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Combat Chaos - Story 2
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 2



The day was hot, and his heavy plate mail wasn't helping the situation. Sir Galen removed his helmet and wiped his brow with the back of his hand. The steady flow of sweat seemed never to slow. He rode through the forest on his white stallion, which was beginning to look more gray from the dust he kicked up. Galen savored each patch of shade the trees provided from the scorching sun.

Earlier that same day, there was a report of a renegade dwarf who killed several people in a tavern and took off into the forest. Two guards were sent after him, but they had not been seen or heard from for many hours. This was where the knighthood stepped in. They selected an idle knight to hunt down and bring justice to this foul scum. Sir Galen was a first choice.

The massive broadsword he carried in his right hand was beginning to get a little heavy, and his shield was becoming a great annoyance. His once-shining plate mail was now dirty and dull. The day wore on and still no sign of the dwarf or the guards. The knight was beginning to loose hope of finding anything, just when he heard something tearing through the forest to his left.

The attack caught Galen by total surprise. Had his enemy been any quieter, he might not have been so fortunate. Instinctively, Galen rose his kite shield as he heard a whooshing noise. A moment later, a battle axe came whipping through the air at him. It struck the center of the shield with such force that it knocked Galen right off his horse. When he made contact with the dusty trail, his helm flew off and rolled into the ditch.

Sitting up, a little dazed, Galen glanced at his shield. The blow the axe had dealt rendered it useless, nearly splitting it in two. But he was still thankful. It did, after all, save his life.

Not wasting more than a second, Galen got up. The attacker was just now plowing through the bushes, not too far behind his propelled axe. Galen smacked the rear of his horse as to send it forward to clear a path between him and his enemy. Galen studied his opponent for a brief second. He wore the skull of some ferocious creature as a helm and he was clad in heavy plate mail built just for his short but stocky build. There was no doubt this was the dwarf he had been searching for, but it seemed the dwarf had found him first. Looking a little more closely at the stocky fellow, Galen noticed that he had only a dagger at his belt. It seemed the attacker had underestimated his opponent and fired his primary weapon, thinking he would kill Galen with a single hit. Silently cursing his code of chivalry, Galen kicked the dwarfs axe to him, finally deciding that he would rather die in a fair fight than win a battle by treachery. Galen gripped his broadsword with two hands and moved into a defensive position. "Come for me dwarf, and let me serve you your justice!"

The dwarf smiled and then erupted into a hail of gruff laughter. "Have it your way knight, die by the axe of Rolstone!" With that, the dwarf kicked his axe into the air and caught it in his hands with agility that surprised Galen. Rolstone leaped at Galen, axe raised in a high arc, like he was a fearsome beast, growling and grunting all the way.

Galen dropped into a roll to prevent the axe from slicing him in two. The dwarfs shear strength proved a disadvantage this time, for the axe sunk deep into the earth, and sent Rolstone off balance. Galen, still on the ground, took advantage of this. He buried his plated boot into the dwarfs ribs, knocking him over face first into the dirt.

By the time Rolstone got his face out of the dirt, Galen was prepared for another charge from the dwarf, crouching with his blade low near the ground.

Spitting dirt and blood, Rolstone was enraged. He looked at Galen in the eyes, and then roared like an animal. He ran at Galen with tremendous speed. Using the momentum of his run to fuel the power of his swing, Rolstone went for a side swipe, planning to slice his opponent in two. Galen reacted only with an attack of his own. His heavy swing was carefully aimed, and it paid off. Galen brought up his blade and caught the axe by the head, sending it whirling out of Rolstone's hands. Hardly missing a beat, Rolstone drew his dagger and drove it deep into Galen's left thigh. Galen screamed and stumbled back a few feet. With almost instant recoil, Galen made a quick slash across Rolstone's chest. The powerful swipe just penetrated Rolstones heavy armor and cut into his breast bone.

The dwarf seemed oblivious to all pain though, as he quickly recovered his axe and charged Sir Galen once again. This time the swing was high, and Galen managed to duck it and bring his sword up in the same motion. The blade sank into the bottom of the dwarfs armpit, and moved up through his shoulder. Ripping right through bone, flesh and metal, the thrust caused a shower of gore to erupt all over Galen's arm. Galen continued to drive the sword in deep. The arm finally detached itself from the body as the hilt was pressed further and further.

Rolstone just continued to growl, as he bludgeoned Galen in the face with the butt end of his axe. Galen wondered what unholy force drove this man so hard that he was oblivious to pain. Galen still had problems of his own, the open wound on his thigh was still spewing blood all over the dusty path. Rolstone finished off the combo to Galen with a head butt that knocked him to the ground.

Galen fell hard, his left hand released its grip on his broadsword and fell limply to his side. The world started to fade to black from blood loss. Another jolt of pain brought his senses back.

Rolstone had brought his axe down on Galen's left hand, severing four fingers at the second joint. As Galen screamed loudly, Rolstone was trying to pry his axe from the dirt once again. Giving up quickly, the dwarf removed his bone helm and started smashing Galen with it.

With a quick impulse of pure adrenaline, Galen brought his blade up and sunk it into Rolstone's stomach. A sputter of dark blood poured from the dwarves mouth as he retched a little, his head down low. Galen stood up slowly, then he glared at the dwarf. The dwarf looked up at Galen... his eyes were bloodshot and had a glint of craziness to them. "Why won't you die?!" Galen shouted angrily as he lifted his blade with his last ounce of strength and brought it down on the dwarves skull. With a crack, his head broke into pieces at Galen's feet. Sir Galen fell onto the dirt road unconscious yet victorious. Rolstone had been defeated... barely...

- By Calvin Cockell

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