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Arkuth - Gobo


2nd Level Monster
Temperate Jungles/Forests
Activity Cycle:
Low to Very (6 to 13)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Number Appearing: 4-16 or 8-80
Armor Class:
Movement: 9
Hit Dice: 2 (14 hit-points)
THACO: 19 (base)
Number of Attacks: 1 (by weapon)
1d2 or by weapon
Special Attacks: Ambush (see below)
Special Defenses: Nil
Magic Resistance:
Size: S (3' tall)
Morale: Steady (12)
Treasure: J, Qx5
XP Value: 35


Gobo's are masters of mass assault, a twisted race of short humanoids that adamantly fight the human and demi-human races for land and food. They especially dislike dwarves and attack them on sight. Barely clearing 3 feet in height, gobo's have tough natural hide that range from dark green to rusty brown in color. Their eyes are large and beady with an intent stare. Because of the gobo's size and stature, they are commonly overlooked as a serious threat, however this is often a fatal mistake, for what they lack in size and strength they make up in ferocity and numbers. Gobo's speak their own language; some (50%) speak goblin as well.


The gobo's approach to combat uses overwhelming odds and ambush tactics. The gobo's will only attack a party of which they outnumber by more then two to one. They often hurl spears, shoot arrows and pelt their enemies with sling bullets, preferring not to close until they see that their enemies have been weakened. Gobo's attack in numbers. Should the gobo's numbers be reduced by 80% or more, they must make a morale check or flee the scene.

This diminutive race also enjoys setting up concealed pits with spikes, crossbows, and other mechanical traps. They usually have view ports and murder holes near these traps so that they can pour flaming oil, missile weapons, or drop poisonous insects on their victims.

Gobo tribes are armed with spiked clubs, axes, short swords, daggers, short bows and spears. Any shields are seldom metal, but are normally wood or wicker. Chiefs and guards tend to have the best weapons available. Gobo's have 90' foot infravision but do not see well in bright sunlight, suffering a -1 on their attack rolls.

Gobo Society:

Gobo live in the twisted bramble, deep within the dense jungles of Arkuth. The thickest foliage is used to construct low tunnel-shaped homes in which they seamlessly disguise their tight nit communities. All of these tunnel homes are directed towards a central point of the lair which is used as a communal gathering area from which hunters, scavengers and the like can join up and head out on various tasks. These homes and the rabbit-like tunnels between each of them shed water well, yet do not hold much heat and thus become frigid shoots of ice in the winter months. This is when Gobo's settle in and rarely leave their homes. Skins of small animals are then used to line the inner walls to maintain heat and small fires are dampened and aired out small hollowed out trunks to reduce the risk of being detected by outsiders.


Gobo act and think as miniature rogues, moving in quickly, quietly and exiting in much the same manner. Gobo will always attempt to sneak in and grab what they can, but if anyone is alerted of their presence, they will simply flee and apply an ambush-like assault on those who pursue.


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