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Arkuth - Bryn - Barnweal

Barnweal (Bryn)

  • 1.) Guard House (Durin Weldstun)
  • 2.) Stables
  • 3.) Town Square
  • 4.) Provisionist (Karlee Greylyn)
  • 5.) Tanner/Furrier
  • 6.) Equipment Shop (Borlin Munstmerl)
  • 7.) Mayor's House (Irwin Balington)
  • 8.) Inn / Tavern
  • 9.) Town Keeper
  • 10.) Graveyard
  • 11.) Mines
  • 12.) Grate Tunnel
  • 13.) Temple Hall
Ruler Mayor Irwin Balington
Population 80
Year Founded 518 BWoR
Fortified Yes, 7' thick x 10' high stone wall (Double Iron Gates) + Rear Tunnel
Primary Languages Common 99, Various 1%
Demographics Human 98%, Half-Elf 1%, 1% Various other races
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods Silver, wood, wheat, fish
City Entry Fee 5 cp
Wealth Average
Shop/Commodity Prices standard
Area Alignment Lawful Good
Government Stability Weak
Crime Level Low
Primary Mythos Norse 98%
Other Gods Demi-Human 1%, 1% Yuatepucan
Climate Temperate
Terrain Forest / Hills / Mountains / Creeks


Barnweal is a small fortified mining town on the far western borderlands of Bryn. The town itself was originally raised in the year 518 BWoR (Before War of Religions). Since that time the town has dwindled in population, but still remains one of the main trading stops between Chayden'Helm of Borme and Steel'Bourne of Bryn.

The town itself consists of only 80 citizens, all of which work hard and provide the basic necessities of life to the others that live within Barnweal's surrounding walls. A small set of trades exists within the town including a provisionist, a tanner/furrier and an equipment shop. There are also several other amenities that round out Barnweal's core area, which include a small temple/hall, a guardhouse, a horse stable and an Inn (The Begging Blade). All of these areas have a host or a caretaker, yet the majority of the commoners work the mines which reside just a kilometer away behind the town's protective outer wall.

Barnweal has a direct route to the mining road outside of the wall located in the south-western corner of the town, it can be located by viewing #12 on the map of Barnweal. This stone constructed tunnel has large, liftable portcullis's at both ends to prevent entry when secured. However, this tunnel usually remains open during the day for the miners to come and go as they please.

In their downtime, a large portion of the townsfolk occupy the local tavern, which just happens to be the main level of The Begging Blade. Here you can find "Alund Kremsten" the Inn's owner/proprietor. This Inn is quite large considering the town's population, seeing in the past there were allot more folks inhabiting and trading within the area. The Begging Blade seats 39 comfortably and offers rooms for the night or by the week for a modest rate. It's quite common to see the town's many mine workers here after hours as hot food and cold drinks are always readily prepared.

The town square is the hub of casual action during the daylight hours. Several fresh food merchants setup shop as well as the local provisionist who can provide most common food supplies including standard and iron rations. A large amount of new apples, berries and raw meat hit the shelves daily as these are perhaps the most common sources of fresh food within Barnweal. Small barrels of wine and mead can also be purchased within the town square if need be.

Barnweal also provides it's citizens with a small, but nice community temple/hall for all to use as desired. The temple section of the hall caters to the Norse deities, having many tapestries and ornaments placed in specific areas as one might expect. Although this building is small, it can hold a large congregation of up to 50 people. A cleric of Odin presides here by the name of "Oryn Sableston" who acts as the current head of the temple. He can provide minor healing , blessings and holy water to those in need or at least to those willing to donate to the temple. This temple also collects "Tithes" from the locals who use it once a year. This amount is typically 10% of their yearly incomes.

One can also find a small, terribly overgrown graveyard in the southern most part of town. Here the locals bury their loved ones and those who perished within the mines. There are approximately 27 graves within 3 small plots. Anyone caught desecrating these graves would immediately be hung from the town gallows. Grave robbing is highly frowned upon in Human Kingdoms, but even more so here in Barnweal.


Barnweal was founded over 1,100 years ago in the year 518 BWoR by Forlen Krestvale, son of Malen Krestvale past lead-knight of Agoria. Barnweal at that time was still small in size, but was a main hub of trade along the western front of the Brynian Empire. A small silver mine was founded in the nearby hills in the year 312 AWoR and has been steadily extracted since then. The mine remains small to this day and has never seen more then 30 workers within it's chambers at any one time.

Barnweal has been almost constantly contested over since the inception of the Bormite Kingdom. The people of Barnweal consider themselves Brynian's, but under duress, they continue to shift back to Borme's control and seem to pledge allegiance to whoever forces the issue at the time. Both kings seek not to waist precious resources over Barnweal's placement amongst the borderlands, however neither of them are simply willing to drop this town from it's ranks as silver is always a valued commodity, even in small amounts.

Other Local Maps:

Barnweal Coal Mines;

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