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Arkuth - Useful Art / Technology Level

Useful Art / Technology Level


The term "Useful Art", or "Useful Arts, is used under each nations description and is concerned with the skills and methods of making practical objects such as manufacturing and/or the craftsmanship skill involved. This term is also used to reference the "Technology Levels" of a nation and is often used in place of the wording useful arts.

Within the world of Arkuth and throughout this website this rating of technology will be split into five categories of a nations development level. Even though some countries are next to each other or have the same religion etc, doesn't mean they will have the same technological advancements as the next nation. This is due to strict traditions, customs, harsh political boundaries/regulations or even from being constrained by other more powerful nations. The useful arts of a nation can also be impeded by lack of language compatibility, low resources and a host of other detrimental reasons. However, keep in mind that wars can change these levels seemingly over a few short months of one nation conquering another. The DM is left open to decide when and where a technology level advances or declines in level.

One of the largest contributors to a useful art is magic in an AD&D campaign. Some nations invite arcane magic with open arms, while others shun or outright ban it from their societies. Those that horde resources and promote magic are usually the one's that rise to the top, well at least when it comes to skilled craftsmen and superior constructions. The table presented below is a rough outline of these levels and can be used as a quick reminder for DM's and players alike. Most of the chart below is accurate to earth, however several fantasy aspects, items and/or inventions were added to help define their existence in our game. The "high ages" in particular are purely a fictional time period in Arkuth.


Stone Ancient Dark Ages Middle Ages High Ages
Equivalent Earth Time Period
Pre-5000 BC 5000 BC to 0 0-700AD 700AD-1450AD 1450AD-1500AD
foraging simple farming, animal husbandry, herbal remedies cotton, crop rotation, silk, rainfall cultivation, irrigation sammite, thread combination, weaving loom, terrace agriculture treated fibers
none horses heavy war horse pony cart carriage
none leather, hide furs, padded, bronze plate splint mail, ring mail, chainmail field plate, plate mail, great helm, jousting lance, full plate, full plate barding elaborate / decorative full plate & full plate barding
none pottery, clay items, the wheel, papyrus stone bricks, silk rope and cloths (very rare), vellum, poor locks, paper detailed glass work, block n tackle, bolt case, glass bottle, horse yolk, hose, lanterns advanced types of glass, magnifying glass, spyglass
trade and take trade and barter crude coins minted coins paper bills of credit
nil bronze, iron, tin, copper, tin (rare steel), alchemy lead, pewter, crude iron, steel (common) elven steel, dwarven mithril crude steel alloys
Science, Astrology and Mathematics




basic calendars
basic geometry
basic algebra
sundials, water clocks
advanced calendars
standard measurements
magnetic compass
crude steam engine
compound interest, advanced algebra
Ships and Boats
nil canoes, rafts, dromond, curragh, barge, river boat longship, drakkar, knarr, skiff, keelboat cog, sohar, great galley, caravel, carrak , hoy, picard galleon, elven war trimaran, gnomish airship
simple clubs, sticks, rocks bronze weapons, simple bows, kopesh sword, ballista, catapult bastard sword, greek fire, pole arms (not pike), long bows, flails, voulge, two-handed sword lances, crossbows, composite bows, other siege equipment, awl pike, man catcher, scimitar glaive


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