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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
adnd-com-elf.zip Magic Items for the Elves Download Now! 9,479
apocalypse-stone.zip Items from the Apocalypse Stone Download Now! 4,533
armorpfm.zip Armor from Page from the Mages Download Now! 3,719
Bariaurpotions.zip Magic items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 24,167
BariaurMagic.zip Magic items from Tale of the Bariaur Download Now! 3,651
blackmoor-items.zip Msytical items from Blackmoor Download Now! 10,635
book-of-triaydd.zip Magical book Download Now! 3,086
cairn-items.zip Cairn Items = 13 magical items from the Star Cairns Greyhawk module Download Now! 5,086
chads-magical-weapons.zip Several Magical Weapons. A very nice selection Download Now! 9,157
chameleon_dust.zip Use this dust to blend in Download Now! 2,698
chaosfest-magic-items.zip Various magical items from the Chaosfest '98. Download Now! 14,455
char-shortsword.zip A unique magical weapon created by Brian Chang. The Char is a poweful shortsword. Download Now! 3,474
em-a.zip Encyclopedia Magica A items Download Now! 186,351
em-d.zip Encyclopedia Magica D items Download Now! 68,103
em-xyz.zip Encyclopedia Magica XY&Z items Download Now! 5,508
figurines of power.zip Various figurines of power Download Now! 2,579
fillipo-magic-items.zip Various magical equipment also created by Fillipo from the TSR website Download Now! 6,050
FR_Magical Items.zip Forgotten Realms Magical Weapons by Strifeleader Download Now! 61,085
goldbane.zip A magical suit of Plate Mail that I think everyone will enjoy. Download Now! 7,750
hellgatekeepmitems.zip Items from Hellgate Keep Download Now! 6,687
hrperitm.zip Harper Magic items Download Now! 22,039
intweap.zip intelligent weapons Download Now! 3,169
intweap2.zip intelligent weapons, alternate methods Download Now! 9,691
lanterns.zip magic lanterns Download Now! 6,160
mace-of-st-gunn.zip The Mace of St. Gunn Download Now! 3,090
magic-items.ZIP various magic items Download Now! 7,430
magical-items.zip various magic items Download Now! 27,934
magicitems.zip various magic items Download Now! 2,639
magicmyt.zip Myth Drannor magic Download Now! 11,039
necromundarings.zip Necromunda Rings Download Now! 9,523
psmagic.zip Planescape magic items Download Now! 30,693
ravens.zip magic items from Raven's Bluff Download Now! 11,619
return-horror magic items.zip Return to the Tomb of Horrors magic items Download Now! 15,822
ring-of-trobrand.zip A magical ring from the MCA series. Download Now! 2,717
RingCantrips.zip Ring of Cantrips Download Now! 2,439
romd items.zip Ruins of Myth Drannor items Download Now! 27,924
staff-druid.zip Staff of the Druid Download Now! 2,878
staff_necromancer.zip Staff of the Necromancer Download Now! 3,574
sunsword.zip The Sunsword Download Now! 3,050
tiara.zip magical tiaras Download Now! 7,023
Dragon207.zip Dragon 207, Celtic Magic Items Download Now! 3,260
Dragon214.zip Dragon 214, Arcane Elves Artifacts Download Now! 6,123
Dragon223.ZIP Dragon 223, Magic Rings Download Now! 10,404
Dragon226.zip Dragon 226, Magic Scabbards Download Now! 5,439

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