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Combat Chaos - Story 11
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 11



The barbarian warlord crouched silently in the thick foliage of the forest, his ham sized fist gripping tightly a hand-crafted bone knife. Like the greatest of the carnivorous animal hunters, the barbarian warlord stalked his prey using surprise as the ultimate advantage. His eyes scanned the area like a drone, searching for any movements.

Catching quick site of his prey, Tarmas'cren leapt from the foliage, breaking out in a high speed run. The prey, a wide eyed doe, caught site of the huge man leaping from the brush, and jolted to motion, tearing into the forest as fast as its legs would permit.

The doe was fast, but Tarmas was faster. Taking shortcuts around trees and leaping over streams, he perused the deer deep into the forest. The deer began to tire, and grew weary; its legs shaking from fear and exhaustion.

The bone edged knife stabbed through the air and into the creatures haunch, crumpling it to the ground as Tarmas used his sheer weight to overpower it.

When he finished cutting the creatures throat, the barbarian dropped to one knee and thanked the gods for the lovely gift they had bestowed upon him. He promised he would waste none of it.

Suddenly, Tarmas sat up, alarmed, sticking his nose into the air like some sort of animal might. He sniffed twice, wrinkling his nose.

In a flurry of motion, a figure leapt from the bush next to the barbarian, taking a powerful swipe at his head with a silvery sword. He ducked and rolled, the swing missing him by no more than an inch. The assassin, a dark skinned man, regained his balance from the over powerful attack. He turned around, gripping a short sword in one hand and a small shield in the other.

Tarmas crouched low to the ground as he circled the dark skinned man, gripping the bone dagger tightly with one hand. "Why you come here?" he stammered weakly in common.

The dark skinned assassin was surprised to hear the barbarian talk. "You, barbaric monster, are on the kings land, and you have killed his deer. I, Joldrun, second born of Sir Thanis, deal you your punishment.

" Joldrun swiped viciously at the barbarian, his sword tearing a piece of the barbarian's braid from his head. Tarmas reacted by stabbing at the man, but the shield managed to get between the flesh of the dark skinned man and the bloodstained bone dagger. The dagger snapped in two as the shield pulled away, sending shards of bone in all directions.

Knowing he was momentarily defenseless, the barbarian used all his might to shove Joldrun, knocking him onto his back.

Producing a hatchet from his bear hide belt, Tarmas spun around and hurled the thing with all his might directly at the assassin. The hatchet tore through the air and imbedded into the shield, splitting the wood down the grain, rendering it pretty much useless.

Joldrun smiled at his fortune, but didn't waste time thinking about it, knowing he might end up dead if his attention waned for just one second. Charging the barbarian, he swiped the blade at his head. The sword caught nothing but air. Tarmas ducked, sliding his last hatchet from his belt.

As Joldrun over swung and lost balance, Tarmas brought the head of the hatched up, sinking it deep into the stomach of the dark skinned man. The barbarian felt a slick warm flow of blood seep over the hand gripping the hatchet. Knowing the hatchet had not sunk deep enough to instantly kill the man, Tarmas brought it into the air once more. Crimson splashed of the metal head of the weapon as the barbarian swiftly chopped downward, hewing Joldrun's lower leg from his knee. The warrior fell to the ground just as the piece of his leg did, blood soaking the earthen floor.

The hatchet made a final killing blow, splitting Joldrun's head right down the middle. Tarmas peacefully commenced skinning the kings deer.

By: Calvin Cockell

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