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This page details Arkuth's most recognized sea-fairing vessels. Some are pirate ships, some merchant fleet and some galleons of war. All ships are listed by category for quick, easy reference. All of the following ships have the following vital information: size, tonnage, speed, capacity, purpose, captain and perhaps brief history. If more information is required about specific ship types, please refer to our "Ship Information" page.

Note: This list concerns only the most infamous seagoing vessels. There are literally hundreds of ships sailing the realm of Arkuth's high seas, but most of which pale in comparison to the ships below.


  • Size: General length and width of the vessel.
  • Sea Worthiness: Stability and durability (best being 18).
  • Speed: First number is movement per round, second is how far it can move in a day (24 hour period).
  • Maneuverability: Movement with sails / movement with oars. Worse to best; (awkward, poor, average, good, superior)
  • Cargo: Maximum storage displacement. How much cargo, weapons, and supplies a ship can carry.
  • Purpose: Primary Use
  • Weapons: Number of large siege weapons a ship can carry / has space for on deck.
  • # of Crew: The number of crew onboard the ship.
  • Goals: What the captain and it's crew wish to accomplish.
  • History: A brief section about this crew and her captain.

Shadow's Scorn

Captain Sparn Malvus (One-Eyed Malvin)
Ship Type Cog
Size (L) 90' long x 20' wide
Sea Worthiness 15
Speed 20ft (48 miles)
Maneuverability Poor (1d6+2)
Cargo 100 tons
Purpose Pirate Ship (Attack, pursuit)
Weapons 1 Ballista (75 bolts)
# of Crew 18
Goals Seizing ships, taking all booty come upon, the plunder of enemy vessels, lavish living.
History Sparn's ship and following fleet are ruthless in their quest to plunder all ships who defy them. Sparn's crew show no remorse when it comes to ransacking villages, boarding enemy ships and/or killing of enemy crew and make a great living in doing such tasks. This ship is known to be fast, very maneuverable and shallow of float, allowing Sparn the ability to attack enemy ships under almost all circumstances. If an enemy fleet is encountered that poses any threat to the Shadow's Scorn and her crew, a tactical getaway is always in the mind of her captain.

Etir's Wings

Captain Tigr Knarr
Ship Type Caravel
Size (L) 70' long x 20' wide
Sea Worthiness 15
Speed 3 Masts 30ft (72 miles)
Maneuverability Poor (1d6+2)
Cargo 150 tons
Purpose Pirate Ship (Attack, pursuit)
Weapons 1 Ballista (75 bolts)
# of Crew 25
Goals Seizing ships, taking all booty come upon, the plunder of enemy vessels, mindlessly killing all they come across, leaving no prisoners

Tigr's ship was recently seized from a RalynKhorme Trader, he is now using it to set about killing all he comes across, taking what he wants (not actually needs) he has a huge pile of wealth hidden away. His usual tactic is to fly the colors of RalynKhorme, sneak up on unsuspecting vessels and board them, he then sets about massacring the crew with a ruthless efficiency. This ship is slowly gaining a reputation throughout the straights of RalynKhorme causing increased weaponry to be installed on new vessels.



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