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* Umbragia: Realms of Shadow
Release 1.1.0
PDF 1,927 kb book-crule.pdf
3rd Edition
PDF 1,609 kb tr3ed.pdf
* Recommended

Name/Description Format/
Umbragia: Realms of Shadow, R. 1.1.0
Umbragia, the Realms of Shadow is a complete new world for your 3E/d20 paly. All new races in a magic low world create new challenges for every player, new or old. First in a series. Developed by Jagged Edge Games.
Transcendence, 3rd Edition
A new d20 game setting based on the author's one RPG system. The characters are the Awakened in a dark version of middle ages Europe. Everything you need to play is here. Developed by the Dark Dreams.

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