. 3ECG_demo.exe (10.5mb)
Dice Roller Deluxe A good dice roller but has a lot of options and gets kind of confusing at times. It can save your rolls and do any modifiers that you want to the dice. drd.exe (2.45mb)
Treasure Hoard Generator I very much recommend this program. It does treasure rolls for you! Just think, this can save you hours from having to roll all those dice for treasure hoards. treasure.zip (156kb)
Thieves Guild Generator This program has lots of options and will generate just about everything about a towns thieves guild. It will generate all the thieves in the guild and order them by rank. It will generate their names, treasure, and lots of other information about them and the guild. thievesguild_gen.zip (839kb)
Innkeeper Generator A simple program to quickly generate an inn. From what's on the menu to who is at what table. It also generates the inn's name and much more. innkeeper_generator.zip (23kb)
Dungeon Crafter The best dungeon mapping program I have seen yet. Very fast and easy to use and you can save your maps, import tiles, and much more. dun_crafter.zip (2.09mb)
Char Gen A nice program to quickly generate a 2nd edition character. This will also save your generated character into a text file. chargen.zip (1.37mb)
Random Wild Serge A small DOS program that rolls random wild magical surges from a list of 7,000! Great for use if you're playing a wild mage. wildrand.zip (290kb)
DieRoller This is a very good dice roller. With it you can roll any dice with any modifiers that you want. dieroller.zip (388kb)
Weather Tracker With this little program you can find out what the weather will be like judging by the season and the terrain type. weathertracker.zip (403kb)
Winitem A program just like Winspell and just as good but used to store Magic Items. winitem.zip (292kb)
Winspell Very nice program, similar to the monster scribe and the spell scribe. This is the best program I have found to use to store spells. winspell.zip (305kb)
Polyhedron Dice In my opinion, one of the best dice rollers out there. It doesn't actually add up the dice for you but it's still a very good dice roller. polydice.zip (89.8kb)
Dice Master Rolls up to 20 dice, or you can also specify how many # die # to roll. dicemas.zip (5.68kb)
Dice Just the average dice roller with the added feature of being able to store your last 10 rolls. It only rolls up to 10 dice at a time so that sucks but you can put plus or minus modifiers to the dice. dice.zip (114kb)
AD&D Height/Weight Generator 1.0 Generate your new characters height and weight judging by their race and gender with a click of a button. htwt1032.zip (113kb)
The Deck of Many Things Extremely good Deck of Many Things simulator. Everyone should have this! deck.zip (1.08mb)
Treasure Generator A nice random treasure generator for treasure hoards and items. tresgen_f.zip (2.42mb)
Spell Lists A program that has every wizard and priest spell from the players handbook with all the effects and everything else. spells.zip (259kb)
Spell Book Manager A program that manages your character spell books and makes random ones for NPCs also. Good program. spellbookmanager.zip (274kb)
Random Spell Generator Selects random spells from the following: players handbook, red wizard spells, drow guide, forgotten realms, tome of magic, and wizards handbook. Nice program. randspel.zip (612kb)
The Ever-changing Book of Names Best random name generator I could find. *This new version is simply awesome!* ebon31.zip (421kb)
Spell Scribe Keep track of spells and what they do. Really good program. spscribe.zip (4.14mb)
Monster Scribe Keep track of monsters. This has room for pictures and info for each monster. mscribe.zip (4.35mb)
Treasure scribe Well I don't know about this. I haven't gotten around to downloading it, but I've heard it's really good. trscribe.zip (4.32mb)

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