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Jungle Gnome

Jungle Gnome

Jungle Gnome, 1st Level Warrior
Temperate Jungles/Dense Forests
Typically 2-6 in a party, 10-30 small colony or 80-150 large colony
Activity Cycle:
Varies (3-18)
Usually Chaotic Good
Number Appearing:
1-4 (1-4)
Armor Class:
4 or by armor worn
Hit Dice:
1d8+2 (6hp) or By Class
THACO: 11 (base)
Number of Attacks:
By weapon (Spear 1d6+1, Short bow 1d6+3)
Special Attacks:
Special Defenses:
Magic Resistance:
S (2½' to 3')
Elite (14)
Mx3 or standard
XP Value:
65 (base)


Jungle gnomes stand 2½ to 3 feet tall and weigh 35 to 40 pounds. A jungle gnome looks very much like their gnomish kin. However, their rough skin, hide-sewn clothing and unkempt appearance mark them as unusual, even to other gnomes. Face paint, scar markings and strange hairdos are all part of daily life for the jungle gnome. Their skin color ranges from dark tan to burnt yellow, their hair is typically light brown or black, their eyes range from dark brown to icy blue. Male jungle gnomes have thin facial hair if any at all. Jungle gnomes reach adulthood by the age of 40 and they live about 300 years, though a rare individual may live up to 450 years. Jungle gnomes speak their own twisted dialect of the gnomish language. Jungle gnomes also speak common, elven, goblin and giant. Most jungle gnomes that are encountered outside of their homelands are warriors; the information above details a 1st level fighter.


Jungle gnomes prefer misdirection and deception, evasion and entrapment over all other tactics. They use their natural jungle skills to lure the enemy into optimal areas before mounting an attack. Jungle gnomes prefer the death from above mentality, using high ground as an advantage and pelting opponents below with their many deadly weapons. Planned ambushes are often used for hunting, yet are also a tactic that will be deployed against their more deadly foes, or used when an enemy outnumbers their group. Hunting parties and defenders of each colony use many of the same weapons; spears, bolas, slings, blowguns with poison darts, hand held picks and such. However armor for each cause differ greatly. While leathers, furs or even simple cloth are preferred for hunting parties, studded leather and even chain mail can be seen amongst the colonies warrior type defenders. If ever the main colonies are threatened by an outsider assault/invasion, jungle gnomes defend using guerrilla style tactics, popping out of small holes and looming over buildings with various projectiles. Fighting jungle gnomes can be more of a bother then it's worth and thus these creatures have few natural enemies.

Jungle Gnome Traits (Ex): Jungle gnomes possess the following racial traits in addition to standard gnome traits.

  • +2 on Climb and Swim checks: Jungle gnomes live their lives clambering in and out of boats, and in and out of the water.
  • +2 racial bonus on Woodworking (shipbuilding) checks: A little lumber and a few simple tools make for a happy and industrious jungle gnome.
  • +2 racial bonus on Use Rope checks: Jungle gnomes consider rope the most useful tool on their boats.
  • No racial bonus on attack rolls against kobolds, No dodge bonus to Armor Class against giants, No racial bonus on listen or Craft (alchemy) checks.

Jungle Gnome Society

Jungle gnomes typically live in and along the mighty rivers that wind through the jungles. A jungle gnome colony is often an intricate mass of decorative stone buildings well hidden above and below the jungle floor. You will often see gatherings of small boats tied together across meandering rivers, with channels to allow passing vessels through. Jungle gnomes are also seen traveling the rivers, trading what they can find to those they meet along the way. In the Sea Realm of Arkuth, jungle gnomes have a close relationship with a local band of Stone Giants who not only share their love for stonework, they help the gnomes construct their massive cathedrals, halls, living quarters and most notably their airship launch pads. The gnomes in return offer exotic foods to the stone giants, which only they can attain from far off lands due to their airborne capabilities. Working together these two races have formed a close bond and strangers are not usually welcome. If any outsiders were to attack the gnomish colonies, they would not only face the brutal jungle tactics of these gnomes, they would have to face the crushing boulders and mighty clubs of the stone giants.


Jungle gnomes tend to be very territorial, and they guard their families and clans closely. They are not quick to trust strangers, but they form strong bonds with outsiders who do manage to earn their trust.

Other Notes

As adventurers, jungle gnomes may set out into the world for a variety of reasons. They may need the help of a group of civilized folk to avert a prophesied disaster, or they might be asked by tribal elders to retrieve an artifact from an ancient burial site to protect them from a coming conflict. Often, such a quest is only the beginning of a jungle creature's adventuring career. She may be lured away from her people by the wonders of civilized society, or she may form a bond with outsiders who will never be welcome in her tribal lands. Jungle gnomes avoid heavily populated areas, settling in remote areas of wilderness. Jungle gnomes are often more chaotic than members of the gnomish kin, rejecting the typical strictures of civilized society. However, their loyalty to family is high.

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