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A comprehensive chart follows this paragraph detailing all known Gods, their titles, divine ranks and other important information. It should be noted that not all Arkuthian gods are listed below, I have compiled only the ones that exist within Arkuth's pantheon and thus these are the only gods/deities available for worship by PC's, NPC's and/or intelligent monsters.


  • God's Image: The image I chose to represent the deity.
  • God's Name & Title: The name of the god, the title the god is most commonly referred to as and the dominion they reside over.
  • Divine Rank: Is a simple system used to display a god's overall power level within the pantheon. The highest rating being 10 and the lowest being 2 (sometimes 1 in cases of newly ascended beings).
  • Worshiper Alignments: The alignment one must be to worship the god in question.
  • Symbol: An item or icon used to represent the god.
  • Colors: The color(s) worn by clerics and/or other worshipers of the god.
  • Notes: Anything that may help the DM learn more about the deity in question.
  • Animal: The animal that's most closely affiliated with the deity.
  • Raiment (Head/Body): The prescribed form of adornment for clerics.
  • Holy Days: Highest holy days associated with the deity in question. Sacrifices, prayer etc are more likely to be heard on these days.
  • Frequency: How often a sacrifice/propitiation is made to the deity.
  • Form: The type of sacrifice or offering to be made to the deity.
  • Place of Worship: This lists to most common place that clerics gather to worship the deity, with or without congregation.
  • AB: attribute scores required to become a priest of the deity’s order. “Standard” means that the standard requirements listed in the AD&D© 2nd Edition Player’s Handbook apply.
  • AL: acceptable alignments for priests of this deity
  • WP: weapons priests of this faith are allowed to use
  • AR: armor restrictions for priests of this faith. The following codes may appear:
    a (any armor allowed)
    b (May only wear nonmetal armor)
    c (May only wear metal armor)
    d (May not wear any magical armor)
    e (May only wear magical armor)
    f (May only wear armor made by priests of the same faith)
    g (May not wear any armor at all)
  • SP: spheres of clerical spells to which the deity grants access for his or her priests. A sphere followed by a “*” indicates only minor access is allowed to that sphere.
  • PW: special powers commonly granted to priests by the deity. A number followed before a power indicates that the listed power is granted when the priest reaches that level. Unless otherwise indicated, these powers may be used once per day. For example, “10) raise dead” means that at tenth level, the priest is granted the ability to raise dead once per day.
  • TU: The ability to turn or command undead.

Spaordyk Gods

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes


Spaordyk creation god of the multiverse.

sceptre with a red globe tip red, silver Father of Frostvir & Jorym, god of gods, the all creator


God of frost, cold and all things that oppose heat.

a silver battleaxe blue, silver, black Created humans, elves and their kin.


God of fire, flame and all things that oppose cold.

a flaming great sword orange, red, white Created halflings, dwarves and their kin.
  Gods of the New Age


God of wisdom, thought and judgement to all.

a golden ram gold, red Leader of the gods, the first immortal.


God of war and chaos.

a flaming two-handed battleaxe silver, brown Second in rank to Raehord, loyal, adviser to Raehord's council, seeks to someday rule the gods but not at the cost of treachery or deceit.


God of the seas, tides and all watershed.

two crashing waves onto a stronghold blue, white Helped Raehord banish the giants to the outlands and continues to do such. Daenord sometimes feels he is being held under his Raehord's mighty foot and seeks to someday overthrow his rule. Brother of Venarei.


God of vengence, spying and trickery.

any evil
a red flaming rock red, silver Son of Hurroch and Venarei. Exiled to the outer cosmos and under watch of Solh.


Goddess of sin, sex, lust and procreation.

any chaotic
a naked female holding a rose gold, blue Wife of Hurroch, seeks forgiveness on behest of Vanye for his vile actions against Raehord. She is manipulative and demanding of Hurroch, but bows to his overall will. Sister to Daenord. Uses Mescalar for her own benefit.


God of daylight, the keeper of the sun and all light.

the sun with large wicking flares coming from within red, yellow Brother of Raehord. Loyal to Raehord.


Goddess of darkness, the bringer of night and shadows.

the moon with a watchful eye in it green, black Daughter of Daenord. Loyal to Raehord. Keeps her father's thoughts in check.


God of the Burnt Gates, death and the Far Reach.

Burning iron gates gold, black, red His allegiance is unknown. Mescalar is gaining favor the fastest of all spaordyk gods. When called upon by Raehord, Mescalar always attends. Mescalar longs to have Venarei as his wife and thus Hurroch had him placed in charge of the Far Reach to ensure his seclusion.


Goddess of martial prowess, perseverance and victory.

any good
a raised and crossed sword and axe . silver, gold, blue Daughter of Hurroch and Venarei. She is independant and seeks to gain favor on her own. Her father offers council only upon request, her mother is shunned and rarely spoken to.


God of order, bravery and kinsmanship.

any lawful

a stone maul with lightning emiting from it.

purple, silver Son of Raehord, helps his father maintain power over the realm.


God of shame, abandonment, resentment and hate.

any non good
A necklace of skulls white, blue, brown Son of Mescalar. Glayde was left uncared for by his father, who, after being exiled to the Far Reach has never seen his son since. Glayde knows nothing of his mother and consumes more hate and resentment as the ages pass. He is loyal to nobody, but obeys Raehord's commands fearing more shame and abandonment.

Mysanic Gods

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes

Shaper of Worlds (aka Soul Shaper, Omehtl)

The god-above-all, of the near-and-close, he who is at the center.

foot print gold, black The only god of the old religion. The creator of everything.
  Gods of the New Age


god of the harvest, agriculture, weather and good fortune.

phoenix bursting in flames. emerald, gold Son of Kaotu and Tecpatyl. The first born.


goddess of serpents, the land, fertility and desire.

any chaotic or priest
a green coiled snake. green, black Mother of all mankind.


god of fire, flame, war, battle and progression.

any evil or warrior
a stone serpent on fire. red, black Father of all mankind.

Darcathian Gods

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes


God of the sun, light, fire, flame and the sky.

a burning sun red, gold The most worshipped God in the Darcathian religion. Most believe Utu is responsible for the creation of Arkuth and that the other gods of this faith are his underlings.


God of disease, famine, despair and chaos.

symbol of chaos violet, copper One might assume Delrum only attracts evil followers, however plenty of farmers and those who live in non-fertile areas also pray to him with the thought of he controls crops and food production.


Goddess of the moon, darkness, tides and the seas.

a full moon blue, black Efula is second only to Utu, most seafaring people, cultists, thieves and those who live in coastal communities worship her. Some believe that Efula is wife of Utu.


God of death, souls and the afterlife.

hand crushing a beating heart black Urkos is the deity who comes in your dreams and takes you to the underworlds where he decides your fate and what duties you will partake in for the rest of eternity. If you gain his favor, it is said that Urkos may return you to the lands of the living in a new body with a new soul.


Goddess of life, birth, the feast and health.

a new born baby green, silver Although most believe that Urkos controls death, it is more commonly thought that Ifa controls re-birth and it is her who decides if their is life after death. She is the deity that opposes Urkos.

Ekothic Gods

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes


God of all Arkuth. Watcher of all mankind and protector of the realm.


a black man beast

(half bull - half man)

orange, black

The very elderly, certain militant factions, some ancient cults and a large amount of outlanders still believe in this god. Some believe Phahaedron is the material form of Zephadon and thus they are one in the same.

  Gods of the New Age


God of darkness, light, death and the afterlife.

a large brass ring violet, black

As noted above, certain followers believe Phahaedron in himself is a form that Zephadon assumes when visiting the material plane. However, most oppose this ideal and claim Phahaedron is his own entity, seeing followers of Zephadon as heretics. This is the main reason for the collapse of the Ekothian empire.

Hari & Haru

The twin gods, keepers of everything living, gods of earth, fire, wind and water. Protectors of all human-kind.

twin statues gold, silver Hari and Haru are worshipped by a great many individuals, even more-so then Phahaedron. Followers see these two divine beings as twins, sharing all tasks equally. Those who follow Hari and Haru also believe they are the only divine beings watching mortals.

Cerdish Gods

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes


God of











Arkuthic Deities

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes

Ark (God)

The Creator, God

3 ringed cross any The only god of this faith. Has no challengers/rivals.

Kuldrite Deities

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes



Non-Human Deities

God's Image God's Name & Title Divine Rank Worshiper Alignments Symbol Colors Notes

Vergadain (Dwarf)

God of Wealth and Luck

A single circular gold piece gold Thieves, pirates and gamblers typically choose this god, but he does gain followers of all walks in life.



5 any chaotic A greatsword carved of ice emerald, brown  







not a true deity

a black serpent head with crossing swords black, silver

This creature is worshiped as a non deity by those within Borme. During the war of the Byrnian empire, those fighting for seperation and new rulership were asended upon by Blárnadr who helped vanquish their enemies. The people disband their faith in the Spaordyk gods and now worship the black serpent who materialized in full, showing it's great power and dominion over all.




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