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Combat Chaos - Story 17
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 17


A Land Tamed!

Maximus looked up as the rain began to fall down, as he did he heard the tell tale sound of his Mecadian Catapults let loose another round. As the shot from the catapults hit the tree line where the denizens of the Forest of Legends had amassed. The sky exploded into flames. The fiery oils spit all over the ground. Silently he drew his short sword and raised his hand. He could feel the tension of his cavalry troops as they saw his sword raise. Even the beast beneath his body tensed in anticipation of the sign for the charge.

His hand swooped down and he yelled the command, “Charge!” Maximus felt the great war horse beneath him learch into a near gallop from a standstill. The trees began to pass him faster until the whistled by in a blur to his left and right. “Stay with me!” he yelled.

His cavalry burst from the tree line behind the denizens of the Forest of legend. Who had charged moments after the fiery shot from the catapults hit the tree line. Maximus was out numbered 3 to 1 on this day. Never had he found such a fanatically loyal people. The lived and died by their loyalty to the mysterious warlord Valron. He would lead them in his dire wolf skins like always. In front as if to dare the gods and his enemies to try and slay him. Maximus knew, thanks to the soothsayers of his realm, that if he slew Valron in battle the Forest denizens would flee. If not he himself would die along with every valiant member of the Royal Army this day.

His cavalry hit them from behind. Almost as if to answer his pleas Valron jumped upon a rock and waved his troops on. Arrows pelted at him and none hit him. “Protection magic.” Cursed Maximus. These barbarians were more skilled than the soothsayers let on. He would have to take that up with that windbag Tarsonis the Royal Seer at a later date.

Maximus road straight for the barbarian leader, navigating the battlefield like a ship in a storm, he cut his way towards him. All this time he was slashing down at his enemy’s soldiers. By the time Maximus reached Valron his blade was red from blood from tip to hilt. Valron seemed only then to take note of Maximus’ as he issued his challenge in the form of a war cry as dismounted. Valron smiled and jumped down off the boulder he was standing on battle-axe in hand. He jumped right on the advancing Maximus who could only catch him and ended up rolling in the mud. When they came up and stood face to face for the first time. It was as if the world slowed around them. Their focus was no longer the battle, but each other.

Maxmius, having the philosophy of the perfect defense was an overwhelming offense, launched at Valron with a vicous attack. Valron parried with the large handle of the battle-axe. Valron smiled at this attempt from the “civilized” man, Valron simple stepped forward and pushed Maximus back two steps. It was plan that Valron was the physically stronger man. Maximus did not allow this to over come his confidence. He launched into a series of attacks. The next more complex to defend from than the last. He would test the skill of this barbarian. Valron simply parried his attacks with a smile on his face as if he was enjoying the combat like someone would a good debate or fine wine.

Valron allowed maximus to continue to press him he wanted the best attacks from the Mecadian warrior. Valron’s confidence was more than it should have been, as Maximus pulled on his learned sword mastery, he found a style that Valron found difficult to defend from. Valron found out this weakness in the worst possible way, by the deep gash in his right leg from Maximus’ sword. Maximus smiled and let out a sigh of satisfaction after seeing Valron dance back away from his cutting blade with a surprised look.

“What? You thought you undefeatable barbarian?” Maximus mocked.

Then Maximus launched into another attack, Valron was now wounded and on the defensive. Maximus used the bleeding wound as incentive within his own mind to attack more. Then to Maximus’ surprise the wound healed. Valron smiled at Maximus with the smile of a predator looking at prey.

“No Mecadian I am not invincible, but I do have healers in my tribe.” Valron said.

“Healers? You have NO honor!” Maxmius said.

“Honor? One who would burn down my home and use it for your dead stone cities talk of honor? This is not a duel you fool! This is WAR! And in war it’s the smartest not the bravest that wins!” Valron said.

The attack next from Valron was full of bloodlust. Maximus’ shield arm began to numb under the heavy axe’s attempts to break through Maximus’ defenses. The blow that cracked his shield drove the proud warrior to his knees. He dropped his shield arm down to his side next to him. He brought his right leg up to try and pick himself up. Weakened by Valrons mighty blows Maximus rose supported on his sword leaning over. Valron brought his axe up over his head for the killing blow.

Maximus looked over to his right and saw that all of the battle was stopped his royal soldier looked on in horror, the denizens of the Forest of Legend watched excited at Valrons eminent victory. Maximus’ eyes flashed with knowledge for a moment as if some unseen being gave him approval. As Valron brought his axe arching down. With the speed not thought of to be humanly possible. Maximus stepped into Valrons onslaught and twisted his body into an inward spiral and ended up beside his opponent as Valrons axe smashed into the ground. Valron froze in surprise at the speed and power of Maximus. Maximus smiled as he brought his blade down across the neck of Valron severing his head from his neck. The who battlefield stunned, Maximus rose his sword over his head and shouted, “Mecadia Victor!”

With open victory over their warlord the denizens broke from the field routed. Maximus looked down at his fallen foe. “I understood your words of war being won by the smartest Valron, but you see I am not simply a warrior, I am also a Mindbender. Its amazing what the mind can do.” Maximus smiled and walked away from the dead body of Valron. He stopped and looked at the Forest and could feel the eyes of the druids and barbarians upon him. This war was far from over. Maximus simply walked from the field shaking his head. “We’ve attacked a hydra here. And only have severed one head.” Maximus thought to himself.

By: Matt Hayden

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