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Name Description Download
The Ninja
June 2, 2001
"2nd edition ninja class. Good detail, in doc format" the_ninja.zip (10kb)
Twilight Elves
Jan 6, 2001
"An original, well writen 2nd edition character class in PDF format" twilightelves.zip (106kb)
Custom Wizards
Jan 3, 2001
"This work's subtitle, Expanded Rules for Creating Custom Wizards with Spells and Magic Rules, explains a lot of what it is. It explains how to use the Specialist Wizards' abilities and limitations to create customized Wizard characters, using a system similar to the Skills & Powers rules." customwizards_pdf (106kb)
customwizards_w2k (11kb)
customwizards_ascii (8kb)
Skills & Powers FR
Jan 3, 2001
"A very nice work adapting the properties of the many deities of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting into profiles for Specialy Priests, complete as per the official Skills & Powers rules. It also expands the Psionicist class, and details the new Monk class as a sub-class of the Psionicist." spforgottenrealms_pdf (382kb)
spforgottenrealms_w2k (62kb)
The Demonologist
Dec 8, 2000
"The demonologist is a person who has decided to dedicate himself fully to the study of the denizens of the Lower Planes, and the ways in which they can be used." Demonologist.zip (25kb)
The Inventor
Dec 8, 2000
The Inventor is a very unique class. "The inventor is a person who wants to create items that will make his life, and mostly combat, easier." inventor.zip (21.4kb)
The Verbena
Dec 8, 2000
From the pages of Mage: The Ascension come the Verbena. Now you can play these witch like mages in the AD&D 2nd Edition game. This kit is Exclusive to this site thanks to WebWarlock. Verbena.zip (60.5kb)
Blood Mage
Dec 8, 2000
Well written and highly original, this new character class could be very interesting to play, but not for the touchy and saintly, though. In addition to the detailed description of the class itself, there are also a lot of (over forty) special spells. Oh hell, just listen to what the author says in the introduction: "The Blood Mage is a very destructive class of magic-user. The spells of the blood mage tend towards evil, and therefore cannot be used by a Lawful Good character. The blood mage tends to be a person who felt powerless in their life, and eventually searched for a way that they could feel like others respected them (even if that respect was based on fear). Some how or another they eventually found their way to blood magic, and found they had a taste for it. It is worth mentioning that there is a relatively high population of blood mages among orc tribes." bloodmage_rtf.zip (16.3kb)
The Church Knights of Telatium
Dec 8, 2000
Four orders of knights designed for a monothestic religion. Each is dedicated to a separate element, and in turn, the knights of each order take on some magical powers related to their element. This magic is falicitated through runes enscribed on their armor. This file details these four classes and rune magic. knightstelatium_rtf.zip (5.04kb)
The Great Net Book of Classes and Kits Version 1.0
Dec 8, 2000
Some new classes and kits. classes10_ascii.zip (19.5kb)
Great Classes & Kits Netbook 1
Dec 8, 2000
"A wonderful NetBook, this piece has the most extensive collection of classes and kits ever. It contains nearly forty classes and even more kits. Wonderful layout, and thoroughly done, this work is definitely a valuable source for variation in the AD&D game." classeskits1_w60.zip (204kb)
Great Classes & Kits Netbook 2
Dec 8, 2000
"This is the second volume of one of the most beautifully designed compilations ever. This Tome 2 adds another thirty-five classes and fourteen kits to the previous work, and is an invaluable resource for both players and DMs who've grown a bit bored of the standard classes. Wonderful layout, and very professionally designed." classeskits2_w60.zip (161kb)
Greater Mage
Dec 8, 2000
This class is based on the Greater Mage from Raymond E. Feist's Magician trilogy (read it!). Although the character class is that series is quite powerful, this adaption has been scaled down in order to make it perfectly playable in AD&D. Professionally written, with a great layout. Very nice. (Edited/adapted by Aaron Robinson) gmage_rtf.zip (5.57kb)
New kits collection
Dec 8, 2000
12 new kits kits.zip (48.8kb)
Magician class
Dec 8, 2000
"A new character class, the Magician is a combination of the wizard and the rogue. This AD&D adaption of the magician of history details the master of sleight-of-hand and illusions, and is thoroughly balanced to avoid making this a powerful class. An interesting character to play, this little piece makes an interesting addition to the existing range of available classes." magician_ascii.zip (3.09kb)
Mind Warrior
Dec 8, 2000
"A new fighter character class, on the verge of psionics, for you not wanting to go all the way with psionics rules. Description of the class, abilities, and other information, but a little thin in my opinion. But hey, it's only the first version!" mindwarrior10_ascii.zip (4.01kb)
Monk class
Dec 8, 2000
"This is the 1st edition AD∓D version of the Monk class, translated and ported to the 2nd edition AD∓D game. Very comprehensive, professionally written, and given in a clear, presentable format, this resurrection of an "old" character class is a must-have for people who want variation to the game." monk_html.zip (19.3kb)
The NetBook of Ninjas
Dec 8, 2000
Lots of info about the Ninja class. ninja.zip (21.2kb)
Priest kits
Dec 8, 2000
Lots of new priest kits. priests.zip (42.5kb)
Psionicists kits
Dec 8, 2000
A few new psionicists kits. psionicists.zip (22.6kb)
Puritan class
Dec 8, 2000
"A new character class, the Puritan might be thought of as the AD&D equivalent of the Amish people. The Puritan completely abandons all use of magic, and they devote themselves to a naturalistic lifestyle. This character class may not seem "typical" to an RPG campaign, but nevertheless it certainly would be both challenging and interesting to try to play such a character. Very thoroughly done." puritan_html.zip (22kb)
Rogue kits
Dec 8, 2000
Lots of new rogue kits. rogues.zip (36.6kb)
Warrior kits
Dec 8, 2000
Some new warrior kits. warriors.zip (26.9kb)
Weaponist class
Dec 8, 2000
"This is what the author has to say about this new class: "A warrior kit which is fairly powerful. This kit should be used at DM's discretion, but is nice in under-powered adventures, or to make up for lack of fighters in the group." Enough said :) weaponist_ascii.zip (1.68kb)
Weapon Master kit
Dec 8, 2000
A detailed and well-worked new kit, player characters following this path will most certainly be a tad more dangerous, if not deadly, than the "ordinary" ones. weaponmaster_ascii.zip (2.81kb)
Wizard kits
Dec 8, 2000
Some new wizard kits. wizards.zip (27kb)
The Wizard HandBook 3rd edition
Dec 8, 2000
This has some new wizard kits as well as some new spell casting rules and much more. wizbook3.zip (163kb)




Name Description Download
Non Humanoids Handbook
Dec 8, 2000
Twenty-four all new races that can be added to your campaign as NPCs or even played as PCs.
The Complete Book of Half-Elves
Dec 8, 2000
This includes many interesting things on different types of half-elves to use in your campaign. This includes such races as Half-Drows and Half-Aquatic Elves and many more.
Saurial Saurial is a new race and is described in great detail in this book. It has everything you need to add them to your campaign or even play them as a PC.
They (Saurials) are a bit like lizard men but are more related to dinosaurs and they don't need water. The Net Book of Saurials
Dec 8, 2000
The Great NetRace Book
Dec 8, 2000
This is a netbook with over 80+ new races for you to use.

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