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Combat Chaos - Story 16
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 16


Fem-Fatal Imortus!

Eric looked up at the sky; it was a strange orange like color, like a sunset. However it was morning, two hours after sunrise. Everyone in town was having the same feeling that something was coming but they just could not get a grip on it. They all went about their daily chores; Eric was working his farmstead just outside the town. It was quite now that spring was here. Rained a lot but not too many travelers this far south. They were all up north with the warmer weather coming.

Eric was still having that strange feeling and then he saw it. Two lone figures on the hill just on the other side of Razor Bluff Canyon. Two riders came into view facing each other. The Clouds swirled around in the sky. Eric knew that this was something that he did not want to miss, nor see it to close either... “Gods I wonder who they are?” Eric asked to himself.

Upon the hill Denna rode her faithful steed, Abe, upto her counterpart. She knew her opponent, she felt her long before she saw her, Serena of Wellington, a known hunter. Denna had heard all about her and well it seems she was coming for her.

“Denna? Denna of Dulreen? I am Serena of Wellington.” Serena said as she dismounted and drew her curved scimitar-like sword. “Aye I am her.” Denna said as she dismounted and drew her bastard sword. Both women were of the warrior trade that was certain and they were veterans of a hundreds duels, and tens of battlefields had seen their presence change the outcome of the battle. However, when their kind met in battle it was an event in itself.

Denna was the taller and possibly the stronger, Serena moved with the grace of a cat. The two women circled each other, once, then twice. Then it was Serena that moved first. She came in with a standard thrust, with the speed of a lightning bolt, only to meet the lightning reflexive parry of Denna. Denna smiled, “She’s testing me.” She thought as she brought her sword up and over in a downward slash with such force that when Serena’s blade came to parry sparks flew.

After this dual test attack both women decided that it was time to end this little stand off. Serena came in with a feint to the right, then at the last moment she brought the blade up and to the left. Denna saw the move and parried and spun off to the right and came around with a low sweep for her foe's legs. Serena leaped over the sword and the two backed into defensive stances. This did not stay long as Denna mounted the next attack with a series of fast attacks that sent Serena on the defensive. The two rounded their horse and battled on. They were two expert sword masters. The two of them began to battle in earnest now. Denna came at Serena with everything she had for the ground up. The blades spit sparks as they two of them battled towards the waterfalls. A small stream had cut a waterfall that fell 50 foot into a canyon.

Denna was the first to realize that they were getting close to the edge, but Serena did not seem to care. She pressed her foe with everything she had. Denna parried one slashing blow only to receive Serena’s elbow into her face. The taste of blood flooded her taste senses as her lip busted open. She also lost her footing and began to fall. Serena smiled, but that smile vanished as the left hand of Denna grabbed her by her long brown hair and pulled her over the side with her.

“Un? NO! Yeaaaaahhhhhh.” Serena cried out in defiance as she shot over the side. “Bitch!” Denna cried as she fell. The two of them began to flatten out with their faces down and arms and legs flailing in all directions as if they had any control of the 50-foot fall. As they approached the ground it became apparent that the waterfall emptied into a grove of trees… “Oh..Sh…” is all Denna got out when she started her descent into the trees. Her body broke the upper small branches, but when she came into the larger middle and lower branches, she was like a metal ball in a quisinart The first hit broke ribs, several in fact, sending a gout of blood into her throat. As she rolled of that on the next on broke a shoulder, the pain was screaming in her mind, as that one threw her into a forward flip, it threw her into the pine like leaves that attacked her every exposed area like little knives. Finally the ground halted her descent into the grove. Denna’s body hit the ground with a dull thud. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her last thoughts were, “Hope you had a nice fall too, bitch.” Then blackness.

Serena had been cussing out Denna the whole descent, she must have called her everything but a white girl. Finally she saw what Denna was covering up for. “Trees! Oh F….” She hit into the pine like leaves at high speed and they were like thousands of faerie attackers with little swords from the folklore of her home. The first large branch caught her straight in the mid-section. She bent around the branch like a wet noodle around a nobleman’s fork. All the air escaped her as if had rebelled and was running out of her body, she felt her insides explode, her intestines ruptured, her spleen exploded, her liver imploded. Blood was expelled from her mouth like someone had started a water pump deep inside her. She hung there for a moment and her armor off balanced her as she slid off the branch through the “faerie” attackers and hit the ground and crumpled like a discarded cloak on the ground. Her body slumped over to the right and her eyes were already rolled in her head.

When Denna’s eyes popped open and that oh so familiar sensation of “becoming alive again” sent shivers throughout her body. She sat up looking for her sword and realized that it was no longer as light out as it was when she fell. She found her sword and looked around it was twilight now. She saw her enemy and stood fully up for the first time. Several ribs popped back into place sending a sharp pain through her that made her gasp. As she moved towards Serena, she saw the other begin to move. She halted her advanced, this was going to be done with honor not stealth. Serena groaned and slowly pushed herself up and saw Denna standing there. She smiled and crawled over to where her sword was sticking out of the ground. She used it to help her to her feet. She stumbled back and spun and slashed at Denna. Denna jumped back letting the attack completely miss her. Serena cursed her. Denna then came in and slashed at Serena’s stomach. Serena tried to stop it, but Denna’s sword cut her mid-section wide open. Serena went to her knees. “Ugh! Do it!” Serena demanded.

Denna raised her sword over her head and with a swift downward slash, Serena’s head came away from her neck. Denna stood back, Serena’s body became to glow, then rose off the ground. Then the area began to glow and lightning began to fly, striking Denna. Denna cried out in pain, but the explosions of the Quickening of Serena drowned out anything that Denna could produce. Denna excepted this Quickening and fell to her knees after it was over. She collapsed forward…”Gods I hate that.” Denna muttered as she slowly rose, she walked back to her horse at the top of the Canyon.

In the distance a robed man watched and wrote down some words in a tome. “Well, it looks like I have found my next one to watch.” He said to himself. He got onto his horse and headed into town. He needed and inn. He was sure that Denna would be spotted on the road by one of the Orders Watcher allies. For now he had enough of watching his chosen Immortal. He was hungry and needed to write the full story down for the Watcher Chronicles. As he rode into the town he noted the eye carved on the tree outside a farmstead. He stopped in.

Eric greeted the stranger, “Hail and well met.” “Well met. Have you been observing anything today?” the robed man said. “Aye with one eye keenly watchful.” Eric said back. “Well met fellow.” The robed man said “Come inside and meet the misses. She’s a watchful friend.” Eric said. The two disappeared into the farmhouse, the robed man looked over his shoulder and could see in the distance, a lone rider just leaving sight. A sight he had seen many times. But that is another story.

By: Matt Hayden

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