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Combat Chaos - Story 7
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 7



Tallis danced the dagger over his fingers, twirling and spinning it with little effort. Growing bored of watching the same thing over and over, he tossed the dagger into the air, caught it and sheathed it in what seemed the same motion. His hands were constantly moving. He was always cracking his knuckles or exercising his fingers, keeping them ripe and agile for his profession. Tallis was the best thief there was to be had.

On this day, there was a festival being held just outside town. There was plenty to keep one occupied, from games to highly trained entertainers. A few mages were there casting cantrips to amuse children, and even a diviner whom was fortune telling. Large stripped tents were set up all over the area. Some were ale tents, and others were merchants selling their wares. People from all across the land came here to participate in the festival. And so, Tallis flocked with the rest of the crowd. Any place with people, all hoarding their gold, Tallis was sure to be. The thief pulled his cloak around himself as he crept through the crowd, deftly lifting purses from nearly everyone he passed.

Twice already the thief had needed to stash the purses, as they had become too much a burden to haul around. Spotting a well dressed man sporting a feather hat, Tallis slinkied his way over. He cautiously raised the man's half cloak to get a better look at the purse, and then began to reach his hand out. A firm, powerful hand shot out and grabbed Tallis by the wrist and spun him away from the feather hat man. Cursing, Tallis drew a dagger with his free hand, and spun about to see his adversary. It was a heavily armored warrior who had a waraxe strapped to his back. The big man had a thick beard and his armor was beaten in."The only thing you'll find there is trouble, boy," he spoke, in a heavy accent, as he pushed Tallis onto the ground.

The thief landed in a small pool of water, drenching his new cloak. "You incompetent, bloody oaf!" Tallis screamed at the man as he stood up and wrung his cloak out. The crowd around him got a good laugh of it, but quickly went back to their business. By this time, the big warrior was already walking away. Tallis clutched the dagger tightly in his hand at the same time he clenched his teeth. Before he even realized what he was doing, Tallis hurled the dagger at the warrior. It sped forth and stuck into the back of the mans calf, where no armor protected him. He dropped to the ground, clutching the oozing wound with a gloved hand. He struggled to unsheathe his waraxe with the one free hand. Tallis moved around and in front of the warrior, drawing his rapier. "Foolish man, you will die for your incompetence!"

Tallis went to strike him, but with a reflex only seasoned war veterans acquire, he reached up and grabbed the blade while it was in mid swing. The blade cut through his mailed glove, but he seemed not to notice. Tossing the tiny blade aside, the warrior grabbed Tallis' neck and jerked it forward. The thieves head struck the warriors helm with considerable force, and he fell backward. The massive warrior stood and finished unsheathing his waraxe.

"Young lad, don't call me man. Show some respect to your elders. I am Garrik." "I don't care who you are, fool," Tallis screamed, spit flying from his mouth. "Your going to die now!" The thief picked up his rapier and lunged at Garrik. Garrik rolled on the ground to avoid the thieves rage driven strike. He raised his foot up, and Tallis tripped over it, landing face first in the mud. The thief quickly recovered himself and stood up, facing the big warrior. Garrik didn't waste a second. He used the spike on the tip of his waraxe to jab at the thief, but Tallis was too dexterous, and easily dodged the attack. Garrik quickly made another attack, and managed to catch the little bastard off gaurd. He brought the butt of his axe up, striking the theif in the jaw with intense power. The wooden shaft of the waraxe busted Tallis' jaw, and left it hanging by the skin.

Tallis would have like to have screamed, but a choked gasp was all that he could manage. The theif made a pitiful attempt to strike Garrik with his sword, but the warrior struck the blade out of the thieves hand with little difficulty. Showing no mercy to this foul scum, Garrik grabbed him by his hair and repeatedly brought his head down onto a metal knee pad. When at last the thief was bloody and broken, Garrik snapped his fingers on both hands. "I should kill you, thieving scum, but I am going to let you live... I am feeling rather generous today. Let this be a lesson to all thieves! Good day to you," he finished, sheathing his waraxe....

By: Calvin Cockell

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