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Arkuthian - ASTROLOGY



The Solar System:

The Arkuthian system hosts a yellow giant known as "Sól" (the sun) and a red dwarf star known as "Vayne's everwatching eye" by most, forming a binary star system. Seven planets also forever dwell within the system along with a large asteroid belt, several large comets and billions of white stars. Many Astromancers (magic users that specialize in astrology) speculate that perhaps some of the other planets within the system may contain life, however those who are religious deny this possibility as the gods have spoken only of Arkuth having such a privilege. Ancient philosophers state that all seven planets orbit "Sól" as well as "Vayne's everwatching eye" thus the great shift in magic when these heavenly bodies align. Hundreds of constellations all fill the night sky above Arkuth and they are all named after each religions gods and greatest heroes.

The Sun (Sól):

Facts: Sól is the star at the center of the solar system. It has a diameter of about 865,000 miles (about 109 Arkuth size planets), and its mass (about 2 × 1030 kilograms, 330,000 times that of Arkuth) accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system; the remainder consists of the seven planets (including Arkuth), the red dwarf "Vayne's everwatching eye" and millions of other small astral bodies. About three-quarters of Sól's mass consists of hydrogen, while most of the rest is helium. Less than 2% consists of other elements, including iron, oxygen, carbon, neon, and others.

Common Belief: Arkuthians generally believe that Sól, also known as Amaterasu Omikami, Utu etc. constantly guides the star through the galaxy bringing light and life to all.




The Red Dwarf Star (Vayne's Everwatching Eye, Utu Minor, Blood Eye):

Facts: "Vayne's everwatching eye" is a very low mass star being 25% the mass of Sól. This star emits very little light, 1/5,000th that of Sól and is for the most part invisible to the naked eye except during phase 1 (see below). Even this large red dwarf has only about 10% of Sól's luminosity. Vayneheim orbits Sól every 120 days, eclisping Arkuth three times a year, on Janurary 1st (Surg 15), again on May 1st (Hape 15) and a third time on September 1st ( Tánor 15).

Common Belief: Arkuthians believe that this red star brings bad omens. Most simply count down the days from when this red star's path is closest until the next time it shall arrive. However more then a few cultures believe the red star brings hope, truth and forgiveness and celebrate it's arrival into the local system.



Vayne's Curse, Utu's revenge, The Serpent, Blood Drip:

There are three major phases that directly effect Arkuth during the red dwarf's orbit of Sól. They are displayed and detailed below. These phases are known by the majority of Arkuthians as; Vayne arrives, Vayne leaves and Vayne hides. Other religions follow these phases closely and mark their calendars as well, noting the changes these astonomical positions cause.

Phase 1 (Vayne Arrives)
Phase 2 (Vayne Leaves)
Phase 3 (Vayne Hides)



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