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History of Arkuth

Arkuth is a realm full of rich and amazing history. From violent wars to terrible natural events. The world, it's surface and the people that live within it have struggled and survived for thousands of generations. Arkuth's history is littered with magical beings, powerful leaders and valiant heroes. The world has seen many great changes, from the creation of all mankind to the banishment of the gods. From newly formed kingdoms to great fallen empires. The references below are a comprehensive list of all major historical events from the Age of Mortals to present day.

Our timeline below is divided into "Ages" which mark the beginnings and endings of major world events. Those Ages are further divided into smaller time segments known as "Periods" which will help DM's and players alike define where technology levels increased, major advancements occurred, new religions were founded and many other critical events came to pass.

The most notable event in Arkuthian history was known as the "War of Religions". Scholars keep all documented archives that are created about Arkuthian history separated into two modern "Eras". These being the time Before War of Religions and the time After the War of Religions. This division in history is commonly referred to BWoR and AWoR. The table below state all events as either B.W.o.R or A.W.o.R. All historical writings before these two Eras were not recorded as the planet was much to turbulent and hostile for such efforts to even be considered.

Everything in the modern era is depicted or written based on the "Arkuthian Common Calendar". See the Arkuthian Calendar section for a closer look at how days / months etc work.


Beginning Ending Total Length Era Age Reference Period / Event
0 1,700 1,700 B.M Dawn of Arkuth The Beginning / Creation of All
0 4980 4980 B.M The Great Cataclysm A meteor strikes the planet
      B.M "--------------------" War of the Giants
0 40,000 40,000 A.M Birth of Mankind Mortals are created
      A.M "--------------------" The gods are created to usurp Arkuth
40,001 50,000 10,000 A.M The Sundering of Lands Races are separated / gods ascend from Arkuth
0 12,500 12,500 B.W.o.R Age of Mortals Recorded time begins
12,501 12,802 301 B.W.o.R "--------------------" War of religions
0 1221 ongoing A.W.o.R "--------------------" After war of religions / current time

* Different variations exist of these Eras as Elves do not use the term "B.M" and "A.M" which in common designates Before Mankind and After Mankind, rather then Elfkind. The same can be said for most other races.


Creative Notes
Humans are the first mortals created (they currently populate most of the known world)
Halflings are the second mortals created
Dwarves are the third mortals created and give rise from Halflings
Elves are the forth mortals created and give rise from Humans
All other major races are created hereafter; other giant types, orcs, minotaurs, goblins, ogres, bugbears and gnomes

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