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Combat Chaos - Story 14
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 14



Val'Tisma had been waiting over an hour for that fool Sir Malcrom to come prancing down the road astride his horse. Val'Tisma had been hired by the wealthy merchants of the town that Sir Malcrom had adoped to "defend". They were going broke because of his constant interference in the ways of business there. Finally in his shinny armor Sir Malcrom came prancing to his lady loves house just outside of town. Val'Tisma grabbed hold of the large tree limb and pulled it back with all his might. Val'Tisma standing nearly 6'7" foot tall was short for a Gnoll, but still tall enough for this. As the seemingly blind knight came by whistling to himself, Val'Tisma let the limb go. It swung around like a scythe at the good knight. Sir Malcrom never saw it coming and it hit him with a resounding crash as it hit is armor. He groaned as he rolled off his horse onto the ground. Being a knight of some skill he landed and tumbled to a kneeling position and was in the process of drawning his sword.

Val'Tisma growled with a wolflike bark and came out of the woods running at Sir Malcrom with to very large knives in each hand. In human hands they might have passed for crude short swords. "By the Gods!" Sir Malcrom exclaimed just bearly getting his sword up to parry the first knife blow. It actually aided the knight to his feet, as he back peddled into a defensive martial stance. Val'Tisma's second knife came down acrossed the lower arm of the knight. Sir Malcrom's chain screamed against the attack but in the end the blade found its mark and first blood went to Val'Tisma. The cut ran from Malcrom's mid-lower arm to just short of his elbow. The tell tale red color of bleeding came into view only moments later. The cut however, was merely a flesh wound at this point.

"By Torm you shall die!"Sir Malcrom cried as he came into the Gnoll with a hard over head smash movement. Sir Malcrom still did not see the danger he was in, to him Val'Tisma was only a Gnoll a pitaful humanoid too stupid to understand who he was facing. Val'Tisma easily dodged the clearly telegraphed move by the knight and brought his left paw's knife slashing at Sir Malcrom's side. The knife made contact and dug into Sir Malcrom, however this time the chainmail did not fail him. Sir Malcrom grunted in pain though. The familar pounding sensation of a nasty bruse began to make itself known to Sir Malcrom. Nearly stunned by the Gnoll's very sound combat move, Sir Malcrom almost did not parry the right claws knife coming for his formerly open back as he spun to meet that attack.

Val'Tisma howled in defiance of his mark's attempts to thwart him from completing his contract. Val'Tisma then brought his whole body into play. Without warning his large left foot / hind paw came up into Sir Malcrom's groin region. His cod-piece and chain pants saved his manhood from the claws but the blow was not softened completely. With a gasp of surprise as the pain shot up his back into his kidneys, Sir Malcrom's lower body shot backward in his defense out of reaction to the pain. This left his arms somewhat over extended with the weight of his broadsword now well infront of him. Val'Tisma growled in satifaction of the move, as he watched the weight of the sword and the knights own armor bring him forward and down. As the gods or fates would have it this mighty advantage proved painful for Val'Tisma as well. As he stepped forward to take advantage of the falling kinght he did so too soon. Sir Malcroms right knee came crashing down on his little toe with a crunch!

Val'Tisma's eyes grew wide and he yelped like a dog being kicked. He pulled his foot out from under the fallen knight and began to hop around making all sorts of unseemly noises and rude comments to the knight. Sir Malcrom gaining some of his wind back rose to his feet. Val'Tisma stopped his ranting and charged the knight. Sir Malcrom still a little unsteady on his feet made a fient maneuver and caught Val'Tisma by surprise and laid open a wound to his left upper leg. Val'Tisma howled in pain and turned on the knight with fire in his eyes. Sir Malcrom could berely keep up with the flashing knives. Val'Tisma was taller and stronger than the knight to add to his problems. Sir Malcrom was growing weary that his armor he claimed saved his life, on many occations was now becoming a problem, it was becoming all to heavy. The blood was still pumping from the flesh wound on his arm, and he had not totally recovered from the cheap shot either.

Val"Tisma, could sense that the knight was wanning and pressed even harder. Finally Sir Malcrom made the fatal error of bring his sword too far up to parry on of Val'Tisma's smashing blows. This left his ribs wide open. Normally this would be no problem as this parry would be used against a single weapon weidling foe. This was not the case with Val'Tisma. He brought his off hand knife up and under the guard of Sir Malcrom and caught him with the blade in the lower chest. Sir Malcrom's chain held, but it did not matter. The distinct sound of a rib breaking could be heard by both of them. Sir Malcrom cried out in pain for the first time in the battle. He fell backwards onto the ground with a loud thud. Val'Tisma wasted no time with this and came crashing down with his right knife into the same area. Sir Malcrom cried out a second time when the knife invaded his body. Only the knives tip made it into the knight's chest, but Val'Tisma's left knife came straight acrossed the knights now exposed neck. There was no cry of pain from the knight this time. Only a sickening gurgling sound as he began to both bleed to death and choke on his own blood. When Sir Malcrom's arms fell to the ground Val'Tisma finally rose off his mark's chest.

Victory was his, but he did not howl or slink away like he normally did. His toe was smashed and his thigh cut badly. Bleeding and battered the victor limped away. Thinking to himself, "This is definately gonna cost them double."

By: Matt Hayden

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