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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
BaHNWP.zip Bard's Handbook NWP Download Now! 4,521
bardprof.zip Musical Proficiencies from the CB of Bards Download Now! 7,134
BDNWP.zip Book Of Dwarves NWP Download Now! 11,679
BHNWP.zip Barbarian's Handbook NWP Download Now! 13,410
chaosfest-nwp.zip Chaosfest NWP Download Now! 2,946
chrononwp.zip Chronomancy NWP Download Now! 4,791
cityskls.zip City Skills Download Now! 5,386
conceal_weapon.zip Concel Weapon NWP Download Now! 2,529
crnalnwp.zip Book of Carnal Knowledge NWP Download Now! 3,606
darkgifts-traits.zip Darkgifts from Necromancers Download Now! 7,833
disadvant.zip Disadvantages Download Now! 6,741
disadvantages2.zip Disadvantages Download Now! 3,159
disadvantages.zip Disadvantages Download Now! 20,234
DSNWP.zip Dark sun NWP Download Now! 5,877
FRlanguages.zip Forgoton Realms Languages Download Now! 4,937
FR_Non-Weapon Proficiencies.zip Forgoton Realms NWP Download Now! 20,403
halflings_proficiency_list.zip halfling's proficiency Download Now! 162,262
HHNWP.zip Humanoid's Handbook NWP Download Now! 10,660
hndbknwp.zip NWPs from the CBos Thief, Dwarf, Psionic, Necromancy, Paladin and Sea oFS Download Now! 20,375
hypnosis.zip Hypnosis Download Now! 3,083
langcom.zip Common Languages Download Now! 10,238
langdra.zip Dragon Languages Download Now! 3,503
langplan.zip Planular Languages Download Now! 2,868
langs.zip Greyhawk Languages Download Now! 5,214
Light_Fighting.zip Light Fighting NWP Download Now! 2,307
ma.zip Martial Arts Proficiencies Download Now! 19,944
misc nwp's.zip Various NWP Download Now! 30,694
MOTRDLang.zip Earth (Masque of the Red Death) Languages Download Now! 45,974
MOTRDTraits.zip Earth (Masque of the Red Death) Traits Download Now! 6,599
necro-disadvantages.zip Necromance Disadvantages Download Now! 5,667
newnwp2.zip NWP's homemade and from Darksun Boxed set by Mark Swafford Download Now! 5,467
nhnwp.zip Necromancer's Handbook NWP Download Now! 5,758
NiHNWP.zip Ninja's Handbook NWP Download Now! 10,417
nwp.zip Various NWP Download Now! 7,598
nwpnetbook.zip NWP Netbook Download Now! 30,694
NWProfsHLC.zip NWP from High Level Campaigns Download Now! 32,939
NWProfsSNP.zip NWP from Skills and Powers Download Now! 26,707
NWProfsSNM.zip NWP from Spells and Magic Download Now! 24,224
PaHNWP.zip Paladin's Handbook NWP Download Now! 7,255
persua.zip Persuasion NWP for rangers Download Now! 2,677
PlaneScapeNWP.zip Plane Scape NWP Download Now! 5,388
PlHNWP.zip Planeswalker's Handbook NWP Download Now! 6,094
PO - nwps.zip Player's Options NWP Download Now! 23,908
PsiHNWP.zip Psionic's Handbook NWP Download Now! 4,419
PSNWP.zip Proficiencies Of The Sea Download Now! 10,322
RHNWP.zip Ranger's Handbook NWP Download Now! 10,513
SaSpNWP.zip Sages and Specialists NWP Download Now! 6,192
savage.zip Savage Coast NWP Download Now! 49,468
sense-weave.zip Sense Weave Trait for Spellfire wielder by Alex Karaczun Download Now! 2,938
SFHNWP.zip Spacefarer's Handbook NWP Download Now! 8,214
ShSeNWP.zip Of Ships and the Sea NWP Download Now! 2,567
sjnwp.zip Spell Jammer NWP Download Now! 7,509
survival.zip Terrain-specific survival proficiencies by Ian Mitchell Download Now! 3,349
THNWP.zip Thief's Handbook NWP Download Now! 10,957
tovk_nwp.zip Tome of Vast Knowledge Non Weapon Profs. Download Now! 12,759
traits.zip Various Traits Download Now! 5,618
varlangs.zip Various Languages Download Now! 4,275

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