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Name Generators
Drow Names

Male Names   Female Names
Nadal Jaraxle Phyrra Jhaelryna
Tsabrak Solaufein Zestra Triel
Tarlyn Istorvir T'risstree Zilvra
Gelroos Omareth Dhaunae Briza
Urlryn Chaszmyr Nulliira Phaere
Amalica Tathlyn Triel Felyndiira
Zaknafein Zaknafein Inidil Alystin
Amalica Wode Nathrae Xune
Durdyn Hatch'net Iymril Ardulace
Lesaonar Elkantar Aunrae Ssapriina
Seldszar Nilonim Nedylene Xullrae
Welverin Vuzlyn Charinida ShriNeerune
Antatlab Durdyn G'eldriia Imrae
Hatch'net Belgos Zebeyana Halavin
Belgos Alton Akordia Xune
Lesaonar Urlryn Vlondril Qilue
Gelroos Istorvir Aunrae Burryna
Zaknafein Valas G'eldriia G'eldriia
Rizzen Masoj Malice SiNafay
Dipree Ilphrin Halavin Maya

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Yes indeed
No, never!
In 1E yes, in 2E no
Only for encumbrance
Of course it is
Not in my world
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