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Arkuth - Unofficial 2E Giant Killer

The Giant Killer

Ability Requirements: Strength 15, Constitution 14, Dexterity 13, Intelligence 12.
Prime Requisite: Strength.
Hit Die:
Races Allowed: Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, Half-Dwarves.

Class Restrictions:

  • Spell Use; none, but can use poison .
  • Multi-Class; can never be dual class or multi class.
  • Weapons: spears, javelins, pole arms, heavy crossbows, large axes, large swords, shields
  • Alignment: any but usually prefers neutrals
  • XP: giant killers do not gain any experience bonuses for having high ability scores

Class Abilities: Rigorous Training, Mass Damage, Incapacitate, Precision Strike, Hatred, Mighty Blow.


Giant Killer's are ruthless warriors in combat, especially when it comes to battling any giant-kind race. They prefer to hunt on their own, seeking personal glory and triumph as their primary reward. When working with others a Giant Killer will generally except a more broad victory in combat, that is unless the foe is a particularly hated giant race. At that point the Giant Killer will stop at nothing to vanquish his/her enemy by themselves. Any other course of action is considered cowardly and not worthy of calling the battle a victory. However, exceptions to this mind set can be altered when the Giant Killer is simply outnumbered, at this time any allies are considered plausible decoys.

Giant Killers always arm themselves heavily, wearing extra thick armor, metal plating, long gloves, oversized helms and plenty of weaponry. Honor awards and/or any group celebration pales in comparison to a Giant Killers personal satisfaction and passion for killing the giant folk.

General Info:

Giant Killer's use a ten-sided die (1D10) for hit point determination (see Rigorous Training below). Giant Killers start with 5d4 x 10 gp, 4 weapon proficiency slots and 3 non-weapon proficiency slots. They then receive 1 WP and 1 NWP slot every 3 levels.

Bonus proficiencies include; Ancient History (giants), Endurance, Languages (giant), Tracking.

The Giant Killer must slay (on his own) at least one giant or giant-kin / level. If this is not accomplished the Giant Killer will not receive any bonuses attained by advancing to the new level.

Additional Abilities

Rigorous Training; Giant Killers always add +2 to each hit die rolled to a maximum result of 10. This bonus ensures a minimum of 3 is scored and is designed to reflect the Giant Killers rigorous personal training specifically for giant combat.

Mass Damage; As a Giant Killer becomes more attuned to his/her training and abilities in combat, they quickly learn how to deliver more effective blows to their enemies. This knowledge and experience directly translates into a bonus towards the physical damage scored. Starting at 1st level a Giant Killer receives a +1 bonus to all damage rolls vs any giant kind or giant kin. Thereafter, every level earns a Giant Killer an additional +1 bonus to damage towards these same enemy types (see chart below).

Incapacitate; Giant Killers are exceptional at hindering or outright crippling giant kind during combat. They know exactly what tactics are needed to slow their opponents, what sort of attack to employ to cause maximum damage and precisely how to finish off a giant for good. With a simple ancient history check the Giant Killer will be able to recall certain giant weaknesses. Eg. A frost giant is immune to cold. This ability is gained at 3rd level.

Precision Strike; At 5th level the Giant Killer receives a +2 bonus towards any called shots but only when employing hurled weapons (spears, javelins etc). For example, instead of suffering the standard -4 penalty, Giant Killers only receive a -2 penalty when making called shots. They also do not suffer the standard initiative penalty when making called shots, thus negating the -1 penalty completely. However, this ability can only be used when fighting giants and their kin.

Hatred; At 7th level the Giant Killer must select a specific giant kind or giant kin to hate more then any other giant class. The hatred towards this race usually comes from personal experiences, distinct conflicts or simply things that have compelled the Giant Killer to form a particular distaste for these creatures. At this point the Giant Killer gains a +4 bonus to hit when fighting against this specific giant race.

Mighty Blow; At 9th level the Giant Killer gains the ability to focus all of their energy into a single attack. Before the beginning of each round a Giant Killer can declare an attempt to use a "mighty blow". If a hit is successfully score during their initial that round the amount of damage inflicted is multiplied by 2. If a critical strike is scored, the damage inflicted is calculated normally and then multiplied by 2 once all other numbers are tallied. Any other attacks the Giant Killer may have remaining that round are null and void. No further actions are possible.

------------------------- Giant Killer Abilities Chart ---------------------------

LvL Hit Dice (1d10) Abilities
1 1 Mass Damage, Rigorous Training
2 2  
3 3 Incapacitate
4 4  
5 5 Precision Strike
6 6  
7 7 Hatred
8 8  
9 9 Mighty Blow
10 9+3  
11 9+6  
12 9+9  
13 9+12  
14 9+15  
15 9+18  
16 9+21  
17 9+24  
18 9+27  
19 9+30  
20 9+33  

Experience Table

Level Experience Hit Die (1d10) Level Title
1 0 - 3,000 1 (3 minimum)  
2 3,001 - 6,000 2 (3 minimum)  
3 6,001 - 12,000 3 (3 minimum)  
4 12,001 - 24,000 4 (3 minimum)  
5 24,001 - 48,000 5 (3 minimum)  
6 48,001 - 96,000 6 (3 minimum)  
7 96,001 - 192,000 7 (3 minimum)  
8 192,001 - 384,000 8 (3 minimum)  
9 384,001 - 584,000 9 (3 minimum)  
10 and up *200,000 for every level after 9 +3 (5 automatic)  

Giant Killers gain 3 h.p. per level after 9th.


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