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Bard Poems - PlanetADnD.com

Bard Poems Page 3

The Journey, A song of Rym-Rakkor - Writen By: Will Rockwell

My walking boots are calling me,
my staff has gone unused.
I cannot stand here idly by,
and watch them so abused.
Now I lean against the wall
where my lovely sword is hung...
How can I leave her hanging there,
while the battle's being won?

As long as there are fights to fight,
and there are sights to see,
I must wander this lonely road,
for adventure calls to me.
I cannot stay in one place for long
while there are sights I haven't seen.
I can't stay here, I must go to
some place I've never been.

Once again, I am leaving
to live upon the road.
Adventure's calling to my heart:
it tells me where to go.
You know I am a wanderer,
and now I must depart;
Some grand design's unfolding,
and I must play my part.

As long as there are treasures
and far off land unknown,
There I soon must journey
and usually alone.
Wherever they haven't heard my name,
it's there I next must go...
As sure as I'm a wanderer
I'll live upon the road.
When my friends abandon me
and it seems I am alone...
When this cruel world laughs at me
with a heart that's made of stone...
There's one who'll never leave me:
she's always at my side...
She's four feet tall and made of steel,
and sure to turn the tide!
One time alone she failed me,
but that was quite enough...
Adventure still is calling me,
but the traveling is rough.
One last road beckons...
and in my heart I know
That still I am a wanderer...
and once again I go.

As long as there are fights to fight
and there are sights to see,
I must wander this lonely road
for adventure calls to me.
I cannot stay in one place for long
while there are sights I haven't seen...
I can't stay here...
I must go to

Some place I've never been.

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* Promisance
* World of Phaos 0.9.2
Is Magic Armor Lighter Than Standard Armor of the Same Type?
Yes indeed
No, never!
In 1E yes, in 2E no
Only for encumbrance
Of course it is
Not in my world
* And-Mag.com

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