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Jungle Rhino

Jungle Rhino

8th Level Monster
Temperate Jungles
Activity Cycle:
Low (5-7)
Alignment: Neutral
Number Appearing: 2d10
Armor Class:
Movement: 24
Hit Dice: 10 (base)
THACO: 11 (base)
Number of Attacks: 1 + Trample
3d8 + 2d12 (Trample)
Special Attacks: Charge (see below)
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance:
Size: L (10' tall, 14' long)
Morale: Wild: Moderate: (10), War-Trained: Champion (16)
Treasure: Nil
XP Value: 2,100 or Variable


The Jungle Rhino is a distant relative of the better known black and white rhino's. Much larger and considerably more aggressive, the Jungle Rhino has adapted to the Jungles of RalynKhorme. One of the most notable differences between the Jungle Rhino and the other varieties is the fact that this Rhino is considerably more intelligent, and exists in herds. This intelligence has made them ideal for training both for domestic labor as well as battle. They generally have the trainability of a war horse, but with greater endurance and durability. In the wild, they are extremely territorial and aggressive with anything that the pose as a threat.


The Jungle Rhino's chief method of combat is to charge at full speed into its victim. This attack requires at least 50 feet to achieve, but is devastating to all those who face the brunt of the attack. Any and all struck by a charge must make a dexterity check. A successful save halves the 6d8 damage suffered. As well, all regular armors, weapons, and/or structures that are struck by the attack must make saves against death magic or be forever ruined. It is this charge that has made the Jungle Rhino so effective in combat. Once the charge is done, the Rhino will often rend and gore with its horns, as well as trample everyone in a 5' radius around the beast (Dexterity checks to avoid all damage).


Jungle Rhino herds are usually pyramidal in structure, with an alpha bull which generally leads, and gets first pick during the three mating seasons a year. Battles, head butting, and challenges both between herds, and between males within herds are not uncommon.


It should be noted that Jungle Rhino milk from the females is a prized concoction. Frequent imbibing of this milk, which will not spoil at room temperature for near 2 to 3 weeks, will grant the user a +1 saving throw vs any constitution or acts made against their fortitude. However, cows are very resistant to milking by humans, regardless of how many generations have been farm bred, and the occupation of milker is dangerous, leading to an incredibly expensive product.

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