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All CR2 files require the Core Rules CD set to view them. You can purchase both CD's through Wizards of the Coast.

Name Description Download Size
bariaurcr2bmp.zip Bariaur portraits Download Now! 139,425
bariaurcr2bmp2.zip Bariaur portraits Download Now! 65,088
bariaurshaman.zip Bariaur portraits Download Now! 3,352
bmp1.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 633,946
bmp2.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 511,686
bmp3.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 526,159
bmp4.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 555,320
bmp5.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 669,986
bmp6.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 3,002,416
bmps.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 983,763
CR2_pics_for_download.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 306,354
d251port ELf.zip Portraits from Dragon Magazine Download Now! 95,620
d252port.zip Portraits from Dragon Magazine Download Now! 80,084
d253port.zip Portraits from Dragon Magazine Download Now! 105,581
dr254pics.zip Portraits from Dragon Magazine Download Now! 211,324
drowport.zip Drow Portraits Download Now! 87,660
ds-pics.zip Darksun Portraits Download Now! 691,420
evilport.zip Evil characters Download Now! 45,453
ghmonsters.zip Greyhawk Monsters Download Now! 620,775
homm3a.zip Character Portraits Download Now! 326,540
homm3b.zip Character Portraits Download Now! 326,248
homm3c.zip Character Portraits Download Now! 316,482
homm3d.zip Character Portraits Download Now! 315,727
magesb&w.zip Black and White mage pictures Download Now! 36,353
manyport.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 538,587
min-humanoid.zip Humanoids Download Now! 342,765
portrait.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 238,741
userbmp.zip Assorted Bitmaps Download Now! 133,387

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