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Standard World Currency

Physical Appearance Description Value Use Within the Realm

The Platinum Piece (PP)

This coin was developed shortly after the new age in the year 12 AWoR by the Arkuthian mastery mint. The coin became a popular currency amongst the more wealthy of the Human Kingdoms. This coin has already become widely excepted across the realm. By late 305 AWoR this coin has been seen across the entire nation and has spread into many Demi-Human civilizations as well.

The Platinum Piece -PP

Represents 10 gold pieces, 100 silver pieces or 1000 copper pieces.

Weight: 10 PP = 1 lb.

Used throughout the entire realm with the exception of regions that have their own equivalent coin. See below.

The Platinum Piece also referred to as PP is the treasured coin of the nobles. Generally only the rich possess these coins and those who sell exotic or rare commodities of the realm. Only large banks or banks within a king's court will be able to exchange PP for other coinage.

The Gold Piece (GP)

This coin was developed quite some time before "The War of Religions", scholars estimate it's arrival around 2000 BWoR. This coin has always been in common use throughout the land. This coin represents a perfect medium of all coins within Arkuth and is the most widely referenced coin in the realm.

The Gold Piece -GP

Represents, as mentioned before, the medium of all coins. It takes 10 GP to equal 1 PP. Also 1 GP can be traded in for 100 CP or 10 SP.

Weight: 10 GP = 1 lb.

The gold piece is by far the most widely excepted form of currency throughout Arkuth. Every culture excepts this coin as a valued commodity. If not for payment, it will be valued within temples, used for art or perhaps decoration and sometimes melted down for other applications.

Several other regions have their own adaptations of the gold coin but they remain the same value across the realm.

The Silver Piece (SP)

Developed around 5600 BWoR, the silver piece is most commonly used by human merchants and middle class citizens. Somewhat heavier in weight than other coins due to it's thickness, people are quick to exchange this piece into a coin of greater value.

The Silver Piece -SP

Represents 1/10 of a GP or 1/100 of a PP. It can also be traded in for 10 CP.

Weight: 50 SP = 1 lb.

The silver piece is excepted throughout the known realm. It is worth twice it's normal value to hunters of the Lycanthrope race and is considered good luck to many native peoples.

It is also the most common coin paid for wages as most servants, guards and officials earn at least 1 SP per week.

The Copper Piece (CP)

Developed an unknown amount of time before the silver piece (SP), this coin is by far the most common currency within the realm. It is most commonly found in use by poor merchant's, lower class citizens and by almost all of the Demi-Human races as their primary currency.

The Copper Piece -CP

Represents the least valued coin of the realm, however it is the most common currency. 100 of these coins can be traded in for 1 GP or 10 SP.

Weight: 100 CP = 1 lb.

The most common coin of the realm. The CP makes up over half of the worlds total coin volume.

Copper Pieces are used to purchase the majority of goods throughout the realm. Most food products and basic supplies can be gained with these coins. They are light weight, durable and easily stored.

Other World Currency

Physical Appearance Description Value Use Within the Realm

The Uate Silver Piece (eSP)

Developed by the kingdom of Yuatepuca in the year 7040 BWoR, this coin has become the universal standard amongst the Yuatepucan people.

It holds fair value throughout the realm, yet is difficult to trade in for standard currencies.

The Uate Silver Piece -eSP

Ultimately represents the only coin of value in Yuatepuca and Tangrea. Only the middle class or upper class citizenry even possess these coins as almost all other exchanges are done using a barter type system.

Currency exchange rate is 20% less in all regions except Yuatepuca and Tangrea.

Weight: 50 eSP = 1 lb.

Not widely accepted across the realm. This coin has become very rare outside Yuatepuca and can only be found in the independent kingdoms of Tangrea, Yuatepuca and other far eastern cultures of Arkuth.

Officials and high ranking nobles occasionally have coinmail made from this currency as they are quite thick, very ornate and somewhat pliable.

The Sumer Silver Piece (sSP)

Founded in the the kingdom of Napalku in the year 6022 BWoR, this coin is very basic in creation, yet is very pure in material. It is slightly thicker then the standard SP, yet it's diameter is smaller. These coins come in many variations and are often misshapen due to an inferior minting process.


The Sumer Silver Piece -sSP

For game purposes, the sSP is equal to the standard SP. Currency exchange rate is 10% less in all regions except Napalku and Zebku due to the fact it is hard to exchange or pass for legal tender.

Weight: 50 sSP = 1 lb.

The sumer piece is widely accepted across the realm due to it's purity. It is equal to the standard SP in almost every region and is occasionally exchanged at an equal rate to that of the SP.

As with other silver coins of the realm, the sSP is a unique coin within it's founding borders and is generally the only coin used for trade. Other coins that enter the Sumerian kingdoms are collected and exchanged regularly with neighboring kingdoms.

The Rasput Ekothian Piece (REP)

Developed by the Ekothian Imperial Mint of their own select. The Rasput is the only coinage commonly used within the Ekothian Kingdoms. The coin itself is almost 1.5 times the diameter of a standard gold piece, but is half as thick.

The Rasput Ekothian Piece -REP

Represents the standard coin within both East & West Ekothia. This coin is worth slightly less then the standard GP and is worth 15% less when exchanged for standard GP.

Weight: 15 REP = 1 lb.

Not common in any regions but the Ekothian empire. Most societies however will trade REP for GP although a slight exchange fee is generally applied. Usually around 15%.

Ekothian tradesmen will only exchanged standard GP in place of this coin, as they can be be melted down and sold back to the King in full. Other coins are view with suspicion.

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