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Arkuth - Courtesy Titles

Courtesy Titles

A peer's wife and children are granted the use of certain titles, depending upon the rank of the peer. 

Peerage Type Wife Eldest Son* Younger Son Daughter
Duke Duchess Marquess Lord <Firstname>  <Surname> Lady <Firstname>  <Surname>
Marquess Lady <Husband'sTitle> Earl Lord <Firstname>  <Surname> Lady <Firstname>  <Surname>
Earl Lady <Husband'sTitle> Viscount The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname> Lady <Firstname>  <Surname>
Viscount Lady <Husband'sTitle> The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname> The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname> The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname>
Baron Lady <Husband'sTitle> The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname> The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname> The Honourable <Firstname> <Surname>

* Eldest sons (heirs) of earls, marquesses, and dukes are allowed to adopt their father's next-highest title as a courtesy, which they use in every way as if it were a "real" peerage.

Eg: The Duke of Nerl's heir is known as the Marquess of Nerl, which is the duke's highest subordinate title. His subordinate titles are distributed by courtesy only to his direct heirs, that is, his eldest son, and his eldest son's eldest son, etc.

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