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Day Events
June 2, 2001
A listing of daily events for random game interaction. Completely expandable. day_events.zip (4kb)
Maze Maker Font This is very unique; it's a true type font that you can type our dungeons and mazes. Just put it in your font folder and there you go. You can also see a quick maze I made with it. mazemaker.zip (4.88kb)
D&D Screen Saver This is a nice Dungeons and Dragons screen saver (not the movie, the game) for Windows 95+. dnd_scr.zip (725kb)
D&D Movie Poster This is not very big, but its the movies official poster. Mainly for viewing pleasure. Jpg format. dndmovie_poster.jpg (288kb)
D&D 3E Conversion Guide This is WotC's official converion guide for Dungeons and Dragons. Allows players and DM's to convert 1st and 2nd edition campaigns into the new 3rd edition rules. Fully detailed. PDF format. 3e_convert.zip (3.1mb)
D&D 3E Desktop Themes Here are several desktop themes to brighten up your computer. All of these are for 800x600 resolution and come in bitmap format. Simply open them in paint (windows) and use the "file/set as wallpaper centered" option to paste them into your desktop. dragon.zip (1.13mb)
fighters.zip (1.14mb)
group.zip (1.16mb)
shadowdancer.zip (1.1mb)

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