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Lawful Good

General: Honest, law abiding, and helpful. People do not carry weapons or wear armor. Those who do are viewed with suspicion or as trouble makers.

Weapons: If carried must remain sheathed or under the care of an official, unless defending oneself or others from injury.

Armor: If worn can only be of the leather, padded or leather variations. Only officials, knights and other such figure heads may adorn superior armor. If this is not followed the armor may be confiscated or the impending person may be fined, and then asked to remove the armor.

Thievery: Thieves are strongly disapproved of. The penalties for thievery will be harsh but will usually involve banishment, confiscation or goods and long sentences of social useful labor rather then death, or mutilation. Lawful leaders may go to great extremes to rid of thieves or thief guilds. People in general will tell officials of all acts of thievery.

Lawful Neutral

General: Law obeying, everything is organized or regulated. There will be special taxation towards adventurers who visit these cities regularly or require permanent residency and presented to officials upon arrival. People in general are not concerned with government so long as it functions.

Weapons: One's weapon should be sheathed and upon entering any public building, weapons should be turned in for safe keeping ( inns, taverns, etc.)

Armor: Any type of armor can be worn with the exception of plate armors, these types are restricted to knights, head officials, and anyone of noble status.

Thievery: This society may be the most intolerant of all societies. Punishments are very harsh and unforgiving (amputation of a hand, a long sentence of forced labor.) Lawful neutral citizens will snitch on a thief at the drop of a hat.

Lawful Evil

General: Severe laws, harsh punishments regardless of innocence or guilt. Laws are not used so much to preserve justice as they are used to maintain a quota. Social class is crucial, bribery and corruption are a way of life. Adventurers are viewed with great suspicion.

Weapons: are allowed, but only to those who have a high social push or seek out trouble with any who take exception.

Armor: any type of armor can be worn by any person, providing an official lets you wear it "UNDERSTAND"

Thievery: Like all lawful societies , unlawful acts are not excepted. Lawful evil societies except whatever is necessary to maintain the strong in power" fear rules here". Ordinary people will coward if a thief wanders around, providing he/she has the muscle to back it. Thieves guilds in these lands are very strong providing their in the good with local leaders.

Chaotic Good

General: People mean well and try to do right but hate government. There is usually a single ruler, but these communities usually run themselves, so long as the taxes are paid and a few broad ethics are followed. Week law enforcement, peoples usually take law into their own hands.

Weapons: No worries, freedom is number one.

Armor: Free to wear whatever one chooses.

Thievery: Thieves usually thrive in societies like these, thieves guilds flourish since law enforcement is low. Even if the will is there to do something about thieves, the means may not be adequate to the task. Some may view thieves as heroic light, and others will regard thieves as taking the fruits of the laborers of others way. Thieves are most likely left as an individuals own problem.

Chaotic Neutral

General: There is no government, societies made up of madman and lunatic's. Leaders are short lived, his subjects will likely rise up to put and end to such arbitrary rule. This ruling of power if very rare.

Weapons: No one cares!

Armor: Armor is reacted to much the same as weapons.

Thievery: Such societies, or one's comprised of chaotic neutral people, will not likely care a fig about thievery. Gambling, corruption, battery, muggings and lowlife are likely to flourish in such places. Strong guilds may arise here.

Chaotic Evil

General: People live in fear under he more powerful. Local government usually consist of a few strong bosses who obey the central government out of fear. People will do anything to stay in a power position. Adventurers are usually used in political plots and later to be eliminated. Powerful cleric groups tend to rule chaotic evil cities fir the greatest length of time.

Weapons: What suits yeah!!! the bigger the better

Armor: Same as above

Thievery: At all levels of a chaotic society, back:stabbing, intrigue, treachery and betrayal, is this basic coin of exchange. The strong take what they want, however they like and the rest are ground into the dirt. If a thieves guild can grow without everyone back:stabbing each other, it will grow quite rapidly.

True Neutral

General: This area will usually adopt whatever government is the most expedient. People corporate when it suits them. Adventurers are treated like everyone else. Law enforcement is very weak.

Weapons: Whatever, no laws or punishments for unsheathed weapons.

Armor: Any armor is expectable in any place, nobody cares.

Thievery: Thieves are generally ignored unless it gets out of hand. When it does get out of hand, there instinct will be to take whatever steps are necessary to restore the balance (more militia, more night watchman and more hanging lamps within the streets.) Survival is the name of the game and most just live day to day.

Neutral Good

General: Again whatever government is the most expedient, usually enlightened dictatorships. Adventurers are treaty like everyone else, unless they are heroes. In turn they will be admired, worshiped or viewed as a great benefit to their personal society.

Weapons: Are allowed but usually carried in peace ties or in a locked sheath. Most have no weapons besides rakes, hoes, shovels and pitch folks. Adventurers not doing such are simply shunned or avoided.

Armor: All armors are expectable if any armor is needed at all.

Thievery: Neutral good societies are most unlikely to have regard for thieves and assassins. However, well authorities and general society may tolerate a certain level of thievery, there is likely to be a threshold level above which thieving will no longer be tolerated. Over powerful thieves may be deemed a social evil and will be quickly removed.

Neutral Evil

General: These areas also adopt the most expedient government, usually the most threatening figurehead. The most intimidating powerful citizens quickly rise to power. These areas are usually cruel, benign dictatorships. Only the strong will survive in a place such as this. Most laws are non existent.

Weapons: Any weapon may be carried unless the person in question has been instructed otherwise. If there is a problems with someone's personal behavior , it is very likely to be remedied with a blood bath.

Armor: All sorts of armor are excepted, with the same exceptions as weapons.

Thievery: Officials and citizens are uncaring, everyone in life gets what they deserve. Laws are very flexible, if any laws at all. People in general are out for what they can get.


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