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Jungle Trolg

Jungle Trolg

8th Level Monster
Temperate Jungles/Forests
Activity Cycle:
Low (6)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 1 (1-4)
Armor Class:
Movement: 12
Hit Dice: 10 (85 hit-points)
THACO: 11 (base)
Number of Attacks: 2
1d10/1d10 or by weapon (Tree Club - 3d6+8)
Special Attacks: Hurl Club, Hurl Earth (see below)
Special Defenses: Slime (see below)
Magic Resistance:
Size: H (10-11' tall)
Morale: Elite (14)
Treasure: Individual O (Lair C, Y)
XP Value: 2,500


Jungle Trolg's are nasty carnivores found only within dense tropical jungles or sometimes within murky forests. Almost all creatures will avoid direct confrontation with these immense monstrosities as they are unswerving in their mind set for death and chaos. The frame of a Trolg is sturdy and robust, boasting long, powerful arms showcased by sharp tipped fingers. Their mass legs are covered in moss, slime and other wetland ooze and end in large three toed feet. The Trolgs' hide is thick, green, moss or dark gray in color and typically drenched in old matted flesh, slime and perhaps vines from within the Jungle. The Trolgs' red eyes can see with 90' infravision. Trolgs walk upright but hunch forward with drooping shoulders. When running their stride is uneven, yet powerful. Trolgs' have low dexterity and rarely climb, but will when being badgered or tormented from above. Trolgs' have poor hearing, but their keen sense of smell is second to none. Their large frames and powerful arms allow them to move through the jungle rather then around it as Trolgs prefer to ambush their prey. Trolgs have no language of their own, they only speak a guttural mishmash of giant, orc, and hobgoblin.


Trolgs prefer to attack with parts of trees they wield as clubs, doing 3d6+8 damage per hit scored. If and when they are disarmed or face an enemy unarmed they will use their massive fists to pound their enemies into oblivion. Their fists cause 1d6+8 damage each. Trolgs will often face their opponents head on in combat, yet will ambush them when possible. They are fearless, terrifying and unwilling to surrender in combat and will only flee from a fight if all is lost and defeat is inevitable.

Trolgs can also use their club as a projectile, throwing them with great accuracy. A tree club, when hurled, causes 2d6+8 damage to its target when struck. Trolgs can also bend down, drive their hands into the earth and throw large dirt chunks at their enemies causing 2d4+8 damage when desired.

A trolg also produces a natural slime which exudes onto the ground wherever it may wander. While fighting a Trolg in close quarters combat, any creature within a 5' radius suffers a -2 to hit due to slippery or sticky footing surface.

Trolg Society:

Trolgs live in dense, forested jungles far from any typical societies. They make their homes within abandoned caves, or massive tree trunks in which they tear large holes or simply burrow under to gain shelter. They rarely make quarters with other Trolgs, with the exception of a mate during mating season. Trolgs will often kill their mates for possession of their young, such battles make for intense struggles and the immediate areas are often destroyed in their entirety. Trolg caves are damp, dark and foreboding. Trolgs do not cook, or care for human comforts and live in a similar fashion to that of Trolls.


Trolgs tend to be territorial, but have been known to travel hundreds of miles in search of food and/or new cave locations. Trolgs are savage, do not show any emotions and care for nothing other then their young.

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