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Arkuth - Barstmour - Blaydkurn

BlaydKurn (Capital City)



Ruler King Hallvard Burynskuller
Population 280,000
Year Founded 629 AWoR
Fortified Yes, 47' thick x 80' high stone tiered wall
Primary Languages Common 80%, Various 20%
Demographics Human 83%, Dwarf 2%, Gnome 3%, Half-Orc 2%, Half-Elf 8%, 2% Various other races
Natural Resources and Manufactured Goods stone, fish, copper, wheat, barley, grain, corn, mead, wine, weaponry, siege equipment
City Entry Fee 5 gp
Wealth High Average
Shop/Commodity Prices Standard +10%
Area Alignment Lawful Good
Government Stability Strong
Crime Level Medium
Primary Mythos Norse 92%
Other Gods Demi-Human 8%
Climate Temperate / Jungle
Terrain Jungle / Plains / Forest / Fields / Ocean


BlaydKurn rests upon the far western shores of Barstmour. A massive city indeed and the capital of this human dominant kingdom. BlaydKurn is home to over 280,000 citizens who live under the protection of their great king "King Hallvard Burynskuller" who is steadfast in his reign and at the prime of his mighty rulership. He bends to no man's will or that of any army. The King's army itself consists of approximately 24,000 men-at-arms (4 legions), boasting the largest known calvary within RalynKhorme (1,500 light and heavy riders). The remaining soldiers range from well trained archers, to siege engineers and even consists of an entire regiment of pikeman (3,000). Barstmour's army is considered elite for the purpose of mass combat.

BlaydKurn's local garrison consists of over 1000 guardsmen who are readily available and have been trained to take arms and join BlaydKurn's military numbers if required. The city is therefore well governed and able to withstand large uprisings from within, yet the cities crime rate still lingers much higher then that of what the king might wish. Guards are pleasant, yet firm when required and will more then likely try to deploy a capture over kill mentality. Trials are held often, decided swiftly, yet fairly and those found guilty are placed within the cities massive underground confines (known by locals as "The Dragon's Belly") until their sentence is served.

Due to BlaydKurn's proximity within RalynKhorme crops flourish, fish are plentiful, wine is vibrant with taste and veins of copper run deep within the local countryside. Having these luxuries is also the cause of great jealousy and to the grand nation of Faeringtun, set far to the south, these prizes are worth fighting for. There is not a year in which these lands are not fought over. Armies come in small waves and are thwarted time and time again, yet the people of BlaydKurn know that someday they will face an all out war for the nation they call home. The population in general are hardworking, paid fairly and rarely go without. Only those who avoid work or have been stricken with illness suffer.

BlaydKurn offers something for everyone. Hundreds of small shops, places of worship and houses line the streets. Taverns are bountiful, bath houses are common and armament can easily be found. BlaydKurn is the only city within this nation that produces some of the finer items in the land, which include; all medium and heavy armors, weapons of fine craftsmanship, minor magic items, war horses and dogs, plus many other trained animals as well as rare liqueurs, wines and hundreds of other rare commodities. Although sales are booming and merchants litter the town square, prices are steep and can easily exceed the standard price charts by 10 percent or more.

The one downfall to living in BlaydKurn might be the crime rate. Things seem to go missing, assassinations are rare, yet more common then other cities and trade goods are often smuggled into the city without paying any tariffs. However the main source of criminal activity comes from beneath the streets. A large criminal sect secretly rises in power under this society and has a vast network of tunnels, sewers and caves hosting the lands largest thieves guild known as "The Satin Gauntlet". From within this guild, the true masterminds control the ebb and flow of BlaydKurn. Trade goods that make it into the city that escape the king's tariffs are subject to a fee from this guild, yet are far less then the standard and only get in with the Satin Gauntlet's help. Political figures that can't be swayed or corrupted are removed by the guild's senior members, while others are bribed off in a fashion to not cause any awareness of such a society beneath the cities surface. The Satin Gauntlet is held in such high secrecy, that not even all the senior members know of each other's existence. The lesser members are often placed into society as typical shop keepers or traveling merchants as to maintain a watchful eye on the cities outer doings. The inner network of the main guild halls have been constructed by master thieves and are concealed in such a way that if the guild was ever to be discovered, it would surely not be found. A host of magical barriers and intricate traps protect it's inner layout from all but those who have gained trust and long service. The Satin Gauntlet consists of over 185 members, 5 master thieves and 1 guild master who remains a ghost to all but his right hand man "Derrigrof the Shifter".


BlaydKurn was the first city settled in Barstmour in the year 629 AWoR by the infamous viking crusader "Kristden Julghammer". His conquest north along the western shores brought him and his men to this vast rolling landscape, where it was more then apparent that this was the place to first begin his newly claimed nation. Over the next 400 years, some 20 or so generations later, the hand on the thrown has changed many times, leaving the current king and his royal family firmly in place of this now prosperous kingdom.

15 generations of skilled craftsmen, migrant workers and brilliant architects later the walls of BlaydKurn were completed. The 80' high, double tiered walls stood tall. The lower wall now totally circumvented the city in a 25' wide walkway with looming towers, massive gates and arched staircases allowing easy access to the upper levels. This masterful construction will allow the city great security knowing that the lower walls were designed to take full frontal assaults from a barrage of siege equipment, not to mention anything else thrown at it. The upper tier allows yet another walkway of soldiers to defend from above. Archers can easily fire down on their enemies, while they stand little chance of advancing troops below even seeing them. Barrels of oil or boiling tar can also be poured over the upper walls onto the lower tier, offering a secondary de fence amongst any enemies that have gained access to this area. BlaydKurn is truly a marvel of defensive engineering.

The current royal family of Barstmour has ancient ties to the royal family of Ehiennthurst and thus a strong pact of honor lie between the two nations. This keen bond between these two kingdoms allows for a cohesive, central and powerful hold over RalynKhorme, much to the dismay of the Tun's (people of Faeringtun) and their king.

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