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Arkuth - Places - Furra'zan Reach

Furra'zan Reach

Furra'zan is the name of an ancient Fire Giant King who many hundreds of years ago rallied the giant clans and struck forth into the kingdoms of Man. Though his invasion was turned back and he was slain at the hands of the Giant killer Gozaan. A legacy was left behind that has continued through to the present.

Deep within the ash covered mountains of Kilnsfire, within the desolate continent of Ur, lie a short range of active volcanoes. This seismic hot spot is known as Furra'zan's Reach, named after the aforementioned Fire Giant Lord. This entire area is hostile to life, and is dangerous to enter. Within the heart of this realm, built onto the cliffs, and into the side of a volcano known as Surtur's Breath is a city built thousands of years ago when the Fire Giant tribes were forced to unite into a kingdom by Yulsorthel the Great Red Dragon Wyrm. This city, named Yuls is governed by a Fire Giant King, chosen through trail by combat. His rule is complete, and tyrannical. None may enter or leave his city without his knowledge.

As well as the Giants, many other creatures inhabit these confines. Perhaps most numerous are the slaves of the Fire Giants, numbering into the ten's of thousands. Some born and bred, others captured during raids. There are also Fire Salamanders and Fire Elementals who have come to reside within Yuls' great walls. Also of note are the "Fires of Heaven" cult, a devote sect that worships Surtur the Fire Giant Lord with living sacrifices and the "Fuegonian Guild" of Fire Mages.

The city itself contains vast wealth, as gems are harvested from the volcanoes and surrounding mountains. There are also considerable trade routes stemming from vast caverns and many subterranean beings that funnel through the crowded pathways of Yuls. It is said that the Fire Giant King has claimed the great horde of Yulsorthel for himself.

Traders do come and go from the realms of men, but those with the will and courage to travel to this place are few and far between. Those that do risk it often become rich in the process, that is if they don't end up in chains or in a Fire Giant's stomach first.

The current King of Furra'zan's Reach is Dvorn the Terrible. A freakishly large Fire Giant, Dvorn has ruled the Reach for over 250 years. It is rumored that his strength, intelligence, and propensity for cruelty might rival even Furra'zan himself. Indeed, Dvorn has amassed an army and some fear that he intends to follow in Furra'zan's footsteps.

Dvorn is armored in an enchanted obsidian plate. It is said to be completely indestructible, and it radiates heat that rivals the mountains itself. It is said that stone glows red as he marches over it. Often slaves who are found to have broken the laws of The Reach are brought before him, and forced closer and closer until they ignite and burst into flame. He wields a massive sword, said to have been taken from a Demon God. This blade is also obsidian, and wreathed in white hot flame.

When Dvorn took the throne it is said that he severed the head of the previous king with one fell swoop, the same fate has befallen any of those who challenge him. Dvorn himself is an elderly Fire Giant, with scars across his face, and is missing one eye. In its place is large ruby, that seems to glow with an inner fire. Legend has it that this ruby was a gift from Surtur himself, and that it grants Dvorn immortality, along with other dark and malevolent protections.

Many kingdoms of man, elf, and dwarf have band together to purge Furra'zan's reach of the evil that lays within it, but never have any succeeded. All were turned back by the might of the Fire Giant race and indeed with each attempt it seems that the Giants of the Reach have become more powerful than the last.

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