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/images/bg_simb.jpg align=center >Combat Chaos - Story 1
D&D - Combat Chaos, Fantasy Stories of Battle

Story 1



Daryen a proud and noble man!...........

One day as Daryen was wandering the dark forest trails of Sacranym he came across a warrior dress in black, assaulting a teamster who apparently refused the morbid figure a ride amongst himself. The darkened figured immediately drew his sword and struck down the defenseless wagoneer. "Hahaha fool, you dare defy Xaran will you. Now I shall take everything including your wagon and horse".

In a fury of rage Daryen stormed forth shouting " Halt plague of the elven kingdom". Xaran turned to see what man dare call him down. "You shall perish at the hands of Daryen the Destroyer". Hearing this Xaran replies aloud "tis but you who shall perish lowly warrior of this land".

Daryen charged into battle, drawing his longsword and slicing at Xaran who easily steps aside. "Haah" scoffs Xaran "Was that intended for me?" as he spins his broadsword ever so easily, and slices into Dayen's back. "If you insist at swinging that hunk of metal at me, perhaps you might attempt to strike thy foe?" chuckles Xaran.

"Do you enjoy killing elderly men soul of black? or are you afraid of a real challenge?" boasts Daryen as he ducks a blow from Xaran, punching his fist into Xaran's groin. "There that will slow your pace" remarks Daryen. "Tis but a mere inconvenience for me, much like yourself." "Perhaps you need to be shown your place in life as well young warrior" Xaran exemplifies.

The two men confront each other once again, circling each other with deadly intent soaking into their eyes. Then....Daryen makes his move, faking once to his right and then leaping to his left, leaving Xaran open for a blow. Daryen thrusts his sword but misses his mark and only opens a small wound to Xaran's side. "Ahhhr......is that the best you have" as Xaran clutches his side.

Now angered even more, Xaran now deems enough is enough and unleashes a volley of quick attacks at Daryen. Most of the attacks are deflected, but one breaches Daryen's defense and finds it's mark into his lower stomach.

It's obvious that Daryen has met his match. "You fight as that of a woman" laughs Xaran. "Pity your not as good of a fighter as you would make a serving wench!".

With another quick swipe of Xaran's sword, Daryen falls exhausted to the ground. Xaran cocks his leg back and drives his foot into Daryen's ribcage, knocking him off balance and rolling over onto his back. Daryen's sword rests ever so lightly within his palm. Xaran slowly steps up and places his foot on Daryen's throat. Xaran angrily speaks "You were warned young warrior!" as he lofts his imminent sword into the air, readying the blade for the final cut.

Just then another wagon rolls onto the scene, but this time the wagon bares many men and Xaran knows his limits. He removes his foot from Daryen's neck and snarls "This time you have been saved, but the next time we meet you'll not be spared". He then turns and bolts off into the forest's depths, leaving Daryen broken but not dead.

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In 1E yes, in 2E no
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