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Arkuth - Wealth Levels



The term "Wealth" is used under each nations description and is concerned with the wealth of the nation in question. This term is also used to reference the nations "overall net worth", which is the sum of a nations assets (including all controlled land), minus all debt.

Within the world of Arkuth and throughout this website the rating of "Wealth" will be split into six categories which can be used to quickly give DM's an overall idea of a nations current economic condition. This is by no means definitive though as many factors can effect a nation's wealth, including; corrupt political matters, secret organizations and/or exporting or importing agreements etc.

An example of a "Wealth" level not making much sense to the naked eye would be a Wealthy Dictatorship who starve their people, while the leaders and military class take the best of everything for themselves first. The people are worked to the bone, but fear their leaders wrath and thus work under oppression. These nation's over time usually have several revolts to deal with, but they are often quenched as the lower and working class simply do not have the supplies, training or will to change things. In these instances I will explain within the nation's description itself.


Wealth Chart

  • This nation doesn't have the basic necessities of life. They cannot provide their people with even common goods or services. Farmlands, crops and/or arable land may not even exist.
  • The nation may or may not have an army or other form of militia to defend their land(s) or even guards / officials to uphold laws.
  • This nation can only provide the bare essentials to their people. If and when arable land exists, it is usually controlled by the few. Food from crops or from trade are rationed out to the populace on a strict and /or sometimes trickle down effect, often causing the poorest or sick to parish. Those in power and the most important people in society are fed first (rare exceptions can be found), while those who are of the lower class are usually forced to scrounge for the scraps left.
  • This nations military may or may not exist. If one is present, it will only have basic equipment. Metal armors and quality weapons would be extremely rare. Local officials and those charged with the protection of towns/cities will also have only the lowliest of supplies, yet can maintain some sort of order as the general populace has even less.
Low Average
  • This nation can provide most basic commodities and essentials to it's people, however they need to reserve large amounts of basic staples or risk becoming a poor nation. Arable land (if any) is often wasted, overlooked or simply not in vast amounts to provide work or large crops for all. Often the importing of basic good and/or supplies often hold back this kind of nation from becoming a wealthier country/ kingdom. This is also common amongst nations who provide to the rich first and leave the poor to fend for themselves.
  • This nation usually has (if any) a basic military supplied with common weaponry and armor consisting of not better then studded leathers, basic helms, wooden-shaft spears, basic longswords and other more common weaponry of the realm.
  • This nation has all basic commodities and provides it's people with most common essentials. They either import a steady supply of food and/or common goods or have enough arable land to provide work and sustenance for all. Most trades and/or occupations can found within the various towns/cities along with all common services and supplies.
  • This nations military has all common armors and/or weaponry. Metal armor such as studded leather, scale & chainmail are generally supplied, while longswords, bastard swords, metal spears & polearms are often used. Calvary is often part of the ranks, yet is not generally seen in mass. Common siege equipment is also used, but not heavily.
  • Town officials and/or guards also have access to all common armors and weaponry if the local figurehead in power seeks to provide it. They quite often employ two mid-quality weapons such as a longsword (or other sword type) / pole arm and either a crossbow or bow for ranged combat. Other weapons are usually stored nearby, but are not carried on one-self.
High Average
  • This nation has the ability to provide their people with all basic and some of the world's more rare commodities and/or supplies. Trade routes are usually firmly established for both importing and exporting of goods and services. If arable land is available it is used properly and provides jobs and dedicated farmland for all to maintain and provide all common foods to the populace (unless otherwise stated). All trades and/or occupations of the realm are typically found throughout this nation and are readily available to all.
  • This type of nation's military is often well trained and well equipped. Armors provided usually consist of superior leathers to that of splint mail, while all common weaponry is readily attained. Several large groups of soldiers and/or leaders on the fields will often have plate armor and/or high quality weaponry. Calvary are common and are usually part of all military groups. Siege equipment are also found in large qualities, but consist of the more common types.
  • Guards and/or other officials in charge of a town or cities protection or law enforcement commonly have chainmail armor, helms, crossbows and shields on hand and quite often have high quality weapons as well.
  • This nation has or at least can provide the best of all things in life to their people. All common and/or rare trades and occupations can be found within this nation. All commodities and services are readily available in larger cities, while most of the same are found in smaller communities as well. Here even the rarest services can be stumbled upon as they are most likely to make the best profits with the least amount of dislike Any arable land is well taken care of and is generally used to it's fullest and provides ample size crops and/or grazing land for all to use and maintain. This type of nation can easily provide for it's people and is often a large supplier of other countries/kingdoms as well.
  • This nation has the finest quality of arms and equipment for their military. All armor types are readily available to most soldiers and all common and certainly uncommon weapons are also spread throughout their ranks. It's uncommon to see a soldier within this military with armor of less quality then chainmail and/or carrying not less then two quality weapons and/or a shield into battle. Helms, gauntlets and other armor accessories are almost always employed. Cavalry is almost always part of this nation's military might, being equipped with full barding and mounted by elite warriors are common. Large groups are often part of every battle and are usually commonly seen throughout the land. Siege equipment (when used) is deployed in mass and is of the common to rarest types. Large units of men are charged with the upkeep and functionality of these war machines and are trained extensively to use them.
  • Guards and local officials are also provided with the best armors and/or weaponry available. Guards usually wear splint mail or plate armors and carry no less then three types of weaponry while on duty. Eg A longsword, footman's flail and a crossbow. They are exceptionally trained and are often able to join the military ranks if required.

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