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Name Generators
All Names

Yu Hae-Sup Einar Herborg Shin Weon-Kee Alia Erika Son He-Suk
Hrafnhild Julnar Heinrich Groa Ellhali Kim Ho-Pyong Ilivarra
Farmaris Shaksog Hervor Dorketkona Minolin Gu Jong-Kyu Ha Myung-Sun
Gerhardt Nardreg Ecgwealch Giloth Thzadi Eponandile Edny
Hedin Aasim Eberhard Grimmund Nalgol Dori Farida
Grotila Heahberict Gorgor Zilvra Hunni Durzad Sirnir
Jamil Kim Chan-Sook Fordgeld Jamila Gutkop Belgos Hekja
Haip Skumfug Uzsnik Dalnorrak Lise Naffbag Laurelian
Yavwen Ketfimkon Xullrae Park Han-Gyong Paek Hyang-Soon Thorstein Ovdbari
Zobeida Imrariel Nazsog Larane Alfan Gorbgrima Juliane
Agnes Ugfang Greyanna Zobeida Cudhard Ala'i Park Jung-Mo
Lauredrigar Choi Jung-Oh Quave Vierna Groa Karelia Relonor
Duagloth Sinrjod Safana Jong Zung-Bok T'risstree Cawing Urtygut
Ha Jae-Yup Diehl Leofgar Redswid Nadal Gruragtil Helmut
Gruthgin Amandar Alak Simundi Elisa Wode Snikgob
Ghaundan Welverin Gilthoril Thorunn Lukas Sylgja Gruni
Waleed Si Kyung-Hee Svidi Bala Anghil Saxthryth Eldiandile
Han Han-Gyong Yun Soon-Ok Gauk Breguwald Reinwald Thni Hleid
Gunnar Laurelhali Eldiwing Dietrich Elsa Setara Cho Seung-Lip
Nubbog Melnir Mekork Gripir Tilman Thorir Hrothbald

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Is Magic Armor Lighter Than Standard Armor of the Same Type?
Yes indeed
No, never!
In 1E yes, in 2E no
Only for encumbrance
Of course it is
Not in my world
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