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Arkuth - Vineman


15th Level Monster
Temperate Jungles/Forests
Activity Cycle:
Average (9)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 1
Armor Class:
5 (10)
Movement: 12
Hit Dice: 15 (120 hit-points)
THACO: 7 (base)
Number of Attacks: 3 + 8 (see below)
Special Attacks: Tentacle Attacks (see below)
Special Defenses: Piercing Resistance + cold (see below)
Magic Resistance:
Size: L (8' tall)
Morale: Elite (14)
Treasure: D, Qx3
XP Value: 5,000


This horrifying plant creature is uncommon within the realm, but may be encountered somewhat more commonly in dense jungle terrain. Vineman are strong, 8' tall magically created, beasts of chaos. They are made entirely of thick jungle vines and can use them as weapons when desired. Vineman prey on the living and feed like that of a parasite. Once a victim has been knocked unconscious, the Vineman can begin to devour them with their large mouths or by draining their victims with one of their vine appendices that can be pierced into the body and used much like a straw.


In combat Vineman can shoot vines out as extra appendices, using them to entangle enemies within 30' (save vs paralyze to escape). Up to 8 additional vines can be extended to use for these ranged attacks, entrapping their victim's on a successful strike, while their two main vine-twisted arms can only be used for melee attacks and cause 1d4+2 damage per successful strike. A Vineman's vicious bite can also be used on those that are in close or on those that are caught within the Vineman's entanglement and eventually drug into melee range. This gap can be closed within 2 rounds after entrapment. The Vineman's bite inflicts 1d6+2 damage.

Vineman are susceptible to fire and suffer double damage when struck with these attacks. However, Vineman can withstand numerous attacks from piercing weapons and suffer little damage from these type weapons. Piercing weapons that strike the Vineman only cause half damage. Vineman are also impervious to cold-based attacks.


Vineman are solitary creatures and usually inhabit areas that are not part of another Vineman's territory. Vineman will not fight each other unless one of them is starving and another Vineman is encountered encroaching in it's protected region. As noted above, Vineman are created, but not controlled. They are set free in the wilderness with reckless abandon and are only constrained by their tendency to stay within their own localized regions.


The Vineman possess whatever treasure it has devoured from past victims, but this will not include any weapons or large items. Only small items or coins can be found within the Vineman's gullet. Vineman never sleep being magically created and never tire. They wander their territories constantly, but tend to stay close to high traffic areas where they can find would be victims with greater success.


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