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Combat Chaos - Story 13
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 13



Blane wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his blood caked arm. Nearby, a fallen orcish warrior lay still, a greatsword protruding from his head and nailing him into the earth, which was by now a mixture of blood, grass and mud. A large scale war was taking place around him. The clash of steel and vicious battle cries drown out every other sound. Humans and orcs, battling for territory

Using both his hands to remove his greatsword from the fallen orcs split head, Blane jumped past the body, seeking another orcish warrior to do battle with.

Pushing his way into the forward ranks, Blane searched for an opponent of worthy power. This was an orcish killing field more than a battle. In a matter of ten minutes, the last of the orcish warriors would be rounded up and taken as Prisoners of War.

His eyes scanned the battlefield. Within seconds, he locked down on what might have been the most powerful orc on the field. Riding on a big black horse, he slashed at the humans below with a two-handed scimitar. With every powerful swipe, another human fell - their skulls usually missing the top half, and a few fell in two pieces at the mid section.

Blane charged in without warning, swathing a path through battling soldiers. He pumped his legs once, powerfully, and flew into the air for a mere second, then collided with the unsuspecting orc atop the horse. They flew off the other side of the horse and crashed into the ground hard. Blane's weapon flew from his grasp, landing a few feet from him. Getting up quickly, both warriors plunged into close combat.

Growling viciously, the orc pounded Blane across the face with the butt of his sword, then grabbed him by the collar and brought the human's face into his hard skull. He raised his cleaver-like weapon to strike, but Blane stopped the attack by grabbing the hilt of the sword in mid swing, then brought his huge fist around and hammered the orc square between the eyes.

Cursing violently as he clutched his bleeding nose, the orc, known as Dormnalis by humans, made a number of ill placed, reckless attacks to keep the human at bay while his eyes finished watering - but Blane had other plans.

Retrieving the greatsword, Blane charged the orc. He made a pitiful attempt to block Blane's swing, but it was too well placed to prevent. The greatsword clashed loudly with the scimitar, sending it sprawling into the air, but not out of the orcs grasp. Knowing he wouldn't have time to bring his greatsword around for another attack, Blane leapt into the air and used both of his feet to deliver a powerful blow which plowed Dormnalis in the chest. The wild maneuver dropped Blane to the ground, but at least he wasn't clutching his chest in pain like the orc.

Something inside the orc told him he was losing, and that same something drove him mad with rage and hate. The adrenaline coursed through his veins, and with a snarl, he gripped his scimitar tightly with both hands and flipped onto his feet.

Blane was rather surprised how his opponent had regained his ground so quickly, considering he was dealt a blow that would have crippled most other combatants.

The orc walked swiftly towards Blane, his head lowered and his eyes were tiny and slit like. Blane stood, and waited for the orc to approach, not bothering to move. Domnalis jumped into a slashing frenzy as soon as he was within range. His scimitar flashing in the light. His blade whirled about, nearly splitting Blane's head several times. The scimitar flashed in the light again, this time it had a crimson gleam instead of silver. Blane grasped his bloodied shoulder and looked up abruptly, quite surprised.

Dormnalis plunged at the human, but Blane, though surprised, was quick enough to grab the orcs wrist before another blow could be dealt. Blane tried to make a one handed swing with his greatsword, but the orc moved his hand down to block the blade, grabbing the human's wrist.

They stood in a lock, each having a grip on the others sword arm. Blane brought his knee up swiftly and planted it into the orcs lower abdomen, buckling him over in pain and causing him to drop his scimitar. The human gripped his greatsword with both his hands put all his might into a powerful swipe. Dormnalis ducked the blow, but the sword nearly carved into the head of a human fighting nearby. Proceeding the duck, Dormnalis moved in quick and low. Blane regained his lost balance far too late. The orc made a fist with both of his meaty hands and swung heavily, dealing a crippling blow to Blane's face. The force of the impact of the blow sent the sword flipping through the air and into the bloody mud nearby.

Dormnalis grinned as he used the side of his fist to crush Blane in the face once more. This time, his fist struck a vital area, and part of Blane's skull collapsed. The human dropped into the mud, and although he still breathed, and his heart still beat, he would never wake up from the coma Dormnalis had just sent him into.

Doing the human a favor, the orcish warrior motioned to one of his comrades, who tossed him a spear. Domnalis caught it with one clawed hand, and with another grin, thrust it through armor, flesh, bone and mud.

By: Calvin Cockell

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